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Kevin Seawright The Man and The Opportunist

Posted: February 10th, 2016, by Zack Winter

Loyalty, integrity, a sense of purpose are all facets of who Kevin Seawright is. He has toiled and worked hard to become a person who can be trusted, will endure to the end of a project and who will not give up until the project is finished. He has a fierce sense of loyalty to his family,, and credits his parents for teaching him right and wrong and how to survive.

He said on twitter that education is the training tool he has used to learn his trade and be able to apply those lessons to his everyday life. He is a huge supporter of education of any type. He has taken both in class and online classes and feels that anyone who pursues an education is enriching their own lives more than they can ever realize.

In recent interviews Mr Seawright credits his parents in an interview for teaching him how to be responsible and how to care about others. He began in serving his community when he was just twelve years old and continues to strive to help others whenever he can. His first experience with aiding others was in Philadelphia and his present position finds him helping those who are less fortunate in Newark New Jersey.

He is presently the Executive Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. In this position he is working hard to improve the economics of the city of Newark. He feels that attracting new businesses as well as encouraging others to put into the community is the key to strengthening and improving life for all.

CrunchBase indicates that Mr Seawright also gives back by getting involved with community youth programs. His daughter loves to join in and get involved in these programs and Mr Seawright volunteering his time is a way that he can enhance the lives of the local youth while also spending time with his daughter. He openly states that his daughter is the most important person in his life and spending time with her is a top priority.

As far as his new position s concerned, Seawright’s bio shows he feels that there is still a lot to be accomplished. The goal is to encourage development and progress in not only the heart of Newark, but also the 20 some odd communities in the surrounding area.

The CEDC also seeks to encourage minority business development and to help secure capital for mid sized and medium businesses to enhance the economic outlook and spur more jobs. Seawright feels that he is in the perfect position to help attract more businesses and business opportunities to the area. He has vast experience through hs educational attainment as well as working for the city of Baltimore in his past experience. Improving Newark New Jersey is his primary goal.