Cancer Treatment Centers of America Announces New Clinical Support Solution

Seamless integration of clinical support software is a consistent problem in health care facilities across the nation, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America may have just announced a comprehensive solution. Along with NantHealth and Allscripts they are implementing the Clinical Pathways program, a way to simplify and refine clinical workflows and aid physicians in navigating the intricacies of the cancer treatment process. This new interface was built with the input of hundreds of oncologists and represents a significant evolution of clinical cancer care.

This new system aims to eliminate guesswork and widen options available to every physician when they are determining a course of treatment. This not only helps doctors but empowers patients to review and choose the safest and most efficient care available. This joint partnership in determining a treatment regimen not only customizes treatment to the patient’s specific needs but also widens options to unconventional therapies.

Hailed as a potential game changer not only in cancer care but the medical profession as a whole, Clinical Pathways moves efficiently from examination to diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment seamlessly. It features an unbiased evidence-based medical library including 2700 of the most appropriate treatment regimens available to cancer patients that cover all possible subtypes of the disease. Equipped with this new workflow solution CTCA is confident that it can not only increase workflow efficiency but ultimately save lives and reduce the suffering of patients who in the past may have been subject to ineffective or unnecessary treatments.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global, Inc. (CTCA) has five hospital locations dedicated to the fight against cancer. Its stated mission is to provide innovative and effective care to both the physical and emotional needs of its patients. The Clinical Pathways program is now available for the use of oncologists with every patient at all CTCA locations.

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