Eric Pulier’s Mission To Greatness

Most logical people in the world today would love to become successful in life. Success comes in a variety of forms and can be possessed by any individual no matter the race, color, religion, or creed. Greatness means that you have achieved many more things in life than the average person even if that person follows the same exact path. The person that I’m about to refer to doesn’t have a prominent mainstream name or a name that’s known in many households. Even though he seems to fly under the radar, Eric Pulier has done many positive things to better man-kind. Eric Pulier is the “people’s champ” in a sense thanks to his many innovative services that has benefited hundreds of thousands if not millions of people. This guy can come up with a solution for most problems via technology. After starting his professional career in L.A. he would directly address many of the day-to-day problems by means of innovative technology. See:

Pulier was one of first individuals to provide a high quality live feed from the space shuttle. This was unheard of at the time, but Pulier pulled it off without a hitch. This live feed allowed real-time interactions from the astronauts back down to earth. Being a technologist at heart is one of his best attributes and he has developed technology himself or invested in tech start-up companies. Many of these companies have gone on to be a success as well. Starbright World is one of Pulier’s greatest inventions thanks to it’s philanthropic efforts. Starbright World allowed chronically ill children a way to communicate with each other (via) chat, blog, and messaging.

Pulier’s business savvy mind keeps him on the go as he is now the owner of his very own restaurant in Santa Monica, California. He also sold one of his founded companies for a staggering $350 Million. This truly is greatness personified which started out as an idea/concept and made into a reality. There is no denying it, Eric Pulier is a full step ahead of his peers and his brilliantly way of thinking has changed many people’s lives for the better (See More Info).

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ClassDojo Coming A Long Way In Its Mission To Change The Classroom

ClassDojo is now in its sixth year running and has become the favorite app of many teachers and administrators. The main reason this app has succeeded is due to its evolution from simply a behavior reward program, to a complete classroom social media and communication platform. ClassDojo has been able to add features thanks to influxes of venture capital, including a recent $21 million offering that put ClassDojo’s total venture capital funding at $31 million. It’s free to download and needs no approval from a school administrator to download. ClassDojo isn’t necessarily flashy, but what it does have in its user interface is highly effective.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, two students from the UK wanted to launch an educational app some time ago. They didn’t just want it to be a passive app with only basic class material listed on it. They wanted it to be something that would encourage good student behavior and promote a positive classroom environment. So they traveled around and asked teachers individually what they wanted in a classroom app, and after hearing many ideas and spending hours developing, they built ClassDojo. ClassDojo has become known through word-of-mouth with no money spent on traditional advertising media.

As a teaching tool, ClassDojo has produced sets of learning videos where fuzzy monster characters learn how to solve problems, and students’ minds are stretched in different ways. For teachers, they can post pictures and update the status on student profiles during class activities, and can give parents a look-in on the class activities throughout the day. Because of how closely involved parents become with teachers through this, ClassDojo has allowed many schools to stop once-a-year parent teacher conferences, saving time and money.

For now, ClassDojo plans to keep all its content and features free, with plans to add premium pay content in the future as simply options for teachers who want more out of the app. Such content may include purchasing textbooks, additional learning videos or other features ClassDojo hasn’t yet spoken of. But most importantly, this app is very careful to protect user privacy and will not share or sell personal data to any data-mining companies.

Wessex Institute of Technology: Great Careers Available!

If one is interested in advancing their career especially in the the realm of technology, they should consider affiliating with the Wessex Institute of Technology careers. Featuring a variety of strong graduate programs at both the Master’s and Doctoral levels, the Wessex Institute of Technology is a gateway to a great career in academia, technology, or both fields!

ClassDojo’s Platform Goes A Long Way In Improving The School Community

Over the generations, things have changed quite a bit, especially when it comes to the world of schooling. Nowadays, there are tons of different distractions to pull kids away from their schooling and disrupt their learning. These same distractions hold true for parents as well, not to mention their are many parents that are just busy with work, errands, and their life on a daily basis. Over time this has had a profound effect on schooling, with more students than ever feeling left out or behind. This was the inspiration behind creating ClassDojo, a company and platform dedicated to improving communication between parents and students as well as teachers. ClassDojo aims to improve the schooling environment and communities as a whole, not just in the United States, but around the world.

Unlike most other educational platforms on the market, ClassDojo has mainly focused on improving the communication that is available to all parties involved. The better connected everyone stays, the better students will be able to learn and take part in their schooling. Many students who lack confidence is because they do not have the support and encouragement from their parents or their peers, which not only effects the students work, but also eventually their behavior. With ClassDojo, students can stay connected all day through the class and story boards, posting up notes, feedback, pictures, and video of different things that happen in the classroom throughout the days and semesters.

In the relatively short amount of time the company has been active, they have managed to come a long way and impact the schooling community greatly. This is only the beginning as well, as they have plans to expand and spread their platform to more regions around the globe to help more students attain a good education.

With this communication tool, teachers and parents will have a much easier time staying in contact, even for the busiest parents. ClassDojo is also highly compatible and easy to use for everyone, supporting up to 35 different languages and nearly all modern devices on the market, including tablets, smartphones, and personal laptops.

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Don’t get me wrong, though, they are also great for the experts that get super into College Basketball Odds and March Madness odds. is the site for everybody out there and that is a big reason why it is so popular and why so many people are jumping on board with it. When they see a good thing, they don’t want to pass it up or overlook it. is not only a good thing, it is a great thing!

They have columns, videos, and views from the experts. The experts are what people really enjoy as they study this sort of thing for a living. They know things that the naked eye might miss. As far as columns, they have a whole host of columns and they are always ready for March Madness and always ready for any college basketball game. They even have a game of the day and if something is on their game of the day, it is usually for a reason and that reason is because it is something worth looking out for and something that might be of great interest to bettors.

EOS and the Evolution of Lip Balm

Is EOS’ lip balm the Chapstick of the millennial generation? According to ┬áthis start-up report from Fast Company it just might be. Selling over 1 million units every week, EOS, started just over 7 years ago, has risen to become the second most popular brand of lip balm in the United States, outranking both Chapstick and Blistex in research done for Kline’s Cosmetics and Toiletries USA report.

So why is this product so appealing in today’s market? Ingredients and the way the product utilizes all five senses are what sets this lip brand apart from it’s competitors. Most lip care products come in a cylindrical tube with a stick on label. EOS lip balm is seen on Target stores and Ulta beauty aisles packaged in an orb shaped container with an engraved label and is sold in a variety of pastel colors. The container makes a different sound when open and shut as well, it pops instead of clicks. The balm itself comes in tasty flavors. Instead of being made with hard to pronounce chemicals the brand uses organic ingredients that meet the increasing demand of safe beauty regimens for today’s environmentally conscious generation.

Aside from the typical standard ads in fashion and beauty magazines, the company has used unique marketing tactics to attract the attention of millennial women. In a social media obsessed culture, the best place to market a product is through social channels and platforms and they’ve done just that. EOS has become a popular brand with the aide of online influences on YouTube, and through their social channels on Instagram, and Facebook. They’ve partnered with key brands such as KEDS and Disney’s Alice in Wonderland to release exclusive collections and have used big-name celebrity endorsers like Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift to successfully reach their Target audience. With new flavors hitting the shelves on a regular basis and increasing demand in foreign markets, it’s safe to say that EOS lip balm is here to stay. Check out: