How did Eric Pulier Help with Y2K?

The Y2K committee that was started by Bill Clinton was a reaction to the idea that all the world’s computers would not know how to change over to the year 2000, and there was reason to believe that chaos would ensure if people were not prepared. The government wanted to get all its computers on the same page, and they enlisted the help of people like Eric Pulier to help. He was one of the leading voices in the movement, and he helped to make sure that there was no confusion once all the computers had to change to the year 2000 (See More Info).

The people that were most concerned about this were about to live comfortably because the transition went well, and then Eric Pulier went on with his enterprise technology that is used to this day. He makes sure that all people who want to create things can do so by getting in touch through cell phones that are connected to computers. He also wants to be sure that someone who wants to get in touch with people on the road can do so through the cell phones they have handed out to all their employees.

The idea here is to make sure that every person who is trying to make the most of their time out of the office has to have something that will keep them in touch with the office. Eric Pulier made that possible at a time when cell phones were new, but he still made the software easy to use. He created something that anyone can use at any time, and then he made sure that he could update it to help everyone. He preferred to show people that their cell phones could be adjusted to do anything, and that is how he has made business easier to conduct. See:

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How Two Men Created a Revolution in Education (ClassDojo)

In the world of education there seems to be an ever-increasing need for parents to be connected with the teachers of their children, and ClassDojo aims to fill that void. Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary started a company in 2011 in which the main goal was the to have a communication platform set up for teachers to be able to communicate with their parents. A teacher will post about what the children are doing at school that day, parents can see theses posts about what is happening at the school of their children, and it aims at being a much more efficient communication tool than tradition parent-teacher phone calls, or the ever-dreaded parent-teacher conference. A teacher will commonly only call to inform a parent if his or her student needs extra attention at home, or if he or she was reprimanded that day. What ClassDojo does, it is it helps see the good things that the students have accomplished that day, and not just focus on the negative or need-to-be improved areas. ClassDojo creates a community that similar to Facebook, but for an educational platform.


The way that ClassDojo makes its money is through its sales of educational services. It has steered away from a traditional model of selling adds on its website or its app, and it focuses on a “freemium” stance in its sales. The services are free, but a parent or a teacher would like more things from the app, then they would need to pay for an additional fee. One common way that it does it, it through its sale of educational videos for teachers. It’s simple, if the teacher wants access to these videos that would help his or her students, then that teacher would need to pay for the service for the videos. These videos would be able to be viewed by the students as well, and would serve as way to bring the teacher to parent experience much closer in a digital age.


According to, the overall goal of ClassDojo is to be something in comparison of Spotify to music, and to create a positive culture with classrooms and schools. There is an app that is a default service in almost any industry, but it is lacking in a world of education. Since it is used in 2 in 3 schools, it almost is the default application for teachers and parents. ClassDojo is a ground-up change app where the communication between parents and teachers is simplified.

Chaz Dean and Wen Provide Solutions to Hair Care

The story of Chaz Dean is an interesting one. Adopted into a Vermont family as a boy. He had a strong interest in photography which incidentally led him into the world of hair styling. He single handedly catapulted his brand, WEN, into the fashion spotlight by promoting Wen (“new” spelled backward) on QVC the television shoppers channel. His years promoting his brand on TV prepared him for his career as a stylist to the Hollywood set and as a star on reality television.

His product line, Wen by Chaz Dean, was developed because Dean knew that using harsh shampoos would ultimately damage their hair. He was of the opinion that hair could be cleaned by the use of water and conditioners. This revolutionary concept has been a driving force for his discovery of an all purpose product that does everything a woman needs to clean, condition, control, and repair her hair. It seems counter-intuitive that one product can do all things for women’s hair, but the product sales of more than 20 million bottles have proven Dean right.

America advertisers have had free reign on making unsubstantiated product claims and have sold powerful cleaning products for the home and personal use that were caustic and counter-productive to good health. The over-prescription of antibiotics by doctors has created new more powerful strains of bacteria that are not affected by antibiotics. Now we are learning from credible sources like Dr. Mercola and Dr. Weil that soap is being overused and causing dry skin and leading to other more serious health issues.

Chaz Dean is on the correct and healthful track with his hair care products. He is concerned with women’s hair and its condition. Chaz sells his products on Guthy-Renker.

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Dez Perez Brings Tidal to the Front Line


The mystery is finally being unveiled about Dez Perez. People want to know who she is. They want to know how she is associated with Jay-Z and Beyonce. She has been seen in places with these two powerful artists, and people want to know about the connection. Now that Tidal is starting to get a lot of attention it has become evident that Dez Perez is more than just a friend for the power couple known as the Carters. She is the one that is helping Jay-Z take his company to the next level.


This is high fidelity music streaming, and Desiree has become the person is influencing so many people to consider what Tidal has to offer. Tidal has managed to stand out and really build a presence. Many people thought that Spotify would take over, but Tidal has risen unlike anyone would have expected. She has become this powerful force in the industry because there are no other streaming services that have this type of inside track. She has a club so she knows what is hot in music. Perez also has a husband that has his hear to the street. This allows her to promote artists in an amazing way. The great thing about Perez is that she is putting out all the stops to help Jay-Z get better deals for concerts for streaming. She is essentially working behind the scenes to make this company profitable.


So much time has been put into trying to improve Tidal in the early days. It was a company that was having a hard time because it was in a market where the competition was heavy. It took someone like Dez Perez to make people see this company in a different light. Jay-Z would be the best person to lead a company like this, but he could not do this alone. He needed helped. Perez was good with numbers and she was able to make people see that there was something special about Tidal.


Right now this is a music streaming company that has managed to build an audience that loves the exclusive content that they are getting. It is one of the better companies for the new generation of young listeners that are also into hot new videos and documentaries on music. This is certainly one of the best companies for people that want to get the exclusive content early.

You Can Get The College Savings That You Need To Pay For College

Paying for college has never been easier with NexBank in addition to their recent acquisition with College Savings Bank with over 5,990+ college savings programs available immediately. You don’t have to go in debt with student loan debt anymore. You can go through their program offers and find a savings program that will help you save on items like tuition and more. PRN Newswire has named NexBank one of the largest growing financial institutions online. The transaction for the two is meant to be as smooth as possible for all the people that are involved. You won’t have to be on your own trying to pay for college.

NexBank values their customers and wants to listen to their feedback to bring them services that will work best for them. Many financial institutions offer savings through a paid celebrity and customers are disappointed when they open an account because they are hit with huge fees and don’t get the services that were advertised. You get the cost of the high end celebrity trickled down to your account. There are a lot of people that are not going to stand for that anymore and want a real institution that will work for them.

NexBank Features

You can buy a home through a program with Habitat For Humanity at their Dallas location. Home ownership is becoming possible for many low income residents. You can get a reliable interest rate and a remarkable monthly mortgage that you can afford, with Nexbank. Many customers have been able to buy a new car with NexBank banking you up. You will be glad that you have a wonderful financial institution that is backing you when you need it. They allow their customers to take part in many promotional offers that are available to their first time customers.

Securus Employees Earn Important Certification

Ever since the company was founded over ten years ago, Securus Technologies has been a leading provider in communications, security, and other services and products to the state and federal correctional facility systems. The company is best known today for their innovative video visitation system, which is used by thousands of facilities across the country and has helped to make facilities more efficient and safer for all people involved.


While Securus is frequently in the news for coming up with a new product or service that will help to revolutionize the industry, the company is ultimately only as successful as their employees. Fortunately, the company has done a great job of hiring quality individual and engineers, many of whom go on to receive some of the top levels of certification in the industry.


This past week, one of the leading professional organizations in the field announced that eleven employees of Securus Technologies successfully passed a rigorous training and testing program and were able to receive a very high level of certification. The Building Industry Consulting Service International announced that the employees of the company are now officially certified to provide a variety of new installation services. This will greatly open up the amount of opportunities that Securus has to provide installation services to facilities that are required to choose installers that have this level of certification. View the company profile on


The Building Industry Consulting Service International is widely considered the most important professional organization in the communications technology industry. The organization has over 23,000 members across the globe, which work in a wide range of different industries and practices.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa on Setting Up New Businesses in Panama

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a Venezuelan businessman who is now living in Panama. Although Adrian is not quite 25 years old yet, he has more experience than many people twice his age, as he experienced the hateful regime in Venezuela before finally making his way to Panama. He loves his new country and wants others to know that Panama is a great place to start a new life. He anxiously shares his wisdom.

First, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa says that people need to find their niche markets. Over 33 percent of the economy in Panama is based on the Panama Canal and related services. Other strong sectors in the country include banking, logistics and tourism. Since Panama has great high-speed internet, he recommends that people consider starting online businesses.

Secondly, Adrian says that people who come to Panama need to be flexible. They need to be willing to try new things. If at first you do not succeed, then the successful entrepreneur needs to be willing to try something new or try something different all together.

Third, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa says that partnering helps lower costs and increases the fun. This is especially true when it comes to sharing office space.

Adrian says that a lot of people moving to Panama to start a new business do not have the best educations on Local residents are very accepting of that fact.

Adrian says that he cannot stress the importance of learning all you can about your new market on Take steps to quickly become a thought-provoking industry leader. Build trust in your customers so that they will help spread the word about your company.

Setting up and operating a new business is hard work. When you follow the advice given by Adrian, then you will be well on your way. Enjoy the experience of living in Panama while operating your business, as there is so much to do in this friendly country.

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Evolution of Smooth LIp Balm Set To Be The Next Big Impulse Buy

Lip balm is a product used by men and women for the prevention of dry, chapped lips. For decades there has been little competition in the area of lip balms. Consumers are used to the lipstick like tubes of lip balm placed next to the check-outs at convenience and grocery stores. Lip balms make a great impulse buy for shoppers.

Now there is a new player in the lip balm game. Evolution of Smooth is targeting the beautiful crowd with its chic advertising image of a fresh female face adding protection to the lips on her perfect face. The image works. The message says lips need to be soft and smooth and kissable.

The target audience is young women, teens through forty, who adhere to the idea that surface beauty is everything. The world of popular culture is filled with pretty young faces living the good life, driving luxury vehicles with the blacked out windows rolled up so that their perfectly coiffed hairstyles won’t be mussed up. Barbie is now a Kardashian behind the wheel of her Bentley.
The evolution of smooth (eos) merchandising on Ulta is brilliant and comes at just the right time. Users of lip balm now have another choice with a myriad of flavors and an unusual non-tube like dispenser. The packaging makes the strongest statement, and buyers are tempted to try the product just to see how the dispenser works.
It will be hard not to try this new lip balm alternative, Evolution of Smooth.
See the broad selection of flavors of lip balm and other eos products on their website. Visit the EOS Linked In page for more info.