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Samsung Could Snub Apple on A9 Processor Supply

Posted: April 20th, 2015, by Zack Winter

Normally, Apple doesn’t have much to worry about. Their devices have been a huge success and a shortage of hardware has never been a concern. The new Samsung S6 series may change all that.

It seems that Samsung S6 sales are doing much better than anticipated. The new S6 shares the same A9 processor that the latest iPhone uses.

The A9 processor in the iPhone is actually manufactured by Samsung. If Samsung sales go through the roof, Apple may find themselves faced with a shortage of A9 processors for their devices assumes tech blogger Crystal Hunt (Hunt’s twitter page).

Samsung S6 sales are surprising for a number of reasons. The S6 is not exactly a bargain unit, priced in the same range as the iPhone 6. The S6 is also directly competing with the iPhone 6, a phone that is also putting up record sales numbers.

Samsung has other problems to contend with as well. They are having trouble manufacturing enough screens for the S6 edge due to the complicated nature of creating a curved screen.

Of course, record sales are a problem that any company would gladly deal with. Samsung is in a very good position as a hardware manufacturer at the moment.

If a shortage is to occur it makes me wonder if Apple might consider manufacturing all of their own hardware in the future.