The Success Of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is an American entrepreneur whom founded many companies and organizations including his recent, vAtomic. Eric Pulier has spent his life making a positive impact, even at a young age, displaying a great technological proficiency. For when Eric Pulier was only in the fourth grade, he had a fascination with the inner workings of computers, eventually deciding to try his hand at building one. After a few weeks of trials and errors, Eric Pulier successfully built his own computer, which functioned perfectly. This great success in his early life, is likely what give Eric Pulier his drive and ambition to follow his passions and dreams. Eric Pulier graduated from Teaneck high school in 1984, he went on to continue his studies at Harvard University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English, and American literature.

Eric Pulier has done much to make his mark and secure a legacy in the world of technology. Eric Pulier’s main goal, it seemed was to improve the world around him and create a company that could build a better world and help his fellow man. In order to do this he founded, People Doing Things, a company that sought to advance and improve the fields of healthcare and education through greater technology.

In addition to being a renowned businessman, Eric Pulier is also a giving philanthropist. One of his first acts of philanthropy, was to help the Multiple Sclerosis Society by creating a media platform to educate and help inform people about the symptoms and problems those with Multiple Sclerosis face. In the mid 1990’s Eric Pulier worked with Stephen Speilberg and Peter Samuelson to create a social media network. Calling it, Starbright World, it allowed children with chronic diseases and illnesses to connect with, and give support to each other is a safe and caring environment. The organization, The Painted Turtle, is another one of his philanthropic works. The Painted Turtle, is a summer camp for children with chronic illnesses to go and perhaps leave their tragic situations at home and, for a time, experience the happiness and joy that someone without their illness might have.

Eric Pulier’s newest company, vAtomic, created an app which aims to help businesses and people to track digital products, making it easier to trade them, in online dealings. Eric Pulier’s company, vAtomic, could revolutionize the way people and companies do business in the online world.

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Talk Fusion University Makes Video Marketing Easy with the New Step-by-Step System

Bob Reina, the Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, discusses the new branch of the company in the PR Newswire article “Talk Fusion Releases Exclusive Training Program, ‘Talk Fusion University’”.

Talk Fusion unveiled its new training program in late June with the hopes of creating a Network Marketing training system that can help people gain the skills they need to succeed in multi-level marketing.

The Founder and CEO, Bob Reina, has extensive experience in direct selling and multi-level marketing. Though he began his career as a police officer in Florida, he quickly changed hats into a top salesman in the 1990’s, despite having no experience selling.

He reveals the secret to his success was the development of the four-step system he currently teaches at Talk Fusion University, the same system which allowed him to become a top earner in his field. He believes that success depends on the ability of the sales team to follow the system, rather than on the individual’s ability. The team may have a variety of backgrounds, personalities, and even educational levels. But when the team can duplicate the success of the system, they are able to create the same phenomenal results.

Talk Fusion University provides video marketing training which Bob Reina believes is different from most of the networking experts out there. It has over 30 videos that provide a step by step blueprint for the salesperson to follow, though success is dependent on the commitment of the student. Reina suggests that the University is different because of the price and the performance of the system. The training system is exclusively available for free to Talk Fusion Associates. He believes it is a proven system. It is the same system he used himself to become a top seller and he has also trained others to get to that high income as well.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Mr. Reina with the intent to help people live extraordinary lives by earning extra income. Talk Fusion provides video marketing solutions for businesses looking to stand out in the crowd. Talk Fusion University is only available for Talk Fusion Associates, though it has a 30 day Free Trial for any who wish to try the system before purchasing. Learn more: