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Samsung Actively Disabled Windows Update

Posted: June 24th, 2015, by Zack Winter

Computer security is a pretty big deal. Users already regularly surf an internet loaded with potential virus infections, malware, and other associated hazards. Complicating that equation is that online banking, credit transactions, and other important data is regularly accessed by individuals believing their computers are protected against potential harm. Apparently, one computer manufacturer thought it could do a better job of managing the Windows operating system than the people who invented it.

According to Venture Beat, Samsung included a piece of software in many computers that actively disabled the Windows Update feature included by Microsoft. The update program allowed Windows to receive new drivers and files to make sure everything on the computer continues to function properly. Samsung favored its own version of update software for drivers and utilities without realizing that Windows Update was also responsible for many security updates.

Samsung has stepped on a hornets nest of issues by actively disabling Windows Update, which is an important task associated with many malware programs says CipherCloud in this piece. The companies need to work together to hash out a solution quickly because the repercussions could be pretty serious for Samsung computer users. Nobody likes to be vulnerable, but Samsung has actively put users in harm’s way, which means the tech company is going to have a lot of work to do to fix the issue and win back the trust of users that purchased Samsung computers over the past year or two.