The Fantasy Footballers and Their Hold on Destiny

When it comes to fantasy football rankings it just goes to show you that there are just as much thinking and strategy going in in the minds of the people who play fantasy football as that which goes on in real life.

A good example is the saga of Martavis Bryant, the wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. One would think that his 4.42 speed and his 6’4″ 211 frames would make him an ideal target, but unfortunately he has been off the field more than he has been on the field over the past two seasons.

The dream of having Bryant on the field at the same time as Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown and Big Ben Roethlisberger has not materialized due to a combination of injuries to all three, and especially Bryant, coupled with Bryant being suspended all year for the 2016 season for drug violations.

It remains to be seen whether Bryant can pull it off for 2017 which disappoints fantasy players when the potential like this situation is squandered.