The Revolutionary Real Estate Player is Known as Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner of Aloft Property

The domain of properties experienced an evolution in the hands of Jason Halpern after he took over the family real estate business known as the JMH Development in the year 2010. He is at present one of the most prominent players of real estate in the U.S owning and developing big projects across the length and breadth of U.S. Apart from the residential projects, Jason Halpern is also known to have etched his name in the commercial and industrial projects as well. Some of his significant projects are situated in the prime localities of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami Beach. His projects are synonymous with luxury and living gets a different definition here.

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Significant facts about Jason Halpern and JMH Development: JMH Development has gained fame due to the creative touch of Jason Halpern in the various projects that have grown in different areas of the U.S. Starting from site design, construction, building design, due diligence, marketing and branding to strategy development, JMH Development has reached the zenith in terms of precision in work and innovation that are reflected in every single project developed with the brainchild of Jason Halpern. He maintains a team of talented experts who devote their skills to developing great residential and commercial buildings.

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One of the reputed projects includes the Aloft South Beach Hotel project that JMH Development built in collaboration with Madden real Estate Ventures. This was more important because of this a restoration work of the historic Motel Ankara including another fresh eight-storey tower in its new look. Plaza Construction did its construction, and the architect of the project was ADD Inc. The Aloft South Beach Hotel became the first project to be re-developed since 2009 and had got bigger rooms having an average area of 360 square feet, which was pretty competitive as compared to the other contemporaries at that time. The revamped hotel will be gifting with a front-side water view along the shores of Lake Pancoast and the Collins Canal that form the boundaries of the hotel as well. In fact, the position of the Aloft South Beach Hotel is just a few minutes from the Miami Beach Convention Center, Art galleries, the Bass Museum of Art, nightclubs, restaurants and boutiques. Apart from these, the hotel inhabitants will have the pleasure of outdoor pool, roof deck lounge, 24-hour fitness center, spacious meeting space for social gatherings as well as business meetings, bars, and artists lounge as well.

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Quite evidently, Jason Halpern is known for his magical hands in regaining the lost aura of the historic buildings and ensuring the restoration and beautification of such buildings and projects by metamorphosing those with a modern structure studded with all kinds of luxuries and amenities. With an exquisite on-site and development expertise, Jason Halpern can easily be called a monarch of the modern real estate sector.

From Tech Trading to Real Estate – The Career of Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker has settled into his real estate office in downtown Tribeca, a neighborhood located in Manhattan. For years Becker has been working as an investor for a variety of different industries. From ancient currency in South Africa to macadamia nut farms in Hawaii, Becker has done just about everything there is to do. Now Arthur Becker is looking to establish himself as a real player in the ever burgeoning real estate market in New York City. This industry is hard to enter and even more difficult to succeed once inside. However, Arthur Becker has established himself for success thanks to an innovative approach to investing and a portfolio that few others can rival in the field.

To start out with, Arthur Becker jumped into his first fortune while working as a stockbroker at Bear Stearns. Becker made his fortune by investing and trading various stock companies until he got his hit. This first fortune gave Becker the freedom to pursue other avenues of investing and eventually they would break him out even further. Becker rolled from working as a tech trading mogul straight into the varied point investor that we pointed out above. These investments weren’t all successes but the majority of them left Becker better off than when he started.

Eventually we would see Becker make his way into New York’s real estate scene. Becker started off like all measured individuals do: by partnering up with seasoned professionals in order to learn the ropes. Becker worked as a silent backer, providing money, for Madison Equity which was developed with Kevin Maloney and Robert Gladstone. Becker also invested heavily in the Billionaires’ Row project that was run by Michael Stern as well as Kevin Maloney. After getting his taste of the industry as a silent partner Becker realized that he wanted to take control and become the name on the front of the building. You can check out Ideamensch to know more.

Now, we see that Arthur Becker has bought his first solo development project. This project is located at 465 Washington Street and will become an 8 unit luxury condo when all is said and done. Right now the project is appraised to sell for nearly $53 million. More details can be found on Perezhilton.

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