John Goullet – Visionary

John Goullet is a prominent businessman known in the high-tech community as a visionary, both for his ability to inspire others and for his uncanny talent in predicting future needs. Meticulous planning and inspirational leadership have been the mainstays of Mr. Goullet’s remarkable career. John Goullet began his professional life in 1983 with a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Ursinus College. He worked first as an Information Technology consultant. It was during this time that he began to realize that there was a distinct disconnect between technology professionals with varying skill sets and employers in need of such skills. He later employed this knowledge as an account executive with an IT staffing company.

In 1994, John Goullet struck out on his own with the formation of Info Technologies, a company dedicated to IT staffing solutions. Within five years, Info Technologies, with a valuation of $30 million dollars, was named by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing, privately held companies in the USA. Goullet served as CEO of Info Technologies until 2010, when he decided that a merger with Diversant Inc. could greatly expand the reach of Info Technologies.

In 2010, Goullet’s Info Technologies was merged with Gene C. Waddy’s Diversant Corporation to become DIVERSANT LLC. DIVERSANT LLC is designed to solve the quickly evolving problems of the growing IT industry. Currently, Gene Waddy serves as CEO of DIVERSANT LLC and Goullet serves as Principal (Chairman). Goullet gives credit for DIVERSANT LLC’s success to his dedicated and innovative staff. Through Goullet’s encouragement and his staff’s adherence to strict standards of creativity, ethics, respect, and discipline, DIVERSANT LLC has grown rapidly to become one of the largest African-American owned companies in the USA. The devotion of the staff has enabled DIVERSANT LLC to succeed through tough economic times and is the secret to building such a remarkable organization.

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