How ClassDojo Is Changing And Improving Communication In Education

ClassDojo is the unique app making a huge change in the world of education today. It is the app that is improving the lives of many students and improving how they do their schoolwork and come together as a class. Teachers love the idea of an app like ClassDojo that allows for them to document with photos and videos the accomplishments of every student. Capturing every moment and sending them to their respective parents can allow for the guardians of each child to be more involved in their schoolwork and create a sense of togetherness.

Students are loving this entire idea because they can get the chance to learn and develop their knowledge even outside of school. It is a communication tool that is going to change the way businesses work and operate. ClassDojo is the ultimate app and proved it by receiving millions of dollars of venture capital funding to help further improve their development and service. ClassDojo is very respected in this industry in comparison to other apps, and they will continue to further develop what they have to offer.  The site has useful reference to show.

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Thousands of schools in half of the country are already using the app, and over 180 different countries are using it to help empower their students as well. It’s a global phenomenon that is slowly reaching more and more schools. With such a small amount of employees hired by the company, they want to have more people join in so that they could better accommodate the future people joining the app.  Check also

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Class Dojo is Receives Top-Notch Funding for its Exceptional Application

Class Dojo is getting $21 million dollars in support through its venture capital efforts. This organization is a first-class educational app manufacturer that has a huge client base. Class Dojo has been around since 2011. By December of 2016 this piece of software is being within 90% of all U.S. schools and it even has an international reach.  Check this on


Co-founder Liam Dom realizes that his company would not have been able to generate this kind of money if their app was not a marketable piece of software. The thing about Class Dojo that makes it so successful is that teachers really have a use for it. This application gives them the ability to communicate with parents and to establish new routes of interaction that typically were not available in the past.


It also allows parents to keep up on their child’s instruction and parents to figure out what their kids are doing throughout a school day. All teachers have to do is to send a video clip or a text message directly to a parent once both them have the app downloaded on their mobile device.

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Investors know a good product or service when they see one. There are certain characteristics that will identify it as a good investment. Some of those characteristics include being well received within the market, having the ability to adapt and grow as a service (or product), showing growth that will provide a decent return on their investment and establishing itself as a well-known brand within a field.


Class Dojo meets these requirements and many more. This company is being directed and managed by two former teachers. Liam Dom is one of the CEOs of the organization and Sam Chaudhary is the other co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. They have just as much business and tech sense as well as having a solid background in education.  Based on


All of the pieces are in place for Class Dojo to become a very successful educational and software company. If Class Dojo was not an exceptional company; then they wouldn’t receive the type of funding that they receive from investors.

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ClassDojo Coming A Long Way In Its Mission To Change The Classroom

ClassDojo is now in its sixth year running and has become the favorite app of many teachers and administrators. The main reason this app has succeeded is due to its evolution from simply a behavior reward program, to a complete classroom social media and communication platform. ClassDojo has been able to add features thanks to influxes of venture capital, including a recent $21 million offering that put ClassDojo’s total venture capital funding at $31 million. It’s free to download and needs no approval from a school administrator to download. ClassDojo isn’t necessarily flashy, but what it does have in its user interface is highly effective.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, two students from the UK wanted to launch an educational app some time ago. They didn’t just want it to be a passive app with only basic class material listed on it. They wanted it to be something that would encourage good student behavior and promote a positive classroom environment. So they traveled around and asked teachers individually what they wanted in a classroom app, and after hearing many ideas and spending hours developing, they built ClassDojo. ClassDojo has become known through word-of-mouth with no money spent on traditional advertising media.

As a teaching tool, ClassDojo has produced sets of learning videos where fuzzy monster characters learn how to solve problems, and students’ minds are stretched in different ways. For teachers, they can post pictures and update the status on student profiles during class activities, and can give parents a look-in on the class activities throughout the day. Because of how closely involved parents become with teachers through this, ClassDojo has allowed many schools to stop once-a-year parent teacher conferences, saving time and money.

For now, ClassDojo plans to keep all its content and features free, with plans to add premium pay content in the future as simply options for teachers who want more out of the app. Such content may include purchasing textbooks, additional learning videos or other features ClassDojo hasn’t yet spoken of. But most importantly, this app is very careful to protect user privacy and will not share or sell personal data to any data-mining companies.

ClassDojo’s Platform Goes A Long Way In Improving The School Community

Over the generations, things have changed quite a bit, especially when it comes to the world of schooling. Nowadays, there are tons of different distractions to pull kids away from their schooling and disrupt their learning. These same distractions hold true for parents as well, not to mention their are many parents that are just busy with work, errands, and their life on a daily basis. Over time this has had a profound effect on schooling, with more students than ever feeling left out or behind. This was the inspiration behind creating ClassDojo, a company and platform dedicated to improving communication between parents and students as well as teachers. ClassDojo aims to improve the schooling environment and communities as a whole, not just in the United States, but around the world.

Unlike most other educational platforms on the market, ClassDojo has mainly focused on improving the communication that is available to all parties involved. The better connected everyone stays, the better students will be able to learn and take part in their schooling. Many students who lack confidence is because they do not have the support and encouragement from their parents or their peers, which not only effects the students work, but also eventually their behavior. With ClassDojo, students can stay connected all day through the class and story boards, posting up notes, feedback, pictures, and video of different things that happen in the classroom throughout the days and semesters.

In the relatively short amount of time the company has been active, they have managed to come a long way and impact the schooling community greatly. This is only the beginning as well, as they have plans to expand and spread their platform to more regions around the globe to help more students attain a good education.

With this communication tool, teachers and parents will have a much easier time staying in contact, even for the busiest parents. ClassDojo is also highly compatible and easy to use for everyone, supporting up to 35 different languages and nearly all modern devices on the market, including tablets, smartphones, and personal laptops.

ClassDojo and Student Stories

ClassDojo has created Student Stories,a new innovation that will enable pupils to effortlessly submit illustrations, photos and videos to their collection and ultimately show them to their family members.
This will allow pupils in conjunction with their parents and teachers to record and enjoy their educational experience, whether it be a picture of poetry they wrote or a video of a science task, they can also input extra information and material related to their stories without having to remember any log in password or even possessing their own gadget. They easily scan a class QR code and list the subject that holds their interest and even enclose comments for their classmates.
Of course the teachers can also interject subject contents to individual stories and they have to authorize all inclusive material and remarks, prior to releasing it to the student’s home base.
This concept of Student Stories developed from communication with teachers and parents alike. Parents only had a limited view of photos and videos from class on Class Story, which sparked their curiosity and desire to be able to access much more regarding their child’s classroom behavior, interests ,projects, progress, personal achievements and ventures. On the other side of the coin teachers wanted to offer students more dominion, acknowledgment and control over their creative classroom activity.
Student Stories solves both issues perfectly, they provide students with more leniency as far a free expression and speech while simultaneously embracing parents with precious and memorable moments that otherwise they may have missed.
ClassDojo is a bridge between teachers with parents and pupils, and encourages pupils to build impressive classroom assemblage. The goal of ClassDojo is to re visualize the revolving classroom atmosphere and to connect all teachers everywhere with students and their parents and create a close environment,an interactive foundation designed to stimulate, inspire students and oblige parents most of all.
The benefits of ClassDojo include instant personal missives a midst teachers and parents, auto conversion of missives to native language via a tap on Smartphone, and assisting students to succeed by expanding communication and comprehension between the classroom and the home.
ClassDojo is a self-governing online service which is promoted by major capitalists, among them Shasta Venture, Reach Capital and SignalFire. Foundation downloaded apps encompass Web,iPod,iPhone,Android phone and Google Chrome.


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