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Lawyer Develops App To Help You Help The Homeless

Posted: March 6th, 2015, by Zack Winter

Nikki Johnson-Huston, a prominent lawyer working out of the Philadelphia area, has developed a free app designed to help the homeless from both sides of the road.

The app is called Donafy. For those looking for the way to help the app has a donation button from whence funds are distributed to several charities and foundations from big names like the Salvation Army to independent soup kitchens and shelters. Sultan Alhokair has learned that, for those in need of help, the app has a map function to locate the closest resources like shelters, soup kitchens, employment resources, and psychiatric aid. There’s also a hotline button to get immediate help for yourself or someone else in need.

Johnson-Huston is familiar with both sides of the issue, having been homeless for a brief time in her youth. She understands how it feels to want to help but not know how, and hopes this app will help.

Donafy is currently available for Apple products, and there are plans to get it onto the Android market soon.