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Skout – Dating in a New Way

Posted: May 29th, 2015, by Zack Winter

Recent years have seen the creation of thousands of new applications to satisfy the demands of an increasingly technology savvy public. The internet-connected audience is steadily growing, surging the request for different applications to please the variety of requests. One field of interest that has seen major growth and attention is social networking. Hundreds of new social networking systems have been introduced, but some have more focused concentration than others. Skout, founded in 2007, is an application and website that works to find dating connections based on location.

Skout has a variety of aspects that make it a unique dating service. It uses global positioning systems (GPS) to help users find potential connections within a general area. Skout does not use precise locations when making connections, but uses general locations to protect the identity and privacy of the individual, while helping them find potential attractions nearby. The GPS service can be disabled while still accessing Skout. The adult and teen community are separated to promote higher protection in the 180 countries Skout operates in. Once connections are established, in-app messaging systems are available to spark conversations.

Skout has acquired various apps to increase its experience among users. Some of these apps include: Shake to Chat, Nixter, and Fuse. Shake to Chat is a feature that helps connect you to other people who are shaking their phone simultaneously. Nixter is a nightlife app that helps its users make the most of the night by finding events and tickets for various activities that the nightlife has to offer. Fuse, a globally available app, helps new users to quickly and easily build their social network by finding connections based off their previous address books.

A premium feature for Skout buyers is the traveling connection perk. This allows users to connect to the locals while they are traveling or vacationing, helping them to gain the experience that they desire away from home. Skout was not intended as a travel app, but has been found to enhance traveling experience by helping people connect to promote a satisfying vacation. Locals are able to help visitors find the best activities, food, and accommodations.

Whether you are looking for your potential other, or just trying to make some new friends, Skout offers a host of activities and features that will help you find just the person you are looking for. Skout ( is gaining popularity due to its recent social network campaign, and competes with other social networking apps by offering unique ways to meet new people.