Cassio Audi Early Music Career

Cassio Audi is a well-known finance executive who is working hard to change the industry. However, Audi did not start his career in finance when he was young. Before venturing into this industry, Cassio was in the music industry in his early years. According to his portfolio, the businessman’s early life was full of fun and lots of excitement. When he was still in his youth, Cassio Audi had the opportunity to launch a successful music career and an influential rock band.

Several years ago, Cassio Audi met Pit Paddarel, Andre Machado, Felipe Machado and Yves Passarel, and they decided to partner and started a band. In 1985, the band was already in the industry, and everyone was given a special role. Cassio Audi was given the responsibility of becoming the drummer in the band, and he always took this role seriously. In all the performances, Cassio did an exceptional job, becoming one of the most respected members. According to Cassio, the team was motivated and drew their inspiration from Iron Maiden, a heavy metal music band that has done well over the years.

The first album from the successful band was known as The Killer Sword. Immediately it was released into the market, the album got a lot of attention, in particular among the young people who were looking for rock music. The album had several trucks, and most of them were hits in a concise time. Later on, the band released a debut known as Soldiers of Sunrise. The music cleared proved Cassio Audi’s prowess in the drum sets. Although some individuals in the society criticized the kind of music performed by the band, it was evident that the group was headed to great success. The members of the band received several awards due to their achievements in the music world. Cassio decided to abandon his career in music for greener pastures.

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