Children’s Future In Education Is Improving With ClassDojo

ClassDojo is the next best app to make its way into existence because of how it helps provide real solutions for customers. ClassDojo is extremely successful because it provides parents with an opportunity to stay updated on their children as they set out to learn every single day. Teachers play a pivotal role on helping children succeed in class, and it is their job to have their parents play another role on guiding their kids when outside of school. With the help of this app, guardians of the kids can understand what the kids need the most.  Follow ClassDojo’s updates, hit

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ClassDojo is the one app that takes school and education to another level. The app allows for parents to receive videos and pictures of what their kids are doing in class. Whether it’s class participation or anything that they do that a teacher wants to share to the parent, they can easily do all of that in an instant. There are several things involved with this app that allows it to be so easy and fun to use; one of them being that teachers see it as a useful tool that works and delivers real results on empowering students and parents. ClassDojo app allows for everybody to come together to create success in the fact that it is a team effort. Parents must know how to encourage children and guide them at home while the teacher does the main educating in class. Combining both is beyond important for instilling good habits for their future in education.  For added details, check on


How ClassDojo Is Changing And Improving Communication In Education

ClassDojo is the unique app making a huge change in the world of education today. It is the app that is improving the lives of many students and improving how they do their schoolwork and come together as a class. Teachers love the idea of an app like ClassDojo that allows for them to document with photos and videos the accomplishments of every student. Capturing every moment and sending them to their respective parents can allow for the guardians of each child to be more involved in their schoolwork and create a sense of togetherness.

Students are loving this entire idea because they can get the chance to learn and develop their knowledge even outside of school. It is a communication tool that is going to change the way businesses work and operate. ClassDojo is the ultimate app and proved it by receiving millions of dollars of venture capital funding to help further improve their development and service. ClassDojo is very respected in this industry in comparison to other apps, and they will continue to further develop what they have to offer.  The site has useful reference to show.

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Thousands of schools in half of the country are already using the app, and over 180 different countries are using it to help empower their students as well. It’s a global phenomenon that is slowly reaching more and more schools. With such a small amount of employees hired by the company, they want to have more people join in so that they could better accommodate the future people joining the app.  Check also

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A Better Way To Bank

When it comes to banking, there are numerous choices available nation wide. This is one of the most competitive industries of all time as well as the most practical. The world would literally shut down to some degree without banking and the 21st Century has brought many changes to this exclusive field of work. As of today, banking can be down 24 hours a day and for about 365 days a year. Whether it’s for withdrawing cash, depositing funds, or for just checking your balance. all of this is possible with modern day banking.

Have you ever heard of NexBank Capital? This is one of the industry’s most premier financial centers in the regional sector of business. Located in the Dallas, Texas Area, NexBank Capital is one of the leaders in regional banking thanks to it’s wide array of services. These services include treasury management, online banking, real estate advisory, mobile banking, certificate of deposits, checking/savings account, public funds, and many more. President John Holt and the executive team has worked hard to ensure customers with the very best of services. This includes individual, corporate, and institutional services. The full gambit is covered here, which helps the bank to stand out among it’s peers. Though being a regional style financial center, NexBank Capital has many of the fine services that are being provided by the larger national financial centers.

Did you know that this banking center had an estimated $4.6 Billion in assets? That’s right! That’s pretty much a 71% upward spike from the previous year. Even it’s net income has skyrocketed from $53 Million to well over $83 Million in a years time frame. This only scratches the surface of what this bank has done and will do in the coming years. As for now, NexBank Capital will enjoy it’s success, but who knows what is in store in the future.


Andrea McWilliams: A Political Consultant with a Great Deal of Focus

When anyone hires the services of Andrea McWilliams, political consultant, they are assured that they are making use of Andrea’s extensive power-base: an influential address book–so to speak. The industrious, McWilliams, appreciates powerful people.

She enjoys entertaining dominant personages; and, most of all, Andrea likes engaging her consultancy expertise, in politically advising the highly-influential. Andrea McWilliams, magically, seems to possess the talent to assure that wherever and whenever she provides a recommendation: that the only outcome is true success. Andrea, thusly, has a favorable reputation–that precedes her.

What makes McWilliams so successful? Perhaps, it is the fact, that she is an expert in “professionalism.” She projects so much confidence and self-control: it would be uniquely odd if she were not excessively successful. Andrea, assures, “no stone is left unturned.” And when matters favor it: Andrea McWilliams makes certain there are no “up-turned stones,” either.

McWilliams and her husband Dean, share much, in the way of political interest. It is this favorable match: that is a positive social magnet for the likable couple. They are just simply content: and they assure whether throwing one of their perfect high-society gatherings, or providing consultative services, that their guests and client-base are kept content, too.

Andrea McWilliams is known far and wide, for her political consultative work. She is a great resource for the influential, in way of rendering positive political advice.

Her social sphere is impressive. Andrea, everyone, is aware, knows some very powerful and important persons. She is a great presence at high society gatherings.

Andrea McWilliams just possesses the unique talent of successful politicking: whether the activity is conducted in the Chamber of a governmental institution; or on a one-to-one capacity. There is not a soul alive, who knows McWilliams, well–who will state otherwise.

Class Dojo Continues Popularity Increase

Keeping on top of your children’s academic progress is very important. Unfortunately, more demanding work schedules can make this very hard for parents today. Fortunately, a new mobile application is making it easier for parents to stay connected with the schools.

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The new application, Class Dojo, is making a very significant impact on the educational industry. Class Dojo is an application that can be used by teachers, students, parents, and administrators. The application was first unveiled a few years ago to act as a means of communication and reporting for schools to use. Teachers are able to use the application to announce test scores, class schedules, and give general updates. Parents are then able to use the application to review this information and send messages to the teachers.  Source:

While it started out as simply a means of communication, the use of the application has continued to grow. Teachers today are able to use it to add class pictures, provide tips to students, submit virtual homework assignments, and a variety of other tasks. The use of the application is also growing across the country. Today, at least one classroom in over 60% of elementary schools across the country use the application.  Related articles on

Class Dojo is also gaining a lot of respect from investors. The company was recently able to raise $21 million in venture capital funding. The money will be used by the company to market the product, develop new uses, and to provide cash flow during the growth period of the company.


Securus Technologies Publishes Positive Comments from Its Clients

Securus Technologies received positive reviews from its customers who use Securus’ tools in solving crimes. This company specializes in the provision of technology solutions used by criminal and civil justice systems to enhance public safety, conduct investigations, and monitor correctional facilities. Securus Technologies is a dynamic company that develops products and services on a weekly basis. According to Rick Smith, the head of the company, the company receives tons of emails and letters regularly from its satisfied clients. Prison wardens write some of the letters and emails. Securus Technologies published these comments to enlighten the public on the relevance of services and products it offers. This firm redacted some specific details for confidentiality purposes. Below are some of the comments:


  • A happy client wanted to inform Securus Technologies that they employed phone-tracking tools to acquire an arrest warrant against a fraudulent official. The official was charged with introduction of contraband to the correctional facilities.
  • Some phone calls were tracked, and they revealed that some inmates were using alcohol and distributing contraband. The calls also divulged a past crime and a civilian’s confession of selling prescription drugs.
  • A prison officer thanked Securus Technologies for developing products that have assisted in the maintenance of law and order in correctional facilities as well as improving public safety.
  • Some clients acknowledged Securus Technologies for its ability to provide world-class investigative tools.
  • The Securus’ reporting data solution has enhanced monitoring of activities in the prisons.
  • The firm’s investigative tools are very instrumental in conducting investigations when there is a threat to the facility or in a case of a harassment complaint.
  • Securus Technologies LBS technology was used at the Sherriff’s department to detect illegal assets and drugs worth millions of dollars.
  • The covert alert feature was employed to arrest a suspect.
  • An officer was able to eavesdrop on a suspect’s calls and heard him divulge some information that was crucial to his case.


Class Dojo is Receives Top-Notch Funding for its Exceptional Application

Class Dojo is getting $21 million dollars in support through its venture capital efforts. This organization is a first-class educational app manufacturer that has a huge client base. Class Dojo has been around since 2011. By December of 2016 this piece of software is being within 90% of all U.S. schools and it even has an international reach.  Check this on


Co-founder Liam Dom realizes that his company would not have been able to generate this kind of money if their app was not a marketable piece of software. The thing about Class Dojo that makes it so successful is that teachers really have a use for it. This application gives them the ability to communicate with parents and to establish new routes of interaction that typically were not available in the past.


It also allows parents to keep up on their child’s instruction and parents to figure out what their kids are doing throughout a school day. All teachers have to do is to send a video clip or a text message directly to a parent once both them have the app downloaded on their mobile device.

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Investors know a good product or service when they see one. There are certain characteristics that will identify it as a good investment. Some of those characteristics include being well received within the market, having the ability to adapt and grow as a service (or product), showing growth that will provide a decent return on their investment and establishing itself as a well-known brand within a field.


Class Dojo meets these requirements and many more. This company is being directed and managed by two former teachers. Liam Dom is one of the CEOs of the organization and Sam Chaudhary is the other co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. They have just as much business and tech sense as well as having a solid background in education.  Based on


All of the pieces are in place for Class Dojo to become a very successful educational and software company. If Class Dojo was not an exceptional company; then they wouldn’t receive the type of funding that they receive from investors.

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Clay Siegall Further Supports The Development Of Cancer Research Programs


Over the past two decades, there has been a major uprising in the cancer research industry and many companies have channeled funds to this course. With the collaborations that have been created, many solutions were delivered to support the development of reliable ways of dealing with the cancer menace. Experts like Clay Siegall who have been in the industry have also worked hard by offering support to programs that are designed to provide treatment solutions for cancer patients. Clay Siegall, through Seattle Genetics, has supported the development of unique technologies that have proved to offer better and safe ways of treating cancer.

One of the technologies championed through the company is the ADC Technology, which works by eliminating the danger of destroying good cells while pursuing affected cells. In the past, the radiation method used would not discriminate cells and could cause the patient to get weaker due to a higher rate of losing cells during treatment. This is no longer a worry since the ADC Technology only targets those cells that are affected by the disease. Clay Siegall has been inviting partnerships and in this process the research program spearheaded by the company received sufficient funding to proceed uninterrupted, reason they revealed such technologies within a short period.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is a renowned clinical science expert, who has been working to see the eradication of the cancer menace. He has helped in the development of advanced technologies through Seattle Genetics, which he co-founded in 1998. The company has grown to rank among the best providers of solutions in the cancer research industry and its portfolio has attracted better share prices over the past five years.

With Clay Siegall as their President and CEO, the company has managed to sign partnerships with leading biotech companies like AbbVie to support the ADC Technology and drug pipelines like ADCETRIS. Clay Siegall has also been awarded severally for his effort in the fights against cancer, which has seen him earn respect in the industry. He is a Genetics Ph.D. holder from the University of Washington and his career has involved a lot of work in research and developing new drug pipelines.

Ronna Borre’s Full Awards Shelf

Rona Borre, founder and CEO

As a featured guest at an upcoming event by Entrepreneurs Unpluggd, Rona Borre, founder and CEO of Instant Alliance, is included because she is a single founder who created her technology staffing firm without a co-founder. Borre’s experience as a top-producing account manager at a recruiting firm was enough to make her firm an unqualified success without a partner; she alone is responsible for her firm’s accolades and recognition. While Borre has credited her team at Instant Alliance, her leadership drives the firm’s growth.

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A 2013 winner of a UIC Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame Award, Borre should be used to receiving awards by now, since she and her firm are both recognized as exceptional by her peers. Instant Technology, Instant Alliance’s technology staffing arm, earned the 2014 Best of Staffing Diamond Award for proving exceptional service to clients for five consecutive years. In addition, the firm is a winner of Inavero’s Best of Staffing Talent Satisfaction Award; Instant Alliance received these honors because both clients and the firm’s talent praised the firm in satisfaction surveys.  Click on for more.

When Crain’s Chicago Business spoke to Borre at the Mayor’s Tech Council meeting in Chicago, she indicated that she felt passionately about providing the personal touch, which appears to resonate well with clients, considering her firm’s phenomenal growth.

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