Legal Career Advice From Karl Heideck

Getting the most out of your legal career requires you to follow some great words of advice. Thankfully, there have been lawyers who have blazed a path so that you are able to truly follow in their footsteps in a way that suits you the most.

If this makes sense to you and you are looking to pattern your career after the advice of a successful litigator, Karl Heideck definitely fits the bill. He has been practicing law for more than 10 years and has the pedigree to speak from true experience.

After getting his undergrad degree from Swarthmore College, Karl Heideck graduated from Temple University with a law degree. He quickly found positions at other law firms in the city of Philadelphia, before finding employment at Hire Counsel. During his time at Hire Counsel, Karl Heideck has blazed a trail and definitely created a template for young attorneys to follow. If you are young in your legal career and want to progress, consider some of these words of advice from Karl Heideck.

#1: Find a great associate’s position

If you really want to get what you need from your legal career, it all begins with your associate’s position. In this regard, there are numerous law firms that can give you that first shot. Consider a firm that allows you a lot of room for growth, so that this is a no-brainer for you.

#2: Pick your area of specialty closely

The way that you enjoy your career will come down to how much passion you have for your area of specialty. By taking the time to choose a specialty that you believe in, it will be much easier for you to enjoy yourself and wake up every morning ready to work. This is of the utmost importance and cannot be looked past.

#3: Pass the bar

Finally, everything else is a moot point if you are not able to pass the state bar exam. Learn the State Bar wherever you are planning to live and study accordingly. Doing this provides you the opportunity to make sure you pass every part of the requirements on your way toward a dream career.

Follow these tips so that you get all you need in terms of your time as a litigator.

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