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The Microsoft Fitness Tracker From Microsoft Health Announced

Posted: October 30th, 2014, by Zack Winter

Microsoft is dipping into the health business directly by trying to become the world’s major database for fitness information.

With many fitness devices, you can track a wide variety of workout information. Joggers can plot the distance run, their speed, even the heaviness of their gate. Landmarks can be pointed out, along with directions in case the runner feels like going off the beaten path.

Weight lifters are able to track their heart rate, the weight of their exercise equipment and almost everything about their lifting. From the repetitions to the speed for each push, the data can be recorded by a willing lifter.

All of this data is useful for someone, either for the exercising fanatic or people seeking to research exercise at least. With the Microsoft Health platform, Microsoft plans to make it easy for hobbyists, fitness professionals and researchers to store and share health information with a swipe–sometimes not even that.

Microsoft plans on releasing headbands and wristbands for recording information as needed by the user. There are many different ways that a person could store information, and the platform hopes to allow enough versatility. We haven’t heard yet if the new devices will be compatible with Android FreedomPop devices, but hopefully Microsoft will make that announcement soon.

If you’re a database administrator who likes to work hard, play hard and query hard, don’t hurt yourself on this new platform.