The Expanding Network Of Renown Health

In the forthcoming spring season, Renown Health will inaugurate a new branch in South Reno. The novel outlet will be located at the Summit Mall. The clinic is expected to begin working on minor cases as well as providing laboratory services. If the project proves to be viable, there is a possibility for expansion.

According to Dr. McCormack, the clinic is centered on the provision of unique and elegant client experience. The physician stated that they want patients to feel at home while being attended to in the hospital. Furthermore, there is vast room for expansion, if the situation demands such actions to be taken.

Besides the South Reno branch, Renown Health’s executives also deliberated on other subjects. McCormack revealed that players in the healthcare sector were in the dark regarding the anticipated repealing of the Obama health care bill by the Republican government.

Currently, the South Reno facility has eleven staff, but Renown is planning to add doctors and nurse in the coming days. The clinic covers a large 10,000 square feet and is built on the premise that previously housed a shopping mall.

Renown Health noticed that the South Meadows was underserved in the medical healthcare sector. The locals were experiencing improved economy and had better access to insurance. For this reason, the company established the South Reno clinic, which was its twelfth in the region as a whole. Speaking on the matter, McCormack said that it was the company’s objective to improve primary care in the locality.

About Renown Health

Renown Health is the leading non-profit healthcare provider in Northern Nevada. Owned by locals, the company is one of the prominent employers in the region, with a staff base of five thousand.

The firm was established late in the nineteenth century, as a result of a smallpox outbreak. Since then, it has undergone a massive transformation, embracing cutting-edge technology in the process. Today, it is one of the important providers of primary health care, with several outlets across the Nevada region.

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MUMC’s CEO Maggie Gill Provides the Sunny South with a Sunny Solution:

Maggie Gill, CEO of Memorial University Medical Center and her professional staff are looking out for the best interests of the Savannah, Georgia healthcare client. The MUMC staff and their illustrious leader: Ms. Gill, advocate, strongly, the necessity that the consumer takes good care of his or her health. They promote wellness as part of maintaining a fulfilling life. However, that said, there are times, persons in the Savannah area, are going to require the healthcare services of positive and trained professionals: That is where MUMC and Ms. Gill step in too. In order to take care of certain health concerns, the objective of Ms. Gill is to assure that optimum service levels are achieved and maintained, and attained at a cost that is not going to rob the consumer of all of his hard-earned earnings.


One way Ms. Gill is achieving the preceding goal is by coupling with providers that believe in providing quality health at a reasonable cost; and at the same time, provide that care at affordable levels of pricing. She found such a provider in Eon Health.


Eon Health is a healthcare provider, serving two sectors in the South. Like Ms. Gill, Eon is focused on Preventative techniques in assuring the client attains a lifestyle that is as healthy as possible. It further, provides a plan which allows the client to address a healthcare issue, at a minimum cost. This is the type of solution which the market emphasizes.


Ms.Maggie Gill, uniquely identifies with the needs of her consumers. She continues to bring quality care to the Savannah market, arranging for affordable solutions in order to address that care. Too: the professional staff, at MUMC, works diligently, in providing the best in care and service available when the need arises.


The emphasis on wellness greatly reduces risk of the Savannah client becoming ill. However, when he or she requires superior healthcare, the professionally dedicated Gill team at MUMC and Maggie Gill are available to address the needs of Savannah’s healthcare populace.