How Vincent Parascandola is taking AXA Advisors in another level with his leadership.

Vincent Parascandola, a senior executive Vice President of a French multinational insurance AXA Advisors, LLC, is a paramount asset for the company. As the Senior Vice President, Mr. Parascandola is responsible for recruiting, management development, retention, development and producing experienced and new financial professionals among other responsibilities. In the financial and business industry, Vincent has nearly twenty-five years of experience.

Career Journey

His career journey begun in 1987, when he started working with Prudential. While working with Prudent, he earned his first award as the National Rookie of the year. Three years later, Mr. Parascandola decided to join MONY Life Insurance Company where he was responsible for holding various regional and local field management positions. After working with the insurance company for nearly fourteen years, Vincent joined the AXA Advisors. While working with AXA, he had an opportunity of being a president of the Advantage group w whose main aim was attracting seasoned professionals and was a unit of AXA Equitable.

About AXA

AXA Advisors is both the retailer and broker distribution channel for a leading financial company, AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company. The company is responsible for providing annuity products and life insurance to its clients. AXA Advisors, on the other hand, is responsible for providing strategies for financial investments to assist their customers with any financial assistance they might require. The firm is in charge of engaging in investment managements, global insurance and any commercial service that may be requested by a client. What makes the company continue growing is the presence of a committed team of employees and the leadership of Vincent Parascandola.

With the leadership of Mr. Parascandola, AXA Advisors has been able to assist a lot of people and businesses as they are focused on making the world a better place.