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How You Can Save Over $1000 A Year With FreedomPop

Posted: November 19th, 2014, by Zack Winter

Most people out there today have a cell phone of some kind, in order to keep in touch with their family members or friends while on the go. A cell phone is as natural to have now, as a car, a home, or other necessities. The only problem with cell phones is that they can be extremely costly, and some may pay over $100 or more per month on cell phone bills. There is a new way to avoid paying those high cell phone costs, and that is through FreedomPop. FreedomPop is a revolutionary company that is one of a kind, and offers free cell phone service, as well as internet service.

If you’re looking to save on the costs of your monthly cell phone bill, or that of your family members bills, you can join FreedomPop. It’s not only free to join, you could actually bring your phone from another company, and switch over to FreedomPop. If you don’t have a phone of your own, shop on the website and purchase one of the many phones available for your personal use. Some the latest and best smart phones are available on the site for purchase, and they can be used with your new FreedomPop service.

The best benefits of having FreedomPop is the fact that it’s free! You can get a standard broadband internet connection, which will in turn, give you wireless calling, texting, and internet for free. If you choose to get higher speeds, the price starts at only $10 per month. You can’t find a better deal than that anywhere you go, so it’s time to try FreedomPop for yourself. For those who are looking for internet on the go, there are many different choices available so you can have the internet with you at all times.

With several of the devices available from FreedomPop that provides WI-Fi, you can be able to have WI-Fi on the go, or use it on several devices while at home. The Freedom Hub allows for WI-Fi in the home, and allows for several devices to connect to it at once. With 4G speeds that are up to eight times faster than DSL (as claimed on their Twitter page), you can enjoy fast WI-Fi from home, and not have to worry about an internet bill. The connection is also secure, so there is no worrying about some unknown persons tapping into your private network. And now that Sprint is rumored to be acquiring them,

If you need internet on the go, you can try the Freedom Spot LTE Hotspot device, which allows you to bring your WI-Fi connection with you, and use it on your device while away from home. The speeds are incredibly fast, so you can do the same things on the go, as you would be able to at home using the internet. You can also try Freedom Spot Photon, which is an incredibly small hotspot that can fit into the palm of your hand, and connect several devices while you’re on the go. If you’d prefer, there is also a USB stick that provides internet while on the go as well.