Goettl Acquires Family-Owned Walton’s Heating And Air

In the recent past, Goettl Air Conditioning announced that it had taken ownership of Walton’s Heating and Air, a family owned HVAC Company that is based in Southern California. Details of the deal were not revealed. The acquisition enables Goettl that already has active operations in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson to start serving the populace of California. It also allows Walton’s to expand beyond what Todd Longbrake could accomplish on his own. Longbrake is the owner of Walton’s. He remarked that he had taken the family owned business as far as they could have taken it.

At the beginning of 2015, Goettl had shown interest of purchasing Walton’s. At the time, Longbrake did not accept Goettl’s offer. However, after many individuals in the HVAC industry gave promising comments about Goettl, its proprietor, Ken Goodrich opted to purchase the corporation.. Subsequently, the acquisition was completed in mid-2015. Longbrake posited that since they joined forces, they have grown ten folds. Goettl retained Todd to serve as the field supervisor and sales manager. According to Goodrich, Longbrake has assimilated into their organizational culture almost instantly and became a transformative leader in their company.

Although the deal was completed in 2015, Goodrich was not quick to announce the acquisition until recently. This was due to operational concerns within Walton’s along with marketing complications. He noted that they wanted to solve the issues prior to giving the business the Goettl badge.

Goodrich managed to overcome various hindrances throughout the entire process because of the value that Walton’s offered added to his company. He remarked that Walton’s had a similar family background and shared the same values as Goettl’s. In addition, Goodrich noted that despite of Walton’s being sluggish at the time; he knew that it was a platform company where they could expand. By 2018, Goettl plans to grow into Northern California and Texas. This information was originally mentioned on Biz Journals as outlined.

About Goettl

Goettl Air Conditioning has been in operation for many decades. It has been a leader in the provision of the heating and air conditioning products and services. The company offers customers remarkable HVAC services in Tucson, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. The time, effort, professionalism, and dedication that Goettl professionals put in their work is unmatched. The company has gained much reputation for offering innovative services, including heating & cooling, duct sealing, maintenance planning, installation, and repairs. Goodrich acquired the company in 2012. The visionary leader is credited for enhancing the productivity and profitability margins of the corporation. This information was originally reported on Goettl’s website as explained in this link