Mathew Autterson’s Career in Accounting and Investment Manager

Investment management is a broad investment facet that encompasses the management of assets or securities. The collective investment of all entities involved is known as asset management. Securities that need the service include shares and bonds among other products. Fund management falls under the umbrella of asset management except it is the management of assets belonging to an institution or a private investor. The process of managing assets entails the provision of a detailed financial statement, selection of a suitable asset or stock, drafting and application of a plan and observation and maintenance of the investment growth.

Investment management requires the input of several professionals specialized in niches that cover marketing, dealing, research, internal auditing, and compilation of a report for customers. Marketers primarily generate the revenue and fund managers draft the investment plan. Peripheral staff such as compliance officers ensure the firm meets legal requirements. Internal auditors maintain a smooth internal operation, financial planners keep check of money expenditure, and the IT team ensures operations have no glitches.

Mathew Autterson has 20 years of experience in investment and currently works at WIN Wealth Management as a wealth advisor. His role entails strategizing investments for clients to realize set financial goals. He customizes each client’s investment plan by working with the existing financial portfolio to select a suitable risk. Additionally, he follows up on the investment’s progress to ascertain that the customer stays on track even during tumultuous shifts in the market. Mathew provides tax advisory and estate planning plans to clients alongside analyzing their life insurance plans and other long-term insurance cases. He is the chief compliance officer of WIN and sits on the firm’s investment committee as chairman. Mathew works for Winterscheidt & Autterson, LLP in Denver as a partner.

Mathew is an alumnus of Buena Vista University where he earned his degree in accounting. Before launching WIN, he worked for a licensed investment advisor in Minneapolis with a net value of $750 million. He has also previously worked for American Express and Royal Alliance as a registered representative. Mathew is skilled in accounting and worked as an adjunct professor at North Iowa Area Community College where he applied his know-how in CPA.