USHEALTH Group insurance; your insurance of choice

When it comes to accident, sickness and disease coverage, every person has different needs, and this is something that the USHEALTH group insurance understands too well. That is the reason why they have designed different products that are suitable for all persons.



With over 50 years experience in business, the company has a great reputation. They provide wide coverage of services that address the customer’s needs, flexibility and affordability.



If you are on a limited budget, the company has specialized packages that you can choose from. In addition to offering affordable coverage, the company reliable and you can be assured of high-quality services.



The main of the company is to offer help to other people actually their mission acronym is HOPE- helping other people every day. This is an objective they strive to do on a daily basis.



Troy McQuagge is the CEO and the president of the company. Konrad Kober and Cynthia Koenig are the executive vice presidents.



The products



The company offers different services including;



« The PremierChoice; this package is designed for people who are looking for a cheap alternative. With this package, you will not have the yearly deductibles. It is cheap, yes, but you will not be limited when it comes to the choice of the hospital you want. With this insurance, you can access any doctor or hospital. The coverage is also 24 hours.



« Secure advantage; this package comes with flexible deductibles. You will have the chance to see the most suitable deductible of your choice. You can lock your rates for a period of 36 months.



« Secure Dental; this package comes with three different offers including; premier plan, saver plan, and saver plus plan. It is important for you to contact a licensed agent before you get this plan because this is not available in all States.



« PremierVision; designed for people with an eye problem. You can use this insurance package on the different service providers.



« MedGuard; it is an insurance cover that can be renewed every five years. You will get coverage during the critical illness.



« Life protector; it is a ten year Term life insurance. In most cases, the insurance coverage will end after you turn 70 years old. This package provides support for your loved ones including mortgage, educational expenses, and childcare. Your beneficiaries will not be taxed for the benefits they receive.



« Accident protector; this provides extra support to help in covering the expenses related to the expenses.



« Income protector; this is a short term accident disability cover. It will help you to cater for your bills for up to 12 months.



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