Dr. Chris Villanueva . The Transformational Leader

Dr. Chris Villanueva joined active dentistry immediately after his college education. He says that being employed in a corporate setting was very hectic since the boss made his wife, who was not a practitioner, the administrator. Dr. Chris says that it was very hard to operate under a non-medic for she had no idea what the practice entails. He also experienced similar problems in his other places of work as he felt that the corporate practice employs practitioners mainly to make profits from their work. As such, he felt that the needs of the practitioners are not catered for in the firms.
Similarly, Dr. Chris Villanueva felt that the practitioners are not very productive in private practicing. First, they are burdened with so many duties, performing the primary and secondary functions of care. According to Dr. Chris, the burden of taking care of functions such as human resource management, payroll, administration, finance, and supply chain management are too cumbersome to practitioners, whose primary duty is to take care of their patients. The function that suffers most is customer care as they are either not attended to or attended to hurriedly, leaving unsolved issues.
MB2 Dental Combines the advantages of primary and secondary care as the practitioners are the number one priority while the rest follow. Dr. Chris believes that when the doctors are the priority, the patients are also a priority and this result in high productivity in the organization. He says that when the doctors are relieved of the secondary duties, they pay maximum attention to the primary duty, which is attending to patients. The customer satisfaction that results leads to customer loyalty; subsequently, it leads to more sales and profitability. The customers at the MB2 Dental say that they are satisfied with their high levels of services in the firm.
Dr. Chris says that as a CEO, he does not interfere with the employees’ duties, but he gives them autonomy as they run their roles in the firm. He also asks other CEOs to offer autonomy to their employees as that makes the working environment friendlier. According to Dr. Chris, his secret is hiring smart people, who need no supervision to deliver results. Dr. Villanueva also believes in offering fun in the workplace by creating a relaxed environment. The firm practitioners and their spouses normally go for holidays on an annual basis. They swim, surf and perform other relaxing activities together.

Neurocore & the Brain:

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers can help those who are suffering from a variety of neurological disorders. For example, Neurocore Brain Performance Centers now have a special anxiety and depression program that can help those dealing with unusually severe anxiety disorders and depression.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers has a team of top Research Scientists and Physicians that devote their career to studying the brain and all its complex activities. In addition, the center has published several reports which talk about disorders of the brain and how they can be best managed.

The brain can be a complex organ. The brain is by no means hot wired and it can change due to a variety of factors. Studies now show that you can actually train your brain in order to achieve certain results.

*Balancing Brain Frequencies can improve dramatically Behavioral Patterns:

Neurofeedback as well as EEG technology can reveal interesting facts about brain function and how it can change over time. Brainwave frequencies can actually be trained and programmed to eliminate unwanted stress and improve concentration. Impulse control issues can be easily managed. Balancing brainwaves can help realign your entire nervous system.

Neurocore has an excellent testing program currently in place. EEG sensors are placed on different areas of the scalp, if brainwaves are out of balance then the person conducting the test is alerted. When brainwaves are properly balanced the instructor receives a different kind of signal.

It is a known fact that positive reinforcement as well as neurofeedback sessions can help you train your brain in a more efficient and controlled manner. Once this is accomplished a persons life can change dramatically.

Neurocore has also successfully treated those suffering from unusually severe cases of ADHD as well as Autism. The same concept is applied to those who suffer ADHD and Autism. Properly realigning and balancing critical brainwaves can alter behavioral patterns in a positive fashion.

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Contributions of Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has over the past years played a significant role in creating awareness concerning cancer with an aim getting many people to undergo screening services to detect the disease in its early stages probably. The organization recently partnered with National Football League Alumni Association (NFLA) and LabCorp to bring awareness to men regarding prostate cancer which is highly common among many men. The three organizations saw a significant number of people acquire free prostate cancer screening depending on their number in subscribing to the service. The organizations will also offer discounts to the subscribers that apply being below the first two thousand and conduct free screenings to the first two thousand individuals.
The organizations also encourage men with risk factors to take the fastest initiative towards subscribing to the screenings as it will immensely help to save their lives. Through the thorough research conducted by their forms, African American men fall high chances of having the disease and other risk factors include race as well as the family history of an individual.
A significant number of people have highly amended the huge step taken by the organization and look forward to more campaigns in the various parts of the country including Phoenix, Tulsa, among others. LabCorp will be performing the screenings at any of their medical branches. Men that receive any results of abnormality rates of PSA regarding their prostates are encouraged to seek immediate medical attention and further diagnosis from their trusted physicians to ensure that they are in a good state of health and take the correct measures to deal with cancer in case they already have the disease. LabCorp, a great scientific company, is profoundly pleased by their team up with the businesses and looks forward towards improving people’s lives through their services and Cancer treatment centers of America have backed them up in offering cancer patients with the best care and encouragement at their darkest hour.

Agora Financial Helping Others

One of the most common subjects that people like to read about is personal finance. Agora Financial is a company based out of Baltimore. For many years, the company has produced content on personal finance for customers. Not only does a monthly newsletter go out, but the company produces content online as well.

Personal finance is a difficult subject for many people to understand. With all of the differing opinions today, some people simply get confused reading financial advice. The great thing about Agora Financial is that the company produces opinions from a variety of people. This allows readers to make their own decisions when it comes to their finances.

Online Content

Agora Financial is a publishing company that is actually doing well financially. With all of the issues in the publishing industry today, this is a great accomplishment. The leaders of Agora Financial wanted to start producing online content many years ago. This gave the company a great start on staying relevant versus the competition.

There are many media companies struggling to stay in business. Customers today want various options when reading content. This is what Agora Financial provides them.


Agora Financial is growing rapidly. Every month, the company has more readers and visitors on their website. This is a great sign for the future.

If you need financial help, reading the content that Agora Financial puts out is essential. This is a company that truly cares about customers. Having success with your personal finances is possible if you get organized and work hard.

Information about NuoDB Cloud Database

NuoDB is a well-known cloud database company that is located in the Cambridge. The company was founded way back in 2008, and it has been flowing along the line of expectation within the niche of technology in the field of cloud database. It has been honored within its innovative culture and its technology utilized by Dassault Systèmes and Kodiak. The initial name of the company was NimbusDB which was later changed to NuoDB in the year 2011.
NuoDB has patented its database, and this has made it earned $12 million as a firm from the venture capital. The company was listed in the year 2013 by Gartner as the perfect player in matters of the Operational Cloud Database Management Systems. In 2014, it was named by Boston Business Journal as one of the Innovation All Stars. The Series B funding of the firm was announced in 2014 and boosted the company’s funding by $14.2 million. The team of expert that area running NuoDB are skilled and plays their roles within the requirements of the enterprise. This has marked the biggest transformation to the company within a short period.
NuoDB is known to be elastic for the cloud database application with an object designed to work in the cloud. The database run faster with an addition of the new server to scale out. The bottle necks of the data can be avoided by distributing the task to many processors.

Highland Capital Provides Outstanding Service

Are you thinking about getting investment advisory or financial planning service? Want to find a reputable firm that offers financial planning or investment services to customers? If you want to have a great investment experience, get in touch with Highland Capital – a top rated investment advisory firm.

Highland Capital is a highly reputable financial institution in Dallas, Texas. This financial services company offers a variety of financial services, including money management and financial planning. Numerous people have been enjoying great benefits by consulting with the professionals at this company.

Investing for the future is a very important decision and something that should be handled carefully. Investment firms can simplify the process for their clients, to ensure that they make the right decision.

When it comes to choosing where to get wealth building, investment or financial advice, it is imperative to find a team of advisors that is well versed in investment and financial advisory. That’s where Highland Capital comes in.

The financial advisors and money management experts at Highland Capital are well known for helping clients make the right financial decisions. These professionals can advise you on how to manage or invest your money wisely, including retirement planning.

Although there are many companies that render investment advisory and financial planning, not all of them will be right for your situation.

There are several factors to take into consideration when trying to find a reliable financial advisor or wealth planning professional.

Before enlisting the services of an investment or advisor, you’ll need to do some research and find out about their track record in the industry. Find out how long the professional have been advising clients on investment and wealth building.

It is always advisable to hire an advisory firm whose professionals have certifications, licenses or designations. While these indicate credibility of the firm and its professionals, do not consider them as a guarantee of their competence.

As a renowned and reliable investment advisory and financial management firm, Highland Capital Management caters to establishments, entrepreneurs, organizations, high profile clients and others who want to receive advice or guidance from a team of qualified professionals.

Talk Fusion University Makes Video Marketing Easy with the New Step-by-Step System

Bob Reina, the Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, discusses the new branch of the company in the PR Newswire article “Talk Fusion Releases Exclusive Training Program, ‘Talk Fusion University’”.

Talk Fusion unveiled its new training program in late June with the hopes of creating a Network Marketing training system that can help people gain the skills they need to succeed in multi-level marketing.

The Founder and CEO, Bob Reina, has extensive experience in direct selling and multi-level marketing. Though he began his career as a police officer in Florida, he quickly changed hats into a top salesman in the 1990’s, despite having no experience selling.

He reveals the secret to his success was the development of the four-step system he currently teaches at Talk Fusion University, the same system which allowed him to become a top earner in his field. He believes that success depends on the ability of the sales team to follow the system, rather than on the individual’s ability. The team may have a variety of backgrounds, personalities, and even educational levels. But when the team can duplicate the success of the system, they are able to create the same phenomenal results.

Talk Fusion University provides video marketing training which Bob Reina believes is different from most of the networking experts out there. It has over 30 videos that provide a step by step blueprint for the salesperson to follow, though success is dependent on the commitment of the student. Reina suggests that the University is different because of the price and the performance of the system. The training system is exclusively available for free to Talk Fusion Associates. He believes it is a proven system. It is the same system he used himself to become a top seller and he has also trained others to get to that high income as well.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Mr. Reina with the intent to help people live extraordinary lives by earning extra income. Talk Fusion provides video marketing solutions for businesses looking to stand out in the crowd. Talk Fusion University is only available for Talk Fusion Associates, though it has a 30 day Free Trial for any who wish to try the system before purchasing. Learn more: http://www.dsa.org/forms/CompanyFormPublicMembers/view?id=1BE83000000A4

Dr. Chris Villanueva Is an Easy Man to Work Around

Dr. Chris Villanueva founded MB2 Dental with the sole purpose of merging the advantages of sole proprietorship and corporate dentistry in one unit. At the same time, Dr. Chris Villanueva intended to suppress the disadvantages of both in the unit. Having worked as a sole and a corporate practitioner, he had an idea of how to work with integrity and make MB2 Dental benefit the dentists and patients. According to Dr. Chris, the traditional dental practices were uninspired and drab and they needed some revival.
At MB2 Dental, the dentists are made a priority, and so are the patients. Dr. Chris believes that whenever the doctor is prioritized, they treat the patient with utmost care and that result in more satisfied customers. Dr. Chris also understood that dentists needed specialized care that had no strings attached, and that is what MB2 Dental offers. Since its establishment, MB2 Dental has supported dentists in more than 70 affiliated locations that are spread across six states. The firm also employs a team of 533 workers, who are very close knit. They all work with the notion of offering excellence, which is an MB2 Dental value.
Dr. Chris also employs the core values of autonomy, fun, support and personal growth. He hires workers who are smart and stays out of their way as they implement their duties in the firm. Dr. Chris believes that CEOs should not keep dictating what needs to be done in the office; instead, he hires smart people and allows them to run their duties without interruption. According to Dr. Chris, worker autonomy motivates the employees to innovate and deliver the best results.
Dr. Chris further reveals that he comes up with the MB2 Dental company vision late in the night when his four kids are asleep. He describes himself as a night owl, who functions best in the night. Despite that, Dr. Chris also says that he births other ideas as he plays with his children or as he takes lunch. Consequently, he says he does not take anything, even play time or meal time, for granted. More than that, Dr. Chris admits that his great team of employees helps him in coming up with new ideas. He believes he is not the smartest person in the room as he hires really smart workers. As a result, teamwork helps them come up with brilliant ideas that help them serve patients better.

All About Avaaz

Launched in January of 2007 Avaaz is a civic organization based in the USA that promotes activism on a global scale on issues like animal rights, human rights, climate change, conflict, poverty, and corruption. They chose the name based off a Persian word that roughly translates to song or voice.

The company was co-founded by a mix of individuals and groups including the current executive director Ricken Patel. Some of the other founders are MoveOn.org, Res Publica, as well as Tom Perriello, Eli Pariser, Jeremy Heimans, David Madden, and Andrea Woodhouse. The board includes the above mentioned Ricken Patel, Eli Pariser, Tom Pravda, and Ben Brandzel.

The executive director, Ricken Patel is Canadian-British, studied at Balliol College and Oxford University. Patel focused on politics, philosophy, and economics (PPE). He also has a masters degree from Harvard. He worked around the world for the International Crisis Group. When Patel returned to the USA he was a volunteered for MoveOn.org and learned how to promote activism through online tools.

In 2009, after the initial setup and launch of Avaaz, the company hasn’t taken any donations from corporations or foundations. They also haven’t accepted payments of any more than $5000. Avaaz instead relies on individual members, who have raised $20,000,000.

Avaaz global campaigns through email with their members with a campaign team based in at least 30 countries including India, the UK, Brazil, and Lebanon. The email communications use tactics such as public petitions, email-your-leader, and videos to campaign for various causes.

The suggestions for the different campaigns comes from its members with specialized teams used for guidance. The ideas are initially sent to 10,000 members to see if they hold weight. If there’s enough interest all Avaaz members are then sent the email.
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