Lacey and Larkin Among the Key Players Advocating for Civil, Human and Migrant Rights

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are co-founders at Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times.

The two are highly dedicated and committed to protecting civic and human rights of the migrants. A case in point is when they dedicated all their unlawful arrest compensation to the welfare of the migrants.

The two journalists were compensated a total of $3.7 million after they were unlawfully arrested in 2007 by Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County allegedly for exposing grand jury proceedings.

The compensation will help several organizations that serve to protect the rights of migrant throughout Arizona. Larkin and Lacey have spent most of their careers defending the rights of migrants and other amendment rights.

They resolved to sue the county for its unlawful conduct resulting in the lump sum compensation. The compensation will equally serve to enhance civic participation while protecting the rights and freedom of speech in Arizona.

Similarly, several other groups have now been formed purposely to protect human rights, civil rights, and migrant rights. For instance, The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights is highly popular in California for its leadership in protecting immigrant families and persons.

The organization serves the primary role of promoting human mobility and participation in democracy setup. For this reason, CHIRLA is highly committed to making sure that immigrants are not excluded from national affairs. CHIRLA was first established in 1986, and its primary agenda was to protect workers against possible exploitation.

ACLU is another key player in advocating for human rights. The group is commonly called human rights project. ACLU executes the largest litigation program nationally through legislation in district courts and Supreme Court.

ACLU is overly dedicated to nature and protect the immigrants against all avenues of exploitation. Mike and Jim are particularly concerned with justice in the course of implementing the Constitution.

The group recognizes the diversity of immigrants and is always committed to challenging any contrary provisions in the law.

Amazon Watch is another group that works in close collaboration with other groups and organizations in advancing the rights of indigenous people. The group is found in Sans Francisco and was first established following commercialization and large-scale production of oil and gas products. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Advocates for Human Rights have also realized tremendous results in human right protection. The group is reputable for its fundamental role in regional, local and global roles. It is keen in partnering with volunteers and staff that have a good will on its purpose.

With over 30 years of experience in the sector, advocates for human rights has adopted international standards of enforcing laws that protect human rights.

Human, civic, and migrant rights are now safeguarded and monitored by several groups. This trend has positively changed the lives of women, children, workers, and immigrants among other marginalized groups of people. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

All these groups share a primary aim of ensuring that migrants exercise equal democratic rights and take part in civic duties. Finally, migrants are now able to exercise their freedom of speech and expression regardless of their status.

The Revolutionary Real Estate Player is Known as Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner of Aloft Property

The domain of properties experienced an evolution in the hands of Jason Halpern after he took over the family real estate business known as the JMH Development in the year 2010. He is at present one of the most prominent players of real estate in the U.S owning and developing big projects across the length and breadth of U.S. Apart from the residential projects, Jason Halpern is also known to have etched his name in the commercial and industrial projects as well. Some of his significant projects are situated in the prime localities of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami Beach. His projects are synonymous with luxury and living gets a different definition here.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

Significant facts about Jason Halpern and JMH Development: JMH Development has gained fame due to the creative touch of Jason Halpern in the various projects that have grown in different areas of the U.S. Starting from site design, construction, building design, due diligence, marketing and branding to strategy development, JMH Development has reached the zenith in terms of precision in work and innovation that are reflected in every single project developed with the brainchild of Jason Halpern. He maintains a team of talented experts who devote their skills to developing great residential and commercial buildings.

Jason’s Own Time

One of the reputed projects includes the Aloft South Beach Hotel project that JMH Development built in collaboration with Madden real Estate Ventures. This was more important because of this a restoration work of the historic Motel Ankara including another fresh eight-storey tower in its new look. Plaza Construction did its construction, and the architect of the project was ADD Inc. The Aloft South Beach Hotel became the first project to be re-developed since 2009 and had got bigger rooms having an average area of 360 square feet, which was pretty competitive as compared to the other contemporaries at that time. The revamped hotel will be gifting with a front-side water view along the shores of Lake Pancoast and the Collins Canal that form the boundaries of the hotel as well. In fact, the position of the Aloft South Beach Hotel is just a few minutes from the Miami Beach Convention Center, Art galleries, the Bass Museum of Art, nightclubs, restaurants and boutiques. Apart from these, the hotel inhabitants will have the pleasure of outdoor pool, roof deck lounge, 24-hour fitness center, spacious meeting space for social gatherings as well as business meetings, bars, and artists lounge as well.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Thomas Juul Hansen and Jason Halpern

Quite evidently, Jason Halpern is known for his magical hands in regaining the lost aura of the historic buildings and ensuring the restoration and beautification of such buildings and projects by metamorphosing those with a modern structure studded with all kinds of luxuries and amenities. With an exquisite on-site and development expertise, Jason Halpern can easily be called a monarch of the modern real estate sector.

The Nine9 Company Offering What You Need To Succeed

The Nine9 company is by far one of the best companies in the world that could help prepare you for the world of entertainment. In a YouTube video shared online about the company, they talked a lot about everything that they offer their biggest fans and what they can do for them. The truth is that being an actor is not always an easy overnight accomplishment. There is hard work involved, but the key is to know what you are doing and to push yourself to doing something new and different. The Nine9 Unagency is here to help anybody get their start in this business.

What do they do? They offer new talent the chance to be a part of their online portal where casting directors go to online to scout for new talent for background roles, extra work, commercial auditions, and even TV and movie roles. There are many opportunities to be found in this business, and Nine9 is here to help get you going and help you make a career out of this business. They also offer every other thing under the sun to help get you prepared for your work as an actor.

They provide their fresh talent with auditions, acting classes and workshops, training, and audition updates and everything you need to succeed. Their photographers are some of the best in the industry and can get you ready for the job at hand and have headshots ready for auditions. Nine9 is definitely one of the best in the world, and they can give you a future in the world of acting and other forms of entertaining others. They have great connections that can open the door to making more money in this industry and getting roles that you have always wanted. Nine9 is the Unagency you need to join.

Eric Lefkofsky Providing Big Data for Cancer Research

Eric Lefkofsky is the definition of entrepreneur. Born and raised in Michigan, Lefkofsky has co-founded a variety of entrepreneurial ventures. Those ventures range from the technology transportation firm Echo Global Logistics, to InnerWorkings, which is a provider of managed print solutions. Also, Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Mediaocean and Uptake Technologies, which are front-running companies that provide analytics and media procurement. If that isn’t enough of a reason to be considered successful in the business world then maybe we should mention that Eric is the co-founder and chairman of Groupon, and most noticeably the CEO and co-founder of the company Tempus which is actively involved in building operating systems to battle cancer on a patient by patient basis.


Tempus is providing physicians and clinics alike with valuable information from genomic services to examine molecular and therapeutic data to make the best decision for individual cancer care for patients. Every patient has a unique profile and Tempus is providing doctors with data that will regulate the most sensible route of treatment. Tempus will compare the DNA of normal cells to cancer cells to highlight the sequencing of gene variations found related to the individual battling cancer. Lefkofsky if self-funding Tempus and says there is a similarity between Tempus and the other companies he has built. “If you look at all the businesses we’ve built…everything we work on has a Big Data component.” (Crain’s “Can Eric Lefkofsky save your life?” John Pletz, 1 Oct. 2016, Accessed 24 Jan. 2017


Along with Tempus, Eric and his wife Liz have started up their own philanthropic foundation, The Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Founded in 2006, The Lefkofsky Family Foundation is charitable foundation that has a goal of enhancing the quality of human life by ensuring quality education, improving necessary human rights, spark plugging modern medical research, and enhancing cultural goals. Eric Lefkofsky is consistently striving to advance resources and information for the furtherance of human growth. Especially when it comes to the innovative techniques he is applying to the research of battling cancer. has some details.


Dez Perez Brings Tidal to the Front Line


The mystery is finally being unveiled about Dez Perez. People want to know who she is. They want to know how she is associated with Jay-Z and Beyonce. She has been seen in places with these two powerful artists, and people want to know about the connection. Now that Tidal is starting to get a lot of attention it has become evident that Dez Perez is more than just a friend for the power couple known as the Carters. She is the one that is helping Jay-Z take his company to the next level.


This is high fidelity music streaming, and Desiree has become the person is influencing so many people to consider what Tidal has to offer. Tidal has managed to stand out and really build a presence. Many people thought that Spotify would take over, but Tidal has risen unlike anyone would have expected. She has become this powerful force in the industry because there are no other streaming services that have this type of inside track. She has a club so she knows what is hot in music. Perez also has a husband that has his hear to the street. This allows her to promote artists in an amazing way. The great thing about Perez is that she is putting out all the stops to help Jay-Z get better deals for concerts for streaming. She is essentially working behind the scenes to make this company profitable.


So much time has been put into trying to improve Tidal in the early days. It was a company that was having a hard time because it was in a market where the competition was heavy. It took someone like Dez Perez to make people see this company in a different light. Jay-Z would be the best person to lead a company like this, but he could not do this alone. He needed helped. Perez was good with numbers and she was able to make people see that there was something special about Tidal.


Right now this is a music streaming company that has managed to build an audience that loves the exclusive content that they are getting. It is one of the better companies for the new generation of young listeners that are also into hot new videos and documentaries on music. This is certainly one of the best companies for people that want to get the exclusive content early.

A Major Advocate for Russian Success

Ira Chaleff once said, “In the face of leadership flaws, too many people assume cynical perspectives, rather than do the hard work of building relationships in which they can have more positive influence.” The Russian advisor of the Skolkovo Foundation, Alexei Beltyukov, believes in improving his country’s economy by offering them sound advice and focusing on the members of the society deemed the weakest. Alexei Beltyukov’s empathetic personality has resulted in solid advice that the Russian government will hopefully utilize.

In a quarter, the economy of this country only experienced a 0.8% growth, which is a small measure compared to the 2.5% growth the prior quarter. These unsettling numbers have resulted in countless investors pulling their money and going elsewhere, something that has furthered hindered the economy for the worst and potentially permanently unless the suggestion made by Alexei Beltyukov is executed.

Though this is the businessman’s advice to improve the economy overall, it is a concept that has not strayed far from the overall mission of the Skolkovo Foundation.

Since its establishment, over one thousand citizens of Russia have benefited from this foundation. The company’s offering of consultations, technology seminars that assist in incorporating updated technology into every business, and even help in creating tax breaks for those who do enough for the economy has been their selling points and continues to generate results. The success of this foundation foreshadows what can be done for Russia in general, so it is important for that fact to never go ignored. Alexei Beltyukov is an advocate for Russia’s success and will more than likely be responsible for such.  In fact, his commitment to Russia’s future is the reason Alexei created Solvy.