Andrew Rolfe Empowers the South African Children through Ubuntu Fund

The work of philanthropy involves reaching out to the underserved people in the society, helping them grow, provide health and education and most importantly, have a positive effect on their lives. There are only a few individuals who dedicate their lives and time to the development of others. One such person is Andrew Rolfe. Rolfe is the acting chairman of Ubuntu Fund. He is a part of the individuals dedicated to the provision of a better education for the children of South Africa. His commitment to providing quality education for the children of South Africa has received attention from various philanthropists and hence, providing more finance for the institution. Andrew Rolfe has given much of his life to ensuring the Kids in S.A receive one of the primary needs.

According to Jacob Lief and Andrew Rolfe, they realized that after the collection of the donations, not much was achieved due to restrictions issued by the donors. Due to the constraints imposed on the grants, the programs initiated by Ubuntu Fund had less impact on the lives of the children. Therefore, they decided to shun donors who gave donations with strings attached. As a result, the Ubuntu Fund have achieved far much greater with the fewer donations.

Under the leadership of Andrew Rolfe, The Ubuntu Fund works with family foundations that understand the benefits of donations without restrictions. The organization adopts health and education plans that guarantee an excellent education for every enrolled child. Consequently, the lives of these kids are improved by a greater magnitude. However, according to Andrew Rolfe, who contributes both time and money to the foundation, finding donors to provide without restriction is tough. Many donors seek to influence how the money gets used. Therefore, it leads to stagnations of different projects. Andrew Rolfe brings a wealth of corporate skills that helps drive the institution and contribute to the development of children. As a long time result, investing in the children enables them to alleviate their family from poverty. Andrew has donated over $ 100,000 to the organization. He is a graduate of Oxford University with a B.A in philosophy and economics. Additionally, he has a master’s degree from Harvard Business School.


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