The Growth Of The OSI Group In The International Market

OSI Group is a successful Aurora-based company that has majored in the processing and distribution of value-added foods. The enterprise is privately held, and it produces a wide variety of products.

OSI’s capabilities include processing custom food and managing a global food supply chain. OSI Group has excellent knowledge in obtaining, processing, and providing food products that allow its clients to make good profits. The company has currently built over 65 branches that are situated in 17 countries around the world. According to OSI, the success of a business is significantly influenced by its staff.

The company has been working to offer motivating, interesting, and well-paying job opportunities for various professionals. It currently has more 20,000 employees who are passionate, highly creative, and believe that they can transform the industry.

The growth of the enterprise has been significant since it was founded in 1909. It has been making various acquisitions, and it recently purchased Tyson Foods, which is a factory that was located in Chicago. According to the Cook County Recorder of Deeds’ records, OSI acquired the enterprise at $7.4 million. Kevin Scott, who is an executive of the company’s North American division, believes that buying the Tyson Food factory will assist his firm to meet the requirement of clients from various parts of the world. The commodities that the acquired company had majored in producing include tempura chicken, crepes, omelets, chicken cordon bleu, meatballs, and sauces.

OSI also purchased Baho Food, which is a top Dutch company. The enterprise comprises of five major branches, and they are Henri van de Bilt, Gelderland Frischwaren, Q Smart Life, Bakx Foods, and Vital Convenience. The factories are mainly based in Netherlands and Germany, but they supply products to over 18 European countries. According to the management of OSI Group, Baho will assist the company to better its products and brands portfolio. It will also gain more clients in various parts of Europe.

OSI Group is careful about the effects of its food processing activities to the surrounding community and the environment. It has focused on environmental, social, and economic responsibility. OSI Group has committed itself to ensuring that its activities are highly sustainable.