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Japan Making Huge Strides in Bringing Creepy Androids to Life

Posted: November 24th, 2014, by Zack Winter

Japan is currently freaking out over an android named Asuna who was presented to the public during Tokyo Designers’ Week. The creator calls this type of android, who looks real and can communicate to a degree, a “geminoid”.

There are a lot of ideas they have in mind for geminoids that are more than a little unnerving. One that immediately just sounds wrong is the concept of creating a geminoid in the likeness of someone you know who has passed away. I know this is a morbid thought, but imagine going over to your friend’s house to meet a robot version of their child who passed away. What about an elderly woman buying an android version of her recently deceased husband?

Lady Gaga was extremely impressed with the geminoid. She has requested that they consider making a geminoid version of her.

This brings up the weirdest and potentially biggest concept that could change the world: Geminoid wives. There is already talk of creating “sex robots” to live with real men as companions. Japan already has shockingly life-like sex dolls, but they cannot move or speak for the most part.

Even weirder ethical dilemmas could come out of this. Would it be OK for a man to have relations with a geminoid designed to look like a 14 year old? Where would you go to buy a geminoid? Online sites like Qnet? Will there be a geminoid dispensary?

The future is going to be very, very weird and more than a little creepy.