John Holt Speaks At Annual Banker’s Conference

John Holt, the President and CEO of Nexbank Capital, Inc. spoke at a meeting of Texas bankers and investment managers hosted in New Orleans. Holt spoke on the importance of innovation and exploring new opportunities in mergers and acquisitions as well as other community banking issues in a discussion with other experts at this conference. The conference is basically a summit for the Texas Bankers Association to discuss the future of commercial and private banking. Nexbank has been one of the leading banks in the Dallas area and has locations all across the US as well as partners.

Nexbank has been around for nearly 100 years with its first offices opening in 1922. Since then it’s become a major commercial, mortgage and personal bank with some of the top leaders in the business. It’s Chairman on the Board of Directors is James Dondero, the founder of Nexbank’s partner and private equity firm Highland Capital Management. The CEO of Nexbank is John Holt who graduated with a degree in finance from SMU and spent the early years of his career with other banks before joining Nexbank in 2011. Since that time Holt has grown the bank’s assets under management to $5.3 billion.

Nexbank serves commercial clients of all sizes from the big corporations to the small businesses. They specialize in business loans that include lines of credit and cash advances to fund their operations. They also have mortgages not just for homeowners but also for commercial properties, warehouses and even government projects. But Nexbank also has offered private and personal banking to individuals who simply want to open a savings, checking or CD account with them. They have an interactive online banking system where clients can access their funds at any time. Nexbank caters to institutional clients through management of treasury certificates, public funds and real estate advice.