Greg Secker is Still On Top

Greg Secker is an entrepreneur whose experience spans a wide breadth and deep depth. He made his start at Thomas Cook Financial and soon expanded to include virtual trading desks and foreign currency market trading. It is, however, his greatest thrill to discuss his philanthropic works, and there are many! Key among these is the Greg Secker Foundation which focuses on Secker’s key areas of charitable interest: Life Skills, Education and initiatives in the area of Youth Leadership. Greg believes that all communities can be successful if they are provided the proper tools and resources. It is his life’s purpose to share his knowledge and resources, including his time, to help others gain the success that he currently enjoys.

In a recent interview with IdeaMensch, the serial entrepreneur also touched upon his rise in the field of motivational speaking. He has appeared alongside such industry stalwarts as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and Steve Wozniak. Through his motivational speaking, Secker has been able to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for giving back and constantly learning new things. It is this thirst for knowledge that keeps Secker involved and successful in some many various projects. The motivational speaking circuit also gives Greg the opportunity to hear what others are talking about and continue to learn new things.

Continuous knowledge keeps Greg Secker engaged with his finger on the pulse of the financial and trading and technology worlds, just to name a few. Secker has recently pulled back slightly in order to spend more time with his family, as being a father is a huge part of who he is. By being able to spend this increased amount of time with family, he is quick to feel rejuvenated and enthusiastic to tackle the next challenge. Greg Secker believes in the importance of family and community and always doing one’s best to benefit both. His business ventures, including motivational speaking, all tie into his quest to make the world a better place through his philanthropic efforts. Greg Secker is truly an inspirational role model, and it will be exciting to see what he does next!