NuoDB Inc. is the Leading Developer of Database Management Systems

NuoDB Inc. is a tech company established in 2008, and its headquarters is in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was set up by Jim Starkey and Barry S. Morris as NimbusDB but later changed its name to NuoDB. Key business leaders, such as Kodiak, Dassault Systems, UAE Exchange, and Alfa Systems, use technology solutions developed by this company.

About NuoDB

NuoDB Inc. is responsible for creating, configuring, and marketing the NuoDB technology. The first software launched by this company was NuoDB 1.0 in 2013. Its current software release is NuoDB 2.0.3. Architect Jim Starkey, an expert in BLOB’s and MVCC, built this database. NuoDB takes pride in its technology, which led to its recognition by the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Following its recognition in 2014, the company received a round of funding of $14.2 million from Dassault Systems.

Other key funders were Hummer Winblad Partners, Morgenthaler, and Longworth Venture Partners. This company uses a flexible SQL database for cloud applications. NuoDB is the leading distributor of object architecture that works in the cloud, making the database operate faster. This technology is exceptional since it enables expansion of its database by adding more servers. This property allows NuoDB to work without close coupling of its data on the hard drive.

You Will Benefit The Most Working With Equities First Company

Equities First Holdings is one of the most innovative companies in the private funding platform in the world. When Al Christy founded the business in 2002, it determined to become a world-class innovator in issuing loans using stocks as collateral. For this reason, they went on to develop high-end capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. The company has kept up with the trend to fund individuals and businesses through the use of stocks.

Stock-based loans, in the recent past, have been adopted on a massive scale due to the onset of the economic crisis. During the financial crisis, banks and other companies dealing in the issuance of credit-based loans have their qualification status increased. For this reason, fewer people qualify for the loans. Therefore, it calls upon the will of the citizens to look for other alternative sources of funding to make ends meet.For those who want non-purpose capital, you are all welcome to try your luck at Equities First Holdings.

For this reason, everyone is a beneficiary of Equities First Holdings.Anyone is an ideal candidate so long as they are willing to access quick money using stocks as collateral. For you to qualify for the loans, you must submit your assets for evaluation. In the recent past, you are likely to be eligible for 60 percent funds from the stocks you submit. Unlike the use of margin loans, stock-based loans do not require you to state the intention of the money. However, it is characterized by the non-purpose feature. Once you get your money, you can decide to get disengaged from the loaner at no extra cost. For this reason, they will limit your money and get back to your business status. Equities First Holdings offers numerous lending and equity loan services to their clients.

Technological of Eric Lefkofsky Aspects in Health Care

The most painful moments for Eric was when his close wife Liz was diagnosed with breast cancer. A determined business entrepreneur developed interests on how he could settle this matter. In his effort to retrieve this, Erick indulged into many research in trying to offer solutions to this problem.

Through his company, he developed an operating system for cancer. He tried to link technology about cancer therapy. His technological invention focused on relating to the anatomic and molecular data through the clinical information from the medical system the country. Erick insisted that when all these information linked together, then doctors will be able to come up with better-informed means to handle cancer infections.

This aspect of Eric, received warm receptions from the medical sectors, as many experts saw it as a proper mitigation plan. This facility received many clients who posted a positive response to such a brilliant foundation. In his interview with Forbes, Erick cited that his urge was to develop a technological methodology in trying to sustain cancer patient around the globe.

Kevin White, who is the president of Tempus and founding director at the University of Chicago reviewed Erick’s work with a lot of excitement. In his statements, he noted that Erick was the man to look for when serious matter on health arises. Besides, Erick Lefkofsky was among the listed ballooners who could spend their lives trying to help the lives of others. More likely, Erick believes that interaction with various practitioners through consultations is the key to better improvements in his inventions in health care.


Lefkofsky in an educationist, human right, health care, and medical research practitioner. He is the cofounder of Group on Company and also the active founder of Light bank venture capital firm. As a profound entrepreneur, Erick’s net worth is $1.65 billion. More Here .

Erick is described by many in his region as the serial entrepreneur. He began selling carpets as a new man at the University of Michigan. After school, Eric engaged in various business activities, some of which failed. Through his conceptions, he developed stable business strength through partnerships. for more .

David Giertz – Spreading The Importance Of Social Security In Retirement Planning

The retirement planning is one of the most important aspects of financial planning and must be taken seriously. Most of the people have financial advisors to help them with financial planning. Surprisingly, in a recent survey done by Nationwide Investment Services Corporation posted on, it was seen that most of the people don’t have social security adjusted properly as the retirement planning. David Giertz, President of NFS Distributors Inc, which is a part of the Nationwide Investment Services Corporation, said that the social security is an integral component of the retirement planning and can constitute a significant portion of the retirement plan fund, and must be taken seriously.

David Giertz said that the survey conducted by the Nationwide Financial showed that the financial advisors are not giving social security the importance it deserves, and the consumers are frustrated because of it. It is also one of the reasons why the survey showed that the consumers are more than willing to switch to another financial advisor if the current advisor doesn’t add social security to their retirement planning on Twitter. David Giertz said that the handbook consisting of social security guidelines has over 2,700 rules, and it is complex for a layperson to understand it fully. However, it is also because of this complication many of the financial advisors prefer to overlap this constituent of the retirement planning.

David Giertz mentioned that it is important for the people to be concerned about their retirement plan and whether social security is added to their pension fund or not. Opting out of social security is a bad idea as it can cause a loss of over $300,000 in a period of over 25 years. David Giertz has graduated from Millikin University, majoring in Business Administration and Management. He also holds an MBA degree from the University of Miami – School of Business.

Learn more about David Giertz:

Flavio Maluf Talks About The Chemicals Industry

Many people are excited about the advancements that are being made in business. In the chemicals industry, a lot of people are ready to start looking for ways to make an impact in the future. The cleaner that products can be, the more they can help in other areas. Flavio Maluf is a business expert who has done a lot of business with companies like Dupont and Dow Chemical. He understands how to add value in this area, and he uses his experience to make a difference in the overall industry. If you have been wanting to learn from someone who has made a difference in the lives of others, he is the perfect person to go to. Not only does he have the experience that you need, but he is ready to start making a positive impact in the lives of others for the future.


Flavio Maluf


From the time he started out in business, Flavio Maluf has been about taking things to the next level for his customers. He runs his business like it is his own, and he wants to help as many people as possible during the process. He even spends his own money to help other people in the local community reach their goals. With that being said, he is always on the lookout for people who are in need. He is one of the few people in business who believes that he is making a huge impact on others through his ever day work. He has led a great life that has impacted others in a positive way, and he is a great role model for people who want to learn how to excel in business and in life.


Final Thoughts


Overall, Flavio Maluf is a great person in the world of business. He has a lot of experience in the chemicals industry, and he is using that experience to try and make positive changes throughout the world. He strongly believes that businesses can make a difference in the lives of others. Not only that, but he wants to help other people who are starting to think of ways that they can start investing in their own company to drive growth and change.

Lime Crime Is Radically Changing The Role Of Cosmetics

Lime Crime cosmetics is now one of the fastest growing make-up lines in the world. The produced by the fertile mind of entertainer and entrepreneur Doe Deere, the brand with the funny name is now making a name for itself worldwide. People love the super bright colors in the makeup line. It allows them to make a loud statement without even opening their mouths. The line of lipsticks, nail polish, rouge, eyeshadow and more in crazy colors enables people to make fashion statements not possible before. Now even staid businesspeople and professionals can look daring when they wear make-up from this unique line.


Made from vegan ingredients and never tested on animals, Lime Crime cosmetics has found its niche. It is for people that care about themselves, animals and the environment and yet want to be able to express their inner child in all its colorful glory. The brand has been embraced by both counterculture warriors and the mainstream. The only requirement is that they want to make a colorful statement while at work or at play. And this cosmetics line gives them the tools to do just that. Plus the colors are so bold and bright they are sure to turn heads.


Since its founding in New York in 2008, the Lime Crime line has seen steady growth. People not only love the bold, bright and daring color palette the line offers, but the unique names the company has for the colors. The names for their Velvetines, Venus Palettes, eyeshadow, Perlees include New Yolk City, Varsity, Lace Up, Choker, Bomber, Fishnet, Soft Spot, Hoodie, Bleached, Black Velvet, Suedeberry, Shroom, Riot and Teddy Bear. The colors are available in gloss, matte and metallic. They can match any type of outfit you wear not matter how conservative or outlandish.


The company has gone from simply being an internet phenomenon to making serious inroads into the customer base of many of the traditional cosmetics brands. What makes the company truly unique is it has transformed make-up from something offering bland colors to hide faults to something used to make a powerful statement.


José Henrique Borghi Provides Excellent Advertising Services

Choosing a marketing consultant or advertising agency is an important decision and should not be taken lightly.

Most people often associate marketing firms and ad agencies with costly campaigns for big companies. It is important to keep in mind that all companies and organizations no matter their size can benefit tremendously from advertising agency’s services.

If you are trying to find a reliable ad agency in Brazil you are in the right place. José Henrique Borghi provides efficient and professional advertising and marketing services to businesss and entrepreneurs. All types of businesses and establishments can enlist the advertising services of José Henrique Borghi and his experienced team of marketing and advertising specialists.

There are many ad agencies and marketing consultants out there but what you need is resource for top quality advertising and marketing solutions. A reputable and experienced team of professionals can help you reach a large number of potential customers and grow your business.

The advertising team at Mullen Lowe can help you create appealing, effective, and affordable advertising messages and ensure that you meet your business goals.

Tasks such as developing promotional messages and managing ad campaigns are not easy to handle without professional assistance. José Henrique Borghi has developed many effective strategies to attract customers and build your brand.

As a reliable advertising professional, José Henrique Borghi provides a wide range of marketing and promotional solutions that meet the requirements of businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations.

Regardless of the type of business you operate, or the size of your establishment, José Henrique Borghi offers a vast range of solutions that help you target prospects and potential customers.

Many businesses and marketers turn to José Henrique Borghi and his advertising agency, Mullen Lowe, for their expertise and dedication to quality service.

Impacts of UK’s Exit from the EU on Global Economics

After the announcement by the UK about their plan to exit the EU after the June referendum, the stock markets across Europe were hit by a major fall by over 12% which happened almost immediately. The British sterling pound also faced its first drop in value since 1985. According to Flavio Maluf, the New York University senior manager and expert economist, this exit posed other lasting effects on the global economic such as;


Impacts on British Economy


British contributed more to the EU (€11.3 billion) than it received (€6.9 billion) and this contribution led to increased inflationary pressure on the country. By exiting the bloc, the country would realize a drop in investments as pointed by Paulo Figueiredo, the FN Capital director of operations. This move by the state would also end the free transits of goods and people between European Union member countries which would lead to negative consequences.


Impact on Foreign Trade on Europe and the United Kingdom


The European Union member countries have a regulation that allows them to trade freely without tariff application. The country’s exit from the bloc changed this leading to new rates which consequently harmed UK’s foreign trade with EU members. According to Flavio Maluf, the exit also meant benefit to the UK as it could sign bilateral agreements which it couldn’t before.


Consequences on Brazilian Imports and Exports


While UK was a member of the EU, all bilateral agreements with Brazil were made following the EU’s standards and the type of commodity. The country’s exit from the bloc made it easy for Brazil to the UK without the agreement having to suffer from EU impediments and rates. Flavio Maluf pointed that these benefits are limited since the United Kingdom is a major business partner with Brazil and accounts for less than 2% exports for Brazil.


Consequences on the European Union


The largest part of the EU structures has for long been in three countries, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. The UK exiting the bloc had a major blow on the bloc since of late France has been facing economic weakness and fatigue, leaving Germany with the responsibility of sustaining the bloc. According to Flavio Maluf, it was uncertain about the position the exit would leave other coalition members.


Flavio Maluf


Flavio Maluf is the Eucatext S.A Chief Executive Officer and has served in the position since 2005. He also acts as the company’s Chairman of the Board of Executive Officers, and also the vice presidents of the Eucatext S.A Industria e Commercio Board.


Flavio Maluf holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado. He further specialized in People Management, Rural Management, Accounting for non-accountants, and Foreign Trade Principles.

Greg Finch; A Vibrant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Orthopedic Surgery is a division of medicine that deals with complications affecting the support and movements systems in humans, particularly bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The predisposing factors for such conditions are spine diseases, sports injuries, hereditary disorders, and trauma among many others. Specialists use both surgical and non-surgical techniques to correct these disorders.

Diagnosis to evaluate the extent of the condition is usually performed using radiography, mostly X-rays. The most common orthopedic procedures are;

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

The ACL is located in the knee and connects the femur (thighbone) to the tibia (larger leg bone). The ligament is often ruptured as a result of enormous stress, associated with sports injuries. To restore its function, the damaged ligament is removed, and a new graft is implanted, using the arthroscopic procedure. The grafts are sourced from the patient’s body (autografts), a donor (allografts) or bridge-enhanced repair, where the patient’s blood is used to regenerate a new ACL.

Hip replacement

This involves the replacement of a hip by an artificial prosthetic, as a measure to combat joint failure, which is often a result of osteoarthritis or fracturing. The replacement may be done as whole or partially. Total hip arthroplasty consists of replacing the hip joint and the femur’s head while semi-hip replacements only supplant the head of the femur.

Spinal Fusion

This procedure encompasses the joining of vertebrae. Conventional techniques of fusion comprise of grafting. Before the graft is firm, screws and plates may be used to steady the bones. This practice is often as a mitigation measure for degenerative diseases, spinal fractures and spondylosis among others.

About Greg Finch

Greg Finch is a respected orthopedic surgeon, whose field of specialization is spinal complications. He is particularly fascinated by minimally invasive spine surgery. Moreover. Greg Finch is an accredited member of the Spine Society of Australia.

Owing to his sixteen years’ experience in the field, Greg has earned many plaudits. His illustrious career began when he attained an undergraduate Medicine degree from the University of Auckland. He later joined the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, where he received his certification to become an orthopedic surgeon.