Dr. Greg Finch and His Roles in Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgery involves the treatment of the musculoskeletal system to correct a deformation from injuries or other conditions. The bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons make up the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic surgery is done through surgical as well as non-surgical procedures. Even if there exist a myriad of orthopedic procedures, below highlighted are the three most common types of procedures performed by these surgeons.

Hip Replacement

Noteworthy, the number of cases of hip replacements are on the rise. Orthopedic surgeons use prosthetic implants in replacing the hip joint. Hip joint replacement is meant to treat breaks or fractures in hips or to relieve the pain resulting from arthritis.

Repair Rotator Cuff Tendon

Repairing the rotator cuff tendons is also a common procedure in the orthopedic surgery. The surgeon works to reattach the trim or tendon or to smooth the tendon as a way of relieving pressure and pain. In the case of a complete tear, the surgeon can stitches back the tendon to normal.

Repair Ankle Fractures

These surgeons can also repair a fracture on the ankle through these surgical procedures. Ankle fractures could result from falling or some medical conditions like osteoporosis or bone cancer. Even if these fractures are not considered to be serious medical emergencies, the pain that results from them could be very traumatizing.

The orthopedic procedures highlighted here are just three among many. The orthopedic surgeons like Dr. Greg Finch perform surgeries to repair muscles and tendons that have been damaged. Dr. Greg Finch is an Australian national trained to carry out spine surgery.

Dr. Greg Finch is a member of various orthopedic society organizations. Some of these societies include the Spine Society of Australia, the Australian Orthopedic Association, and the North American Spine Society (NASS). Dr. Greg Finch has since earned a reputation as a renowned orthopedic surgeon in various countries including Australia, United States, Germany, and the UK.