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The Struggles for Human Rights in North Korea

Posted: October 6th, 2015, by Zack Winter

The mere mention of Yeonmi Park evokes memories of a young girl oppressed and hunted by her nation. It is the story of a young North Korean girl who has risen to fame for her bravery and determination. She is passionate about human rights, and her objective is to liberate the people of her country by exposing the evil deeds and lack of freedom in North Korea. Though admired and hated in equal measure, Yeonmi Park has a touching story. No one would wish to be part of her story, for the tribulations she went through were unmentionable.

Life in North Korea

Park grew up a normal girl with a normal life. In fact, her father was closely attached to the political class. In the young age, people admired the life they lived. Until nine years old, Park has never seen trouble, for she had a hardworking father and loving mother.

In the period when the international community withdrew its support for the country, the government was not in a position to support its expenditure. Therefore, there was not money to fund public expenditure and give people the basic needs. It resulted in a spread of diseases and uncontrollable suffering. At the age, Park could not understand why everything for the worse not could she understand who was responsible. However, there was always a word that the tribulations were as a result of the disagreement between the government officials and the countries that initially offered support. They settled to escape out of the country with the help of the traffickers.

Journey to South Korea

For several days and nights, Park and her mother traveled across the mountains of China. It was a tough way to walk, but the future was always better despite not having seen it. They were optimistic that they would find a better life in China. The journey was equally troublesome for them. A human trafficker tried to rape Park, and when her mother intervened, she was raped as she watched. She recounts this to be among the worst moments she has been through as a person.

When they reached China, they could not trace her sister who had left North Korea days before them. In fact, they were not sure if she was alive, but hoped for the best. They took jobs in local restaurants for upkeep and continued to weigh the situation. China was not a good place to be a refugee at the time, for the police were snooping for all foreigners with the intention of taking the back to their country of origin.

Speeches and Book

When they finally got to South Korea, Park got some relief and signed up at a University. Due to her determination to pursue her education and champion for the freedoms of the people, she got an internship with an NGO. Through the organization she got a platform to spread the word out, and make sure that the suffering of those she left behind in North Korea, id known to the world.

Her speeches have always been captivating and touching to a level that she barely gets to the middle of it before people the audience goes into tears.