Cancer Treatment Centers of America Makes Advanced Cancer Regimens to Oncologists and Patients at Point-of-Care

With their innovative and industry-changing oncology treatment recommendation platform Clinical Pathways, Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is assisting physicians with sorting through the massive amounts of research and treatment data that is constantly released.

Clinical Pathways provides software integration services between eviti®, the clinical support decision software system developed by NantHealth, and the Sunrise electronic health records system developed by AllScripts.

The computer system’s design inserts Clinical Pathways into the treatment workflow by allowing it to provide information to the oncologist without over-riding the physician’s clinical control over the patient’s treatment.

Making the latest treatments, research and complementary therapies available to the physician at the time care is discussed, Clinical Pathways benefits patients and clinicians by enabling the creation of a customized protocol that takes into account specifics about the patients and their cancers.

Physicians are provided with comparisons of the different treatment options, up-to-date guidelines, associated side effects and regimen efficacy by the system. Clinicians and their teams are able to discuss treatment options with their patients, increasing patients’ knowledge and compliance.

The unbiased library is maintained by oncologists, a national advisory board made up of recognized field experts and is composed of more than 2700 evidence-based, peer-reviewed studies, governmental agencies and cancer associations.

By delivering the appropriate data supporting the clinical decision-making and treatments, Clinical Pathways can also assist with expediting the insurance approval process.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is composed of a North American network of hospitals located in Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, Philadelphia and Tulsa, providing care to cancer patients.

Receiving ongoing industry recognition for their delivery of the highest standards of patient care, the organization provides patients with informational support concerning their treatment options and encouragement to patients to actively participate in their medical care decision-making.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America utilizes an advanced treatment approach that combines chemotherapy, genomic testing, immunotherapy and targeted treatments, surgery and radiation therapies.

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