Class Dojo Continues to Improve Classroom Experience


One of the hardest jobs that a parent has is helping their kids do well in school. Since more families today have two working parents than ever before, finding the time meet with teachers can be a challenge. To help stay connected many families, parents, and teachers are using a new interactive application called Class Dojo.

Class Dojo is a mobile application that allows parents, students, and teachers to connect like never before. The first iteration of the application was released around five years ago. When it was first released to the public, the application was largely used as a means for communication. Parents could send messages to teachers, discuss student progress, and ensure that they are able to stay involved in the classroom. While the application still does all of this, it has continued to involve over time.

Today, the Class Dojo application is used for a lot of other reasons as well. While it used to be used only by teachers and parents, many more students are using it as well. The Class Dojo application allows a student to chat with classmates, discuss homework assignments and other educational challenges, and complete a range of other tasks. This is also a great first step in social and professional networking, which is bound to be a big part of their future.

While Class Dojo has started small, it has continued to grow rapidly. Today, it is used by at least one teacher in more than 60% of schools across the country. The owners of the application see a lot of room for expansion by going to new schools, expanding into higher levels of education, and even going international. This has also helped raise equity, which is going to be used to help market the application and develop new tools for it.