Class Dojo is Receives Top-Notch Funding for its Exceptional Application

Class Dojo is getting $21 million dollars in support through its venture capital efforts. This organization is a first-class educational app manufacturer that has a huge client base. Class Dojo has been around since 2011. By December of 2016 this piece of software is being within 90% of all U.S. schools and it even has an international reach.  Check this on


Co-founder Liam Dom realizes that his company would not have been able to generate this kind of money if their app was not a marketable piece of software. The thing about Class Dojo that makes it so successful is that teachers really have a use for it. This application gives them the ability to communicate with parents and to establish new routes of interaction that typically were not available in the past.


It also allows parents to keep up on their child’s instruction and parents to figure out what their kids are doing throughout a school day. All teachers have to do is to send a video clip or a text message directly to a parent once both them have the app downloaded on their mobile device.

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Investors know a good product or service when they see one. There are certain characteristics that will identify it as a good investment. Some of those characteristics include being well received within the market, having the ability to adapt and grow as a service (or product), showing growth that will provide a decent return on their investment and establishing itself as a well-known brand within a field.


Class Dojo meets these requirements and many more. This company is being directed and managed by two former teachers. Liam Dom is one of the CEOs of the organization and Sam Chaudhary is the other co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. They have just as much business and tech sense as well as having a solid background in education.  Based on


All of the pieces are in place for Class Dojo to become a very successful educational and software company. If Class Dojo was not an exceptional company; then they wouldn’t receive the type of funding that they receive from investors.

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ClassDojo Coming A Long Way In Its Mission To Change The Classroom

ClassDojo is now in its sixth year running and has become the favorite app of many teachers and administrators. The main reason this app has succeeded is due to its evolution from simply a behavior reward program, to a complete classroom social media and communication platform. ClassDojo has been able to add features thanks to influxes of venture capital, including a recent $21 million offering that put ClassDojo’s total venture capital funding at $31 million. It’s free to download and needs no approval from a school administrator to download. ClassDojo isn’t necessarily flashy, but what it does have in its user interface is highly effective.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, two students from the UK wanted to launch an educational app some time ago. They didn’t just want it to be a passive app with only basic class material listed on it. They wanted it to be something that would encourage good student behavior and promote a positive classroom environment. So they traveled around and asked teachers individually what they wanted in a classroom app, and after hearing many ideas and spending hours developing, they built ClassDojo. ClassDojo has become known through word-of-mouth with no money spent on traditional advertising media.

As a teaching tool, ClassDojo has produced sets of learning videos where fuzzy monster characters learn how to solve problems, and students’ minds are stretched in different ways. For teachers, they can post pictures and update the status on student profiles during class activities, and can give parents a look-in on the class activities throughout the day. Because of how closely involved parents become with teachers through this, ClassDojo has allowed many schools to stop once-a-year parent teacher conferences, saving time and money.

For now, ClassDojo plans to keep all its content and features free, with plans to add premium pay content in the future as simply options for teachers who want more out of the app. Such content may include purchasing textbooks, additional learning videos or other features ClassDojo hasn’t yet spoken of. But most importantly, this app is very careful to protect user privacy and will not share or sell personal data to any data-mining companies.

ClassDojo’s Platform Goes A Long Way In Improving The School Community

Over the generations, things have changed quite a bit, especially when it comes to the world of schooling. Nowadays, there are tons of different distractions to pull kids away from their schooling and disrupt their learning. These same distractions hold true for parents as well, not to mention their are many parents that are just busy with work, errands, and their life on a daily basis. Over time this has had a profound effect on schooling, with more students than ever feeling left out or behind. This was the inspiration behind creating ClassDojo, a company and platform dedicated to improving communication between parents and students as well as teachers. ClassDojo aims to improve the schooling environment and communities as a whole, not just in the United States, but around the world.

Unlike most other educational platforms on the market, ClassDojo has mainly focused on improving the communication that is available to all parties involved. The better connected everyone stays, the better students will be able to learn and take part in their schooling. Many students who lack confidence is because they do not have the support and encouragement from their parents or their peers, which not only effects the students work, but also eventually their behavior. With ClassDojo, students can stay connected all day through the class and story boards, posting up notes, feedback, pictures, and video of different things that happen in the classroom throughout the days and semesters.

In the relatively short amount of time the company has been active, they have managed to come a long way and impact the schooling community greatly. This is only the beginning as well, as they have plans to expand and spread their platform to more regions around the globe to help more students attain a good education.

With this communication tool, teachers and parents will have a much easier time staying in contact, even for the busiest parents. ClassDojo is also highly compatible and easy to use for everyone, supporting up to 35 different languages and nearly all modern devices on the market, including tablets, smartphones, and personal laptops.

Talk Fusion’s Video Chat is Better than Ever with the Latest Technology Advancements

When Talk Fusion introduced its video chat product to the world, it was the new development of technology with the great benefit of marketing for its users. The product is powered by WebRTC and allows users to communicate anywhere in the world face-to-face. It’s compatible to smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, and Mac which requires internet access. Now video chat is better than ever with some advancements, including group chatting and speed to increase productivity rates within organizations. The announcement of Talk Fusion’s video chat and technology upgrade was proclaimed on PR Newswire in October 2016.



One of the most advantageous benefits of using video chat is keeping team members constantly connected while working on projects and important tasks. Team leads can monitor the progression of each member to ensure productivity quotas are fulfilled. They may also conduct team meetings anytime of the day and anywhere in the world. Another benefit of video chatting is the product comes with a 30-day free trial and includes no financial obligations nor credit card information. Talk Fusion launched the free trial in April of this year to organizations, corporations, small businesses, individuals, and professionals.



Video chat’s WebRTC technology received an enhancement that increases the speed for users to access contacts easily for texting or communications. For an example, access is instant if a lead member is video chatting with another person and needs to include additional members to form a group. The team members collectively can participate in discussions during meetings and conferencing. Indonesians are discovering the advantages of video chat, which is ranked number in their country. The product is also gaining popularity in Japan and Switzerland, placing it in rankings of the top 20 of all applications used for communications.



Talk Fusion has received enormous growth since the company was founded by Bob Reina in 2007. For nearly ten years the company is marketing video communication products and services; including chatting, conferencing, and newsletter. Headquartered in Florida, Talk Fusion has entered international markets in more than 141 countries. Signup to try video marketing solutions for 30 days and discover all the benefits of its latest technology.

How Two Men Created a Revolution in Education (ClassDojo)

In the world of education there seems to be an ever-increasing need for parents to be connected with the teachers of their children, and ClassDojo aims to fill that void. Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary started a company in 2011 in which the main goal was the to have a communication platform set up for teachers to be able to communicate with their parents. A teacher will post about what the children are doing at school that day, parents can see theses posts about what is happening at the school of their children, and it aims at being a much more efficient communication tool than tradition parent-teacher phone calls, or the ever-dreaded parent-teacher conference. A teacher will commonly only call to inform a parent if his or her student needs extra attention at home, or if he or she was reprimanded that day. What ClassDojo does, it is it helps see the good things that the students have accomplished that day, and not just focus on the negative or need-to-be improved areas. ClassDojo creates a community that similar to Facebook, but for an educational platform.


The way that ClassDojo makes its money is through its sales of educational services. It has steered away from a traditional model of selling adds on its website or its app, and it focuses on a “freemium” stance in its sales. The services are free, but a parent or a teacher would like more things from the app, then they would need to pay for an additional fee. One common way that it does it, it through its sale of educational videos for teachers. It’s simple, if the teacher wants access to these videos that would help his or her students, then that teacher would need to pay for the service for the videos. These videos would be able to be viewed by the students as well, and would serve as way to bring the teacher to parent experience much closer in a digital age.


According to, the overall goal of ClassDojo is to be something in comparison of Spotify to music, and to create a positive culture with classrooms and schools. There is an app that is a default service in almost any industry, but it is lacking in a world of education. Since it is used in 2 in 3 schools, it almost is the default application for teachers and parents. ClassDojo is a ground-up change app where the communication between parents and teachers is simplified.