Clay Siegall Further Supports The Development Of Cancer Research Programs


Over the past two decades, there has been a major uprising in the cancer research industry and many companies have channeled funds to this course. With the collaborations that have been created, many solutions were delivered to support the development of reliable ways of dealing with the cancer menace. Experts like Clay Siegall who have been in the industry have also worked hard by offering support to programs that are designed to provide treatment solutions for cancer patients. Clay Siegall, through Seattle Genetics, has supported the development of unique technologies that have proved to offer better and safe ways of treating cancer.

One of the technologies championed through the company is the ADC Technology, which works by eliminating the danger of destroying good cells while pursuing affected cells. In the past, the radiation method used would not discriminate cells and could cause the patient to get weaker due to a higher rate of losing cells during treatment. This is no longer a worry since the ADC Technology only targets those cells that are affected by the disease. Clay Siegall has been inviting partnerships and in this process the research program spearheaded by the company received sufficient funding to proceed uninterrupted, reason they revealed such technologies within a short period.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is a renowned clinical science expert, who has been working to see the eradication of the cancer menace. He has helped in the development of advanced technologies through Seattle Genetics, which he co-founded in 1998. The company has grown to rank among the best providers of solutions in the cancer research industry and its portfolio has attracted better share prices over the past five years.

With Clay Siegall as their President and CEO, the company has managed to sign partnerships with leading biotech companies like AbbVie to support the ADC Technology and drug pipelines like ADCETRIS. Clay Siegall has also been awarded severally for his effort in the fights against cancer, which has seen him earn respect in the industry. He is a Genetics Ph.D. holder from the University of Washington and his career has involved a lot of work in research and developing new drug pipelines.