When To Think Twice About The Possibility

Piles of Money And A Heart For Change

Let’s talk about an amount of money that you’d likely find hard to image or believe.

It’s very likely to be an amount you’ll never see. Just imagine that you own over $1 billion and for an entire day. When asked about how many zeros are in the number of a billion, many financial-university students find it hard to answer the question. Though we understand the terminology, having seen this much is another story.

The most that many like us can ever do is hope and pray.

And this would be the closest you might ever get.

Without having something so substantial as $1 billion in your hands and to gauge with, we then have to look at names in the world who do. We have to, therefore, take a closer look at names like George Soros. The reason that we bring him to mind is because of the unique disposition he has regarding his billion-dollar status.

Call it money and a lot of it.

Saying that George Soros is rich is an understatement.

Unlike many of the world’s wealthiest, who stay away from public view, George Soros has been bold in sharing his wealth and with every nation. He’s been able to do so in the most charitable manner that we can think of. That often includes large sums of money. Read his profile at Forbes.

And this is why we discuss him today. We bring him into writing. Because as a billionaire on this planet, George Soros is a unique combination of wealth and heart.

Why Being Rich Is More Than You Can Know

Our objective today is that you don’t downplay the significants there is in a man of such wealth who also has a great combination of integrity. Though we often dream of being wealthy ourselves, we rarely understand how big of a responsibility it is to gain that status of money.

But George Soros has been able to overcome the common temptations. This becomes a message to us about the possibilities.

His methods, in full, may be unclear to us, and yet, the results of his actions prove how cunning of a man he is. So realize this and simply remember. Behind the miraculous amount of wealth that George Soros has, there’s also and outstanding amount of discipline applied to maintain it.

Without Humble Souls Like George Soros

We must ask ourselves what the world and life we live is like when we’ve lost men like George Soros and as part of our mainstream society. Our discussion today is also a reminder of how important it is to keep our heroes and remember how to honor them. Read more on NYTimes.com.

Jim Tananbaum’s Professional Life

Jim Tananbaum is the chief executive officer of Foresite Capital which was established in 2011. The organization was established with the intent of ensuring identification of emerging healthcare leaders. Moreover, the organization aims at growing to profitability by supplying information, capital, and networks to healthcare leaders. Before founding Foresite Capital,  Tananbaum founded two health care investment practices and pharmaceutical companies. Jim’s experience in healthcare services investment is depicted by the various organizations he has worked with. Such organizations include Sierra Ventures, Amira Pharmaceuticals, and Prospect Ventures.

According to INC42, the idea of establishing Foresite Capital was attributed to by the twenty-five years of experience as an investment strategist and healthcare entrepreneur. With several experiences from these two domains, he was able to identify aspects that could lead to the establishment of a successful company. Most of the ideas derived from the years of experience made him realize the power of innovation and teamwork in ensuring effective operations within healthcare businesses.

Foresite is a company built on the belief that the future of health care organizations lies in managing leaders to supply information and capital to drive success. Through assessing all published health care information, Foresite can determine the necessary focus for achieving success in health care organizations. It is worth noting that through Jim Tananbaum efforts as the president of Foresite, the Company has been able to invest in seventy-seven different healthcare organizations.

Foresite Capital Management is an organization which invests in healthcare specialization. This organization invests in companies which aim at services and late stage products in different sectors of the healthcare domain. Among some of these sectors include diagnostics, biotechnology, medical devices and healthcare services.

Jim Tananbaum has led the organization to successful investment on about twenty-one successful companies. Among these companies include Jazz Pharmaceuticals and Amerigroup.

Jim’s previous experience traces back in GelTex Pharmaceuticals where he held the position of a manager and founder. Besides, he had knowledge and skills as reflected from his educational achievements from both Yale University and Harvard Medical School. In addition to this, Jim Tananbaum has served in visiting committees to Yale School of Engineering and Harvard-MIT HST program. Visit pelotontherapeutics.com to know more.

Click here: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=141493&privcapId=142746238

More Than 60,000 Subscribers As Paul Mampilly Exceeds Target Profits

Paul Mampilly owns the fastest growing investment newsletter with a current subscriber number of about 60000 people. Mampilly worked in Wall Street for over two decades with clients such as Kinetics International and Deutsche Bank. However, he left formal employment in 2009 after winning the prestigious Templeton award for tuning 50 million dollar investment to 88 million dollars in the midst of a financial crisis yet he did not short stocks to attain the 76% gain. His company Profits Unlimited was because of a desire to guide people in making smart investment decisions and choices. This is what pushed Paul to sign up with the Banyan Hill Publishing.

The venture sees Paul make a recommendation of new stocks in his eight-letter newsletter to his subscribers. He also does a weekly update on the progress of one or two stocks in a model portfolio and keeps tracking is the performance on his website. The subscribers then buy the stick on their accounts rather than having Paul purchase it for them. This way he can offer an innovative alternative to the traditional arrangement of broker client investment relationship.

Follow Paul Mampilly on LinkedIn.

If the comments from subscribers are anything to go by, it is easy to say that Paul Mampilly has achieved his goal and continues to do so with each passing moment. People who have followed his suggestions are satisfied with having better trading skills. They can make better decisions because of it, which is something that was part of Paul’s goals to start with.

About Paul Mampilly
Paul Mampilly is a senior editor at a sovereign society which he joined 2016. His specialty is helping Americans create wealth through making appropriate investment decisions. He is also the editor of Profits Unlimited, a venture that he started to provide information on stocks and related investments to his subscribers.

His skills in investment have made him a renowned adviser in the field. He has over 60000 subscribers on Profits Unlimited. His focus is on giving subscribers great trading opportunities and guiding them to get them.

David Giertz – Spreading The Importance Of Social Security In Retirement Planning

The retirement planning is one of the most important aspects of financial planning and must be taken seriously. Most of the people have financial advisors to help them with financial planning. Surprisingly, in a recent survey done by Nationwide Investment Services Corporation posted on angel.co, it was seen that most of the people don’t have social security adjusted properly as the retirement planning. David Giertz, President of NFS Distributors Inc, which is a part of the Nationwide Investment Services Corporation, said that the social security is an integral component of the retirement planning and can constitute a significant portion of the retirement plan fund, and must be taken seriously.

David Giertz said that the survey conducted by the Nationwide Financial showed that the financial advisors are not giving social security the importance it deserves, and the consumers are frustrated because of it. It is also one of the reasons why the survey showed that the consumers are more than willing to switch to another financial advisor if the current advisor doesn’t add social security to their retirement planning on Twitter. David Giertz said that the handbook consisting of social security guidelines has over 2,700 rules, and it is complex for a layperson to understand it fully. However, it is also because of this complication many of the financial advisors prefer to overlap this constituent of the retirement planning.

David Giertz mentioned that it is important for the people to be concerned about their retirement plan and whether social security is added to their pension fund or not. Opting out of social security is a bad idea as it can cause a loss of over $300,000 in a period of over 25 years. David Giertz has graduated from Millikin University, majoring in Business Administration and Management. He also holds an MBA degree from the University of Miami – School of Business.

Learn more about David Giertz: https://about.me/davidgiertz