Bruce Levenson Does Good

Bruce Levenson, former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, focuses his time and energy these days on the Do Good Institute at the University of Maryland. This program serves to educate undergraduate students about non-profit and volunteer work. Levenson and his wife, Karen, wanted to create a program to increase business students’ involvement in non-profits.

Bruce Levenson was a prominent businessman in the late 1970s who founded and co-founded several successful business information companies, including the United Communications Group. In 2004, Levenson and business partner Ed Peskowitz became owners of the Atlanta Hawks professional basketball team. According to ESPN, as of 2014, Levenson has shifted his focus to philanthropy and is negotiating the sale of his part of the team.

In 2010, the Levensons seeded $75 million with $20 million coming in from the university to head the Do Good Institute. With hands-on philanthropy and business classes, the Do Good Institute hopes to “train the next generation of nonprofit leaders.” See,

In a March 2017 Benzinga article about the Do Good Institute, former student Ben Simon says the program helped him start a waste-prevention movement on campus. His ideas are expanding to nationwide goals of waste prevention and food charity, showing that the Institute is instilling good business skills in their philanthropic students.

Levenson ( knows this program is new and innovative and he wants campuses all over the country to follow in the University of Maryland’s footsteps. Prior to the Do Good Institute, Levenson’s charitable experiences were vast. He was president of the Washington chapter of the I Have a Dream Foundation, is a founding donor of the U.S. Holocaust Museum, and chaired the John F. Kennedy Center’s Concert Against Hate in Washington, D.C. in 2015.