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Yovo Makes It Difficult to Take Screenshots

Posted: October 17th, 2014, by Zack Winter

There are a lot of ephemeral messaging apps out there, like Snapchat and, now, Yovo. However, what makes Yovo stand out from the crowd is their new approach to protecting images against screenshots.

Just like other apps, Yovo lets users send photos and notes with limited viewing times – once time is up, the image disappears. However, the way users have gotten around this in the past is by taking screenshots of the images before they go away, part of why Snapchat has recently been breached. With Yovo, though, there’s extra defense against screenshots.

A new feature called D-fence blocks the image with vertical, opaque bars when a user tries to take a screenshot. D-fence even works if you try to take the photo with another camera. Users can decide to keep their photos visible for as short as one second or as long as an entire day, and they can also opt to use the D-fence filter.

The “fence” circulates so quickly through the image that the viewer is still able to see the entire image – however, if someone tried to capture the image, they would see the fence. While the slats don’t make the image invisible, they do block a majority of it.

This Igor Cornelsen-backed venture also lets users send images to people in the app as well as outside of it, such as through Facebook, Twitter, text or e-mail. The URL will work just once. The app is for iPhone users only.

At the moment, the flickering agent is noticeable, but future versions will work out the kinks. Keep an eye out for updates that will improve D-fence.