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QNet vs. the Rest of the Direct-Selling Competition

Posted: May 4th, 2016, by Zack Winter

I was waiting for my monthly subscription to Forbes magazine one month and I saw Vijay Eswaran on the cover of the magazine. I thought that I knew a lot about wealthy people in different parts of the world, but I had never heard of Vijay and his company, QNet. I would be surprised to learn that he was one of the wealthiest men in all of Asia. I would also be astounded to discover about how well QNet, a direct selling company, was doing with healthcare products.

I realize that direct selling is big business and the competition is very great. There are direct selling cosmetics companies like Fleur de Vie Beauty and Cosmetics that gives women the chance to own businesses. I also know that there are even gourmet coffee companies like OrganoGold that are in the business of direct selling for coffee and healthcare products. When I look at the amount of competition that QNet has I have to wonder at times how Vijay Eswaran makes this all work. The only true answer that I could find was that he made sure that QNet did things differently from other companies.

QNet could have easily become a company that just rode the coat tails of the competition by duplicating the same exact things that everyone was doing. The company may not have risen to the top, but profits still could be made by imitating what others were doing. The CEO had another idea for this company though. I think that this may be one of the first companies that I have ever heard of that promotes vegetarianism. This is not just a company that is selling healthy products. This is a company that believes in the healthy products that are being sold. The representatives are encouraged to learn about the products by using these products.

I think that this is what separates this company from the competition that is out there. QNet is filled with a lot of people that have strong beliefs about the products that they are selling. They are not just sitting around reading the labels on the back of packages that are being sold. To the contrary, this company has representatives that are using the skincare products and getting a firsthand knowledge of the effectiveness of the products that they are selling. I believe that this changes the way that customers embrace the products.