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Apple Watch for Fashion

Posted: December 16th, 2014, by Zack Winter

With the introduction of the Apple Watch into the technology industry and the world and its release in 2015, people are already flocking to their favourite tech stores and Apple stores to make their own reservations to get the hot device.

It is another revolutionary product from Apple where this watch is more than just a timepiece. It’s a whole new device that gives you the power and accessibility as an Iphone can and more. It is pretty exciting to read about if you ask Sam Tabar.

Would you like to send messages and have short conversations using your watch? Well, the Apple watch makes this impossibility into a reality. What about sending your heartbeat to your special person and letting them feel what you feel in a particular time.

The Apple watch lets you send sketches and small drawings form one watch to another and you can even record your worn heartbeat and let them fee it for themselves. Now that’s a new way of connecting.

The new strategy of Apple, however, is slowly being revealed where they use this product as a fashion commodity as opposed to a device of communication.

Studies that were concluded found that women are more attracted to things that are fashion-worthy more than technology and with the Apple watch being launched late this year. Women were willing to pay $50 more than the regular price just because the Apple watch is now treated as a fashion trend.