Matthew Autterson – the Best in the History of Investment Management

Investment management is all about the professional management of various types of securities like shares and bonds as well as other assets like real estate with the aim of meeting the investment goals. The investors, in this case, could be institutions like insurance companies, corporations, pension funds, and charities among others or private investors like mutual funds. The investment management services are among other financial stamen analysis, stock selection, and asset selection.

Some of the top management firms are BlackRock and Vanguard. The reason behind the success of these firms is that they advocate for basically owning every company. By adopting this strategy, they can reduce the incentive to influence the management team. When the investment managers work more independently, they can make better investment decisions thereby resulting, and the firm realizes tremendous results. One of the best investment managers of all times is Matthew Autterson.

About Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson is a famous investment management professional in Denver, Colorado. Up to early 2000, he was the President of Resources Trust Co., which was one of the largest trust companies in the United States as of that time. He cofounded this company in 1982 and took over the position of the presidency in 1986 at a time when the company was having $1 million in loses. The company managed to earn 5 million dollars in 1988 and had 180 employees.

He is a native of Birmingham, Michigan and a graduate of Michigan State University from where he acquired B.A. in finance in 1979. Matthew Autterson moved to Colorado in 1979 and became a night auditor at the Steamboat Springs. He then had nine-year tenure at First Trust Corp. He has been a treasurer of the Retirement Industry Trust Association. Autterson is married to Lori, and together they have four children.