Eric Pulier’s Hands on Approach to Entrepreneurial Work

Eric Pulier is the man behind the work at vAtomic Systems, a mobile comms company that has been focused on taking digital goods out and into the real world. Pulier’s work with vAtomic Systems has been integral to the rise of mobile applications in general. Eric Pulier has been something of a wunderkind within the tech industry for the better part of the past two decades and it continues to rise in prominence. Pulier sat down to unveil some of the techniques that make him so successful and entrepreneurs at home should be interested in paying attention.

So, in order for Eric Pulier to ride high on his current success with vAtomic Systems he had to do something every tech entrepreneur should: focus on disruptive technologies. When two different forms of tech intersect it opens up the chance for a third system to come out and take advantage of them. Lyft and Uber took advantage of cloud computing and Google Maps API in order to create game changing application. Pulier did the same thing by looking at digital goods and mobile phones. It was a hand-in-glove fit.

Pulier isn’t the kind of entrepreneur to develop an idea just for the sake of it. Pulier has been working in industry for decades now but he doesn’t just do anything that comes to mind. Instead, Pulier focuses on creating products that sold an industry need after spending time dwelling on what it could be. Pulier likes to ruminate on potential ideas for a week or a month at a time. He pens each concept down into a notebook before reviewing them at the end of the week. Sometimes they make sense and other times he discards them. The third outcome, the most profitable one, is when Pulier sees how multiple concepts can work together.

Right now Eric Pulier is focused on vAtomic Systems but he is also shifting gears to genome editing. Pulier is excited by the technologies of projects like the CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing system. Pulier also believes in blockchain and cryptocurrency as a new wave of the future to be embraced.

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Eric Pulier: In Pursuit of Greatness

Eric Pulier of Teaneck, New Jersey is a man of many talents and a man of many acts. This guy is known as a technologist, author, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and columnist. His talent comes from his personal ingenuity and how he tackles his work. Being so involved in technology and having a strong passion for it, Pulier has invested in numerous tech start-up companies throughout the years (See More Info). Many of these very companies have gone on to become very successful. Not only does he invest, but he also raises capital for his own personal quests, capital venture deals, and donates to charitable organizations on a consistent basis. This capital has now reached the mark in millions of dollars. Giving back is the natural side of Eric Pulier which seem to come easy unlike many other individuals in his class.

Many of his founded companies solved issues by means of advanced technology. This is his forte and he loves every minute of it. One of his first founded companies in his professional career solved many issues in the healthcare and education fields respectively. People Doing Things was the name and it got the job done effectively and efficient. Pulier showcased an event (via) innovative technology which allowed space astronauts to communicate with home base in real-time. This was unheard of at the time and it helped to revolutionize live links in communications. Starbright World transcended the game as it was one of the first private social media networks for chronically ill children. Pulier’s technologically advanced network allowed these kids to share and communicate with one another which helped boost the moral. This is an ultimate achievement which truly served a great purpose. See:

As of today this loving father of four resides in the Los Angeles Area and he’s continuing to implement his strong passion through his work. The creative thinker has a very popular restaurant in Santa Monica, California and a hip/trendy club. It just seems like that there isn’t anything this guy can’t do or achieve. With over 15 founded companies under his belt, Eric Pulier is the very definition of the pursuit of greatness.

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Eric Pulier’s Mission To Greatness

Most logical people in the world today would love to become successful in life. Success comes in a variety of forms and can be possessed by any individual no matter the race, color, religion, or creed. Greatness means that you have achieved many more things in life than the average person even if that person follows the same exact path. The person that I’m about to refer to doesn’t have a prominent mainstream name or a name that’s known in many households. Even though he seems to fly under the radar, Eric Pulier has done many positive things to better man-kind. Eric Pulier is the “people’s champ” in a sense thanks to his many innovative services that has benefited hundreds of thousands if not millions of people. This guy can come up with a solution for most problems via technology. After starting his professional career in L.A. he would directly address many of the day-to-day problems by means of innovative technology. See:

Pulier was one of first individuals to provide a high quality live feed from the space shuttle. This was unheard of at the time, but Pulier pulled it off without a hitch. This live feed allowed real-time interactions from the astronauts back down to earth. Being a technologist at heart is one of his best attributes and he has developed technology himself or invested in tech start-up companies. Many of these companies have gone on to be a success as well. Starbright World is one of Pulier’s greatest inventions thanks to it’s philanthropic efforts. Starbright World allowed chronically ill children a way to communicate with each other (via) chat, blog, and messaging.

Pulier’s business savvy mind keeps him on the go as he is now the owner of his very own restaurant in Santa Monica, California. He also sold one of his founded companies for a staggering $350 Million. This truly is greatness personified which started out as an idea/concept and made into a reality. There is no denying it, Eric Pulier is a full step ahead of his peers and his brilliantly way of thinking has changed many people’s lives for the better (See More Info).

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