Draw my life is a very popular series on YouTube in which YouTubers give viewers a glimpse into what their life was like before they became famous on YouTube. One of the top watched Draw My Life videos on YouTube is by the video content creator named Wengie.


Wengie is a lifestyle and Beauty Guru on YouTube who creates a ton of different videos on Hair, beauty, life, food and a variety of other topics. She currently has over five million subscribers and hundreds of millions of views on her videos.


Wengies Draw My Life video is one of her most popular and requested videos. Throughout the video she gives her viewers a glimpse into what her life was like before she became a famous Video Creator on YouTube.


Originally born in China Wengie moved to Melbourne Australia to live with her family when she was just four years old. She remained there for a few short years before moving to Sydney with her parents. Although she did very well in school her social life was not so well. It was not until high school that Wengie branched out and became more of a social butterfly. During High School her mom became pregnant and gave birth to her baby brother named Jim.


Wengie went on to finish high school and and get a degree and a career in accounting. For a few years she remained at this job although her heart was never really in it. After leaving her accountant job she then went on to work in social media Consulting where she then fell into her new career as a YouTube video creator. Throughout the Draw My life video viewers get an extra glimpse into the fun and silly personality that Wengie has to offer. With such a positive and wonderful Outlook it is easy to see why she is one of the top YouTube creators in the world.