Status Labs Does A Great Job Of Repairing Your Online Reputation

Status Labs is a great way to manage your professional online reputation or brand. Many people don’t understand why it’s important to be cautious online with how they speak, share information, and photos. All of these things can affect your business or brand later down the line. Effective online management provides PR services and they remove harmful information. Status Labs teaches you how to actively engage your clients and followers in a meaningful way. In fact, some people just won’t like you and will purposely try to discredit you online. When you feel like your online reputation is at stake you need a Status Labs professional.
Services Offered By Status Labs

– Efficiency
– Emergency Repair Services
– PR services
– Free Consultation
– Services in 35+ countries
– Social media marketing
– Search engine optimization
– Online reputation management
and much more…

News About Status Labs

A recent article in the Huffington Post went on to discuss how Status Labs had to utilize their own services to repair their reputation after the actions of Chief Executive Officer Jordan French left some questionable actions against a pinata store owner. To protect their reputation they accepted the resignation of French. French should not be confused with Darius Fisher the New York based president of Status Labs. Fisher continues to give his all to the company making Status Labs one of the quickest growing online reputation management companies in the industry.

Status Labs knew this gave them a great opportunity to utilize all the services that they provide to protect their own reputation. Fisher went on to tell the Huffington Post that this is what Status Labs was built for. This gave them a first hand opportunity to save money by keeping the work in-house and letting their services work for their own reputation to put their services to the test. Status Labs was impressed with the results and would like to offer their services to anyone that is interested in protecting or maintaining their online relationship. Visit the official Status Labs website for more details.


ClassDojo and Student Stories

ClassDojo has created Student Stories,a new innovation that will enable pupils to effortlessly submit illustrations, photos and videos to their collection and ultimately show them to their family members.
This will allow pupils in conjunction with their parents and teachers to record and enjoy their educational experience, whether it be a picture of poetry they wrote or a video of a science task, they can also input extra information and material related to their stories without having to remember any log in password or even possessing their own gadget. They easily scan a class QR code and list the subject that holds their interest and even enclose comments for their classmates.
Of course the teachers can also interject subject contents to individual stories and they have to authorize all inclusive material and remarks, prior to releasing it to the student’s home base.
This concept of Student Stories developed from communication with teachers and parents alike. Parents only had a limited view of photos and videos from class on Class Story, which sparked their curiosity and desire to be able to access much more regarding their child’s classroom behavior, interests ,projects, progress, personal achievements and ventures. On the other side of the coin teachers wanted to offer students more dominion, acknowledgment and control over their creative classroom activity.
Student Stories solves both issues perfectly, they provide students with more leniency as far a free expression and speech while simultaneously embracing parents with precious and memorable moments that otherwise they may have missed. This is a wonderful parental engagement and monitoring tool.
ClassDojo is a bridge between teachers with parents and pupils, and encourages pupils to build impressive classroom assemblage. The goal of ClassDojo is to re visualize the revolving classroom atmosphere and to connect all teachers everywhere with students and their parents and create a close environment,an interactive foundation designed to stimulate, inspire students and oblige parents most of all. Class Dojo is navigated strictly by teachers who can make recommendations,offer suggestions as to improvements when necessary.
The benefits of ClassDojo include instant personal missives a midst teachers and parents, auto conversion of missives to native language via a tap on Smartphone, and assisting students to succeed by expanding communication and comprehension between the classroom and the home.
ClassDojo is a self-governing online service which is promoted by major capitalists, among them Shasta Venture, Reach Capital and SignalFire. Foundation downloaded apps encompass Web,iPod,iPhone,Android phone and Google Chrome.


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Duda Melzer Takes a Unique Approach to Business Affairs by Helping Others

Sabrina Bryan once said, “You can do anything as long as you have the passion.” Though it is not necessarily plausible that Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, or Duda as he is commonly known, has read this quote, he does embody its principal throughout all of his endeavors. The President of Group RBS classifies himself as having two skills: Business skills and skills in people. He often melds the two in order to focus on the growth of his business as well as the improvement of the quality of life experienced by all of his clients.

Duda’s passion for managing people does not go unnoticed, and he regularly demonstrates this sound passion in business meetings. In fact, the entrepreneur brought in Presidents from other companies for a meeting, including Jose Gallo, Francisco Valim, Guilherme Paulus, and Lojas Renner. He entitled this meeting the, “You the President Project,” and used it as a means for intelligent beings with knowledge of the industries to share ideas, obtain inspiration from one another, and to progress his own business endeavors. Melzer described this meeting of the minds as a gathering of, “People who were not born Presidents, but who became Presidents.”

Melzer is often described as having a commitment to growth, but his unique approach to expanding his company does not go unnoticed. Whereas other Presidents tend to step on others in an attempt to reach the top, this family man refuses to harm anyone as a means to better himself. Instead, he believes in influencing others, using them to spark his own ideas, and to strengthen the communities he services. The admirable traits possessed by Duda Melzer should be utilized by all areas of business and in all portions of the world.

Be Your Best On the Web By Hiring a Reputation Management Service

What comes up about you during an Internet search tells a prospective employer or client a story. Your online presence can be your ticket to a great opportunity or the reason for rejection. In a recent Business News Daily article,, Brittney Helmrich, Business News Daily Staff Writer, notes that “The Internet moves fast, and with a few missteps, you can hit rock bottom just as quickly as you rose to that coveted 5-star rating.”

All it takes is identity theft or the spread of untrue information to damage your Internet image, whether you are in business for yourself, or just looking for that dream job. Now more than ever, companies are pre-screening candidates and companies on the web before initiating personal contact.

The article quotes experts who agree that an Online Reputation Management (ORM) firm can help to remove damaging information, and this service can also assist you in growing and promoting your brand. Before hiring an Online Reputation Management Service, it’s important to know what these services can actually provide for you. A trustworthy ORM company will have the knowledge and skills to assess your particular situation and be able to confidentially advise you and help you achieve your desired results.

One company that is taking the lead in Online Reputation Managment Services is Better Reputation. As stated on their Website,, Better Reputation helps you to “Take control of your search results with Better Reputation’s dedicated Reputation Management services.”

It’s never been easier to take charge of what others see about you online. Better Reputation offers a free assessment to prospective clients with no obligation. Online Reputation Management Companies like Better Reputation can help make sure that you can be proud of your online image and that others see your best reflection on the Web.

Goettl’s Transformation Under Ken Goorich’s Direction

Ken Goodrich is a man of vision and has always been the kind of person that could see potential in everything. It was his innate spirit that led him to purchase Goettl Air Conditioning Repairmen back in December 2012. There was something about the company that attracted Goodrich. In essence, Goodrich saw potential in the company even though the company itself did not see the grandeur that Ken was able to see.

A lot was going on when Ken was contemplating the purchase of this particular company. For one, most of Goettl employees seem to lack the passion a business like Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning Repairmen should inspire. The company was doing so bad that many competitors were plotting against them and planned to use the state’s attorney general to bring them down.

Goettl Building off Rock-solid Foundation

What should be noted is that Goettl hired specialists with not only the right type of experience but also a good temperament. It was this practice that helped the business become a beloved staple amongst its community all the way back in 1939 when Gust and Adam Goettl established it. The company serves Phoenix and all its surrounding areas and has always been committed to quality service by making sure that all personnel hired were exceptionally trained.

Yes, there is a lot of good regarding Goettl, but there was also a lot of baggage, which caused more than 40 employees to depart from the company. The departure was blamed on the attorney general’s comments about the company. The business was being assaulted due to alleged marketing and sales practices that were deceptive. Many of the employees and the community that looked up to Goettl were saddened to hear these allegations.

The company suffered a halt in growth, and they simply did not know how to recover from it. This is when Goodrich came in and saw an opportunity. Goodrich, in just 18 short months, brought in about 20 million dollars in new revenue. It should be noted that the company had just made 11 million dollars on its own, which was high to them. Goodrich did introduce a few changes to the company and help rebuild its reputation dramatically, which had a positive outcome. Goodrich did fire some of the top managers and the company’s president of the time. The new owner wanted to make sure that all of the people who might have been responsible for what the company was going through could no longer harm the company. It is clear that Goettl did have potential, and it began to shine brightly yet again under Goodrich’s direction.

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