Talk Fusion’s Video Chat is Better than Ever with the Latest Technology Advancements

When Talk Fusion introduced its video chat product to the world, it was the new development of technology with the great benefit of marketing for its users. The product is powered by WebRTC and allows users to communicate anywhere in the world face-to-face. It’s compatible to smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, and Mac which requires internet access. Now video chat is better than ever with some advancements, including group chatting and speed to increase productivity rates within organizations. The announcement of Talk Fusion’s video chat and technology upgrade was proclaimed on PR Newswire in October 2016.



One of the most advantageous benefits of using video chat is keeping team members constantly connected while working on projects and important tasks. Team leads can monitor the progression of each member to ensure productivity quotas are fulfilled. They may also conduct team meetings anytime of the day and anywhere in the world. Another benefit of video chatting is the product comes with a 30-day free trial and includes no financial obligations nor credit card information. Talk Fusion launched the free trial in April of this year to organizations, corporations, small businesses, individuals, and professionals.



Video chat’s WebRTC technology received an enhancement that increases the speed for users to access contacts easily for texting or communications. For an example, access is instant if a lead member is video chatting with another person and needs to include additional members to form a group. The team members collectively can participate in discussions during meetings and conferencing. Indonesians are discovering the advantages of video chat, which is ranked number in their country. The product is also gaining popularity in Japan and Switzerland, placing it in rankings of the top 20 of all applications used for communications.



Talk Fusion has received enormous growth since the company was founded by Bob Reina in 2007. For nearly ten years the company is marketing video communication products and services; including chatting, conferencing, and newsletter. Headquartered in Florida, Talk Fusion has entered international markets in more than 141 countries. Signup to try video marketing solutions for 30 days and discover all the benefits of its latest technology.