Get Great Chicagoland Wedding Pictures from George Street Photo & Video:

When getting married in Chicago, you have a vast choice of venues to have memorable photographs taken of the special event. Contact George Street Photo and Video Address Locations and take our style quiz to determine your personal preference. Perhaps a traditional location suits you, such as one of Chicago’s parks like Lincoln Park or Washington Park. Consider having a panoramic view of Chicago in the background by having a wedding or engagement photo taken at the top of the Willis Tower, the former Sears Tower. If you love classic architecture, consider having a photo taken at the University of Chicago campus with its Gothic style buildings.

How Cancer Treatment Centers of America Handles The Important Aspect of Being Custom To The Patient

One of the issues with cancer treatment is that doctors and experts have to factor in the individual patient so that they can find the right treatment for the specific patient. One thing that is important to know is that the type of treatment plan that is going to work for one patient is not going to work for another. Another thing to realize is that each case of cancer is every bit as diverse as the individual. So a lot of time has to be taken in order to not only figure out the type of cancer the patient is suffering but also the type of treatment the patient is going to need. This is one of the reasons that Clinical Pathways has been created with the partnership of Cancer Treatment Centers of America with AllScripts and NantHealth.

One of the best aspects of Clinical Pathways is that professionals can move forward without all of the guess work. For one thing, guessing is a dangerous game for the patient. When it comes to treatment, it is important that the professional knows as much as possible when it comes to the treatment of cancer for the individual.

CTCA is actually an example of an approach that should be taken for some of the harder and more threatening diseases. It is important to have a dedicated facility for information and treatment on the specific disease for patients. For CTCA, patients get to learn what they need to know about cancer so that they can get better treatment for the condition. This is one of the reasons that cancer patients can rejoice. Treatments for cancer are improving to the point where people are not going to be as badly affected by side effects as before. As more partnerships are made, patients have a better chance at recovering from cancer with very little side effects.

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Richard Mishaan, Bringing Style to Homes with a Modern Twist

As an architect, author, and mentor, Richard Mishaan, has a versatile lifestyle and a successful career, but he is well-known for his interior designing in New York. The Richard Mishaan Design firm has created spacious and comfortable living environments in the Hamptons, townhouses, and Floridian penthouses. Out of his many projects,the Beekman Residence is definitely an all-time favorite. It has sheer white furniture contrasted against paintings and other furnishings. Unlike any other modern house which can be overwhelming by its harsh bright white presence, Richard Mishaan brings life and color to the rooms with his choice of intriguing pieces of art through the use of paintings, wallpaper, and vegetative life.

His childhood in Columbia and Italy inspired his use of color in so many of his interior designs which is uncovered in one of his books, Artfully Modern. Many Italian mid-century influences are found in the homes that the Richard Mishaan Design has perfected. The wooden hues and the impressionistic paintings with their neutral tones in the Floridian Penthouse have imbued a sense of peace and tranquility. Especially in the New York homes he has designed, it’s like stepping into an alternate world where one can escape from the bustling city life and escape to a comforting Italian abode.

Currently the Richard Mishaan Design firm is working on the Kip’s Bay House in the Upper East Side of New York. With the summer season in full affect, the floral design is a prominent pattern. The paisley patterns with pastel colors as well as the black and white floral wallpaper brings a midsummer’s Victorian ambience to the rooms. Richard Mishaan Design also creates a soothing environment with two clashing colors that come together to bring attention to the overall composition.

Legal Career Advice From Karl Heideck

Getting the most out of your legal career requires you to follow some great words of advice. Thankfully, there have been lawyers who have blazed a path so that you are able to truly follow in their footsteps in a way that suits you the most.

If this makes sense to you and you are looking to pattern your career after the advice of a successful litigator, Karl Heideck definitely fits the bill. He has been practicing law for more than 10 years and has the pedigree to speak from true experience.

After getting his undergrad degree from Swarthmore College, Karl Heideck graduated from Temple University with a law degree. He quickly found positions at other law firms in the city of Philadelphia, before finding employment at Hire Counsel. During his time at Hire Counsel, Karl Heideck has blazed a trail and definitely created a template for young attorneys to follow. If you are young in your legal career and want to progress, consider some of these words of advice from Karl Heideck.

#1: Find a great associate’s position

If you really want to get what you need from your legal career, it all begins with your associate’s position. In this regard, there are numerous law firms that can give you that first shot. Consider a firm that allows you a lot of room for growth, so that this is a no-brainer for you.

#2: Pick your area of specialty closely

The way that you enjoy your career will come down to how much passion you have for your area of specialty. By taking the time to choose a specialty that you believe in, it will be much easier for you to enjoy yourself and wake up every morning ready to work. This is of the utmost importance and cannot be looked past.

#3: Pass the bar

Finally, everything else is a moot point if you are not able to pass the state bar exam. Learn the State Bar wherever you are planning to live and study accordingly. Doing this provides you the opportunity to make sure you pass every part of the requirements on your way toward a dream career.

Follow these tips so that you get all you need in terms of your time as a litigator.

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The Kabbalah And The Bible

One of the most popular and yet controversial books on the planet is The Holy Bible. One of the many reasons that it is so controversial teaching is that it brings out strong reactions in different people. There are some people that claim to be believers, but they do not know how to rightly divide the truth. Then there are people that don’t believe and take offense to the mere mention of the word bible. Then there are those who believe in other religions that are opposed to the bible. Either way, there is a strong reaction to the bible from many people to know more: click here.

There is one discipline that looks at the Bible in an accepting way. At the same time, it takes note of the other religions that are in the world. This discipline is called the Kabbalah. There is also a source of the teachings  the Kabbalah that people can visit. This is called The Kabbalah Centre. The Kabbalah does accept the Bible and consider it to have some truth to it. One thing that the Kabbalah Centre says about the Bible is that certain passages reveal hidden laws that are found in the Bible. For one thing, there is some kind of interaction between man and the universe.

The Kabbalah has released a few books of the Bible with commentary based on the teachings of the Kabbalah. They are an interesting read for anyone that is interested in the teachings of the Bible according the Kabbalah. One thing that the Kabbalah Centre has done in relationship to the Bible is release a series of books on the TOrah of the Bible.

One thing that could be said for people that read the Bible is that they are going to find a lot of interesting passages of Kabbalah as well as lessons that could improve life when applied.

Talos Energy is on Top of its Game

History was written when a privately run company sunk a new offshore oil well in the Mexican waters. The historic event is one of its kind in a period of close to 80 years. In a broader perspective, the step reveals the intention of Mexico to allow competitors from foreign lands into its energy markets. The drilling of the well began on May 21st 2017 was led by a joint three renowned companies namely Premier Oil Plc based in London, Talos Energy LLC based in Houston and Sierra Oil & Gas located in Mexico. Since Mexico first nationalized its oil industry 79 years ago, this is the first time that an offshore exploration well has been launched by the private companies. Initially, the explorations were led by a corporation known as Petroleos Mexicanos that is state-run.

One of the wells located in Sureste Basin off known as Zama-1 is believed to be holding about 100 million to 500 million Barrels of crude. The cost of the premier is $16 million, with the drilling anticipated to take up a duration of not more than 90 days. An analyst known as Charlie Sharp observed that Zama-1 is a fascinating exploration well. Talos Energy and the other two companies earned the right to the prospects in the year 2015 when Mexico voted in favor of allowing access to its ailing oil industry to the private investors.

Talos Energy is the company operating the well, having in its pocket a 35 percent in the venture. The Houston-based company is private with its primary focus being the exploration and exploitation of both oil and gas properties. It narrows down its focus to the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf of Coast. The company’s investment funds are believed to originate from the Apollo Global Management, Riverstone Holdings as well as the Talos Management.

The management team in this firm is composed of members with years of experience in the offshore exploration and production. The team has over a decade worked together, allowing them to build a series of positive results. The company is expected to even grow further due to the solid foundation laid.

Greg Secker is Still On Top

Greg Secker is an entrepreneur whose experience spans a wide breadth and deep depth. He made his start at Thomas Cook Financial and soon expanded to include virtual trading desks and foreign currency market trading. It is, however, his greatest thrill to discuss his philanthropic works, and there are many! Key among these is the Greg Secker Foundation which focuses on Secker’s key areas of charitable interest: Life Skills, Education and initiatives in the area of Youth Leadership. Greg believes that all communities can be successful if they are provided the proper tools and resources. It is his life’s purpose to share his knowledge and resources, including his time, to help others gain the success that he currently enjoys.

In a recent interview with IdeaMensch, the serial entrepreneur also touched upon his rise in the field of motivational speaking. He has appeared alongside such industry stalwarts as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and Steve Wozniak. Through his motivational speaking, Secker has been able to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for giving back and constantly learning new things. It is this thirst for knowledge that keeps Secker involved and successful in some many various projects. The motivational speaking circuit also gives Greg the opportunity to hear what others are talking about and continue to learn new things.

Continuous knowledge keeps Greg Secker engaged with his finger on the pulse of the financial and trading and technology worlds, just to name a few. Secker has recently pulled back slightly in order to spend more time with his family, as being a father is a huge part of who he is. By being able to spend this increased amount of time with family, he is quick to feel rejuvenated and enthusiastic to tackle the next challenge. Greg Secker believes in the importance of family and community and always doing one’s best to benefit both. His business ventures, including motivational speaking, all tie into his quest to make the world a better place through his philanthropic efforts. Greg Secker is truly an inspirational role model, and it will be exciting to see what he does next!


Mathew Autterson’s Career in Accounting and Investment Manager

Investment management is a broad investment facet that encompasses the management of assets or securities. The collective investment of all entities involved is known as asset management. Securities that need the service include shares and bonds among other products. Fund management falls under the umbrella of asset management except it is the management of assets belonging to an institution or a private investor. The process of managing assets entails the provision of a detailed financial statement, selection of a suitable asset or stock, drafting and application of a plan and observation and maintenance of the investment growth.

Investment management requires the input of several professionals specialized in niches that cover marketing, dealing, research, internal auditing, and compilation of a report for customers. Marketers primarily generate the revenue and fund managers draft the investment plan. Peripheral staff such as compliance officers ensure the firm meets legal requirements. Internal auditors maintain a smooth internal operation, financial planners keep check of money expenditure, and the IT team ensures operations have no glitches.

Mathew Autterson has 20 years of experience in investment and currently works at WIN Wealth Management as a wealth advisor. His role entails strategizing investments for clients to realize set financial goals. He customizes each client’s investment plan by working with the existing financial portfolio to select a suitable risk. Additionally, he follows up on the investment’s progress to ascertain that the customer stays on track even during tumultuous shifts in the market. Mathew provides tax advisory and estate planning plans to clients alongside analyzing their life insurance plans and other long-term insurance cases. He is the chief compliance officer of WIN and sits on the firm’s investment committee as chairman. Mathew works for Winterscheidt & Autterson, LLP in Denver as a partner.

Mathew is an alumnus of Buena Vista University where he earned his degree in accounting. Before launching WIN, he worked for a licensed investment advisor in Minneapolis with a net value of $750 million. He has also previously worked for American Express and Royal Alliance as a registered representative. Mathew is skilled in accounting and worked as an adjunct professor at North Iowa Area Community College where he applied his know-how in CPA.

Honey Birdette Takes Control Of Its Retail Future

Honey Birdette is known as the first sensuality boutique in Australian history with the luxury lingerie brand offering a series of luxury lingerie and lifestyle options for customers to enjoy. The luxury retailer has recently reported it is undergoing a major period of expansion across the U.S. and U.K. after seeing sales hit record levels in both regions; the focus in each area will differ as in the U.K. brick and mortar stores are being developed and in the U.S. a greater Online presence is the goal.

One of the most amazing facts reported by Honey Birdette recently was the news that U.S. sales have grown by 374 percent over the last 12 months and prompted the development of a dedicated North American Website to provide a better all round experience for U.S. customers. The news of U.S. Online expansion came at the same time as Honey Birdette also announced the company was looking to expand on the three stores already open in the U.K.; the luxury lingerie brand explained it has seen such huge success with physical stores in the U.K. it plans to expand its presence to 40 stores by the close of 2018.

The social media presence of Honey Birdette shows just how the success being seen in the U.S. is influencing the marketing of the brand, which now includes the products of the brand being photographed in areas of New York. Honey Birdette is all about creating a luxury lifestyle choice that includes the sensuality being offered by the Australian brand through its impressive products.

Every physical store is staffed by a team of sales associates who have an intimate knowledge of the products offered by Honey Birdette. The team of “Honey’s” in any store are always on hand to guide customers through the range of products they are interested in as they explore the sensual luxury of Honey Birdette.

Dr. Greg Finch and His Roles in Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgery involves the treatment of the musculoskeletal system to correct a deformation from injuries or other conditions. The bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons make up the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic surgery is done through surgical as well as non-surgical procedures. Even if there exist a myriad of orthopedic procedures, below highlighted are the three most common types of procedures performed by these surgeons.

Hip Replacement

Noteworthy, the number of cases of hip replacements are on the rise. Orthopedic surgeons use prosthetic implants in replacing the hip joint. Hip joint replacement is meant to treat breaks or fractures in hips or to relieve the pain resulting from arthritis.

Repair Rotator Cuff Tendon

Repairing the rotator cuff tendons is also a common procedure in the orthopedic surgery. The surgeon works to reattach the trim or tendon or to smooth the tendon as a way of relieving pressure and pain. In the case of a complete tear, the surgeon can stitches back the tendon to normal.

Repair Ankle Fractures

These surgeons can also repair a fracture on the ankle through these surgical procedures. Ankle fractures could result from falling or some medical conditions like osteoporosis or bone cancer. Even if these fractures are not considered to be serious medical emergencies, the pain that results from them could be very traumatizing.

The orthopedic procedures highlighted here are just three among many. The orthopedic surgeons like Dr. Greg Finch perform surgeries to repair muscles and tendons that have been damaged. Dr. Greg Finch is an Australian national trained to carry out spine surgery.

Dr. Greg Finch is a member of various orthopedic society organizations. Some of these societies include the Spine Society of Australia, the Australian Orthopedic Association, and the North American Spine Society (NASS). Dr. Greg Finch has since earned a reputation as a renowned orthopedic surgeon in various countries including Australia, United States, Germany, and the UK.