A Better Way To Bank

When it comes to banking, there are numerous choices available nation wide. This is one of the most competitive industries of all time as well as the most practical. The world would literally shut down to some degree without banking and the 21st Century has brought many changes to this exclusive field of work. As of today, banking can be down 24 hours a day and for about 365 days a year. Whether it’s for withdrawing cash, depositing funds, or for just checking your balance. all of this is possible with modern day banking.

Have you ever heard of NexBank Capital? This is one of the industry’s most premier financial centers in the regional sector of business. Located in the Dallas, Texas Area, NexBank Capital is one of the leaders in regional banking thanks to it’s wide array of services. These services include treasury management, online banking, real estate advisory, mobile banking, certificate of deposits, checking/savings account, public funds, and many more. President John Holt and the executive team has worked hard to ensure customers with the very best of services. This includes individual, corporate, and institutional services. The full gambit is covered here, which helps the bank to stand out among it’s peers. Though being a regional style financial center, NexBank Capital has many of the fine services that are being provided by the larger national financial centers.

Did you know that this banking center had an estimated $4.6 Billion in assets? That’s right! That’s pretty much a 71% upward spike from the previous year. Even it’s net income has skyrocketed from $53 Million to well over $83 Million in a years time frame. This only scratches the surface of what this bank has done and will do in the coming years. As for now, NexBank Capital will enjoy it’s success, but who knows what is in store in the future.