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Google Experimental Watch to Detect Cancer

Posted: March 23rd, 2015, by Zack Winter

Google X , one of Google’s experimental laboratories, is working on wearable bracelet able to detect cancer.

The bracelet works in conjunction with a pill of nano-particles of iron oxide, that the patient would have to take.

These nano-particles travel throughout the body via the blood, and are able to detect cancer cells by biochemical signals .

The nano-particles “would paint ” these cells with iron oxide, sticking to them and leaving them marked. CrunchBase said the watch would be able to pick up signals from the nan-oparticles circulating in the blood.

The patent states that the bracelet could go beyond detecting cancer, because it could be applied to other types of signals, for example to detect Parkinson’s disease.

For now it’s just a patent, and sometimes these projects are impossible to implement, or takes years. But there is no doubt that Google scientists are working on new methods that will treat diseases more effectively and become less intrusive for patients.