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BRL Trust goes from strength to strength

Posted: February 25th, 2015, by Zack Winter

Brazil is the largest economy South America and ranks 6th largest in terms of their economy in the world. It has a significant trade relationship with the newly emerging economies in the world, particularly China. One of the leading investment vehicles in Brazil is the independent BRL Trust.

BRL Trust was founded in 2005, initially as a dedicated trust service company specializing in private loans. By the beginning of 2006, after just a year in operation, BNL Trust had already been involved in excess of 100 loans as Intervening Trust.

The early success of the company, and the reputation it was gaining in the industry for its sincerity and attention to detail made expansion inevitable. BRL Trust diversified its business to meet the increasing demands of its customers, and expanded its overall operations.

New areas were formed in Mergers & Acquisitions, Investment Fund Administration & Management, and Capital Markets. Whilst these new areas were formed, care was taken by the senior management of BRL to ensure that there was a complete segregation of activities.

The Trust is very involved in the Brazilian economy, for example, they were the force behind a R$450 million (US$156 million) development of a new soccer stadium in the Itaquera district of São Paulo.

In addition, the company invests in overseas properties and in foreign currencies. In particular, it is able to use the close ties with the growing Chinese economy to invest in China. It is worth noting that the restrictions and regulations seen between US and China are not as pronounced between Brazil and China.

BRL Trust is made up of a team of highly trained and talented professionals, who currently provide services for US$5 billion in Fiduciary Services. This is in addition to Fund Administration of US$ 13.7 billion and over US$11 billion in managed Funds. In 2011, they managed the distribution of US$320 Million of securities.

BRL Trust is now one of the largest institutional investors in Brazil, with transaction exceeding R$20 Billion (US$ 7 Billion).