Preventing Drug Abuse in Jail with Securus Technologies

One of the biggest concerns we have in our prison this year is drug abuse among inmates. Many people think that inside jail it has to be near impossible to get illegal contraband, but these inmates have developed a few unique ways to get access to the items they need. Whether through the mail or at the visitor center, any drugs in the hands of the inmates pose a whole set of issues for me and my fellow officers.


When the inmates have drugs, they become even more unpredictable than normal. The most calm and cooperative inmate could go on a violent rampage if they are in heroin or crack cocaine. Inmates high on any drugs put me and my fellow officers at risk, not to mention other inmates. We dedicate many hours each week to preventing any type of contraband from getting to the inmates.


Our most successful techniques are doing inspections at the visitor center and checking the mail for any signs of drugs. That all changed for us this year after Securus Technologies installed an updated inmate phone call monitoring system. Even with the inmates well aware that we are going to be listening to each call, the LBS software still is able to pick up on chatter about contraband that helps us to control the problem more easily.


To give examples of how much we now rely on the Securus Technologies monitoring system, we start with the inmate who was trying to tell his brother how to smuggle weed into the visitor center. Then we have the inmate who talked openly about hiding cocaine in his toilet, and using it at night when the jail was dark. These types of calls are getting more common and make it easier for us to start cleaning up our facility.


Securus Technologies Publishes Positive Comments from Its Clients

Securus Technologies received positive reviews from its customers who use Securus’ tools in solving crimes. This company specializes in the provision of technology solutions used by criminal and civil justice systems to enhance public safety, conduct investigations, and monitor correctional facilities. Securus Technologies is a dynamic company that develops products and services on a weekly basis. According to Rick Smith, the head of the company, the company receives tons of emails and letters regularly from its satisfied clients. Prison wardens write some of the letters and emails. Securus Technologies published these comments to enlighten the public on the relevance of services and products it offers. This firm redacted some specific details for confidentiality purposes. Below are some of the comments:


  • A happy client wanted to inform Securus Technologies that they employed phone-tracking tools to acquire an arrest warrant against a fraudulent official. The official was charged with introduction of contraband to the correctional facilities.
  • Some phone calls were tracked, and they revealed that some inmates were using alcohol and distributing contraband. The calls also divulged a past crime and a civilian’s confession of selling prescription drugs.
  • A prison officer thanked Securus Technologies for developing products that have assisted in the maintenance of law and order in correctional facilities as well as improving public safety.
  • Some clients acknowledged Securus Technologies for its ability to provide world-class investigative tools.
  • The Securus’ reporting data solution has enhanced monitoring of activities in the prisons.
  • The firm’s investigative tools are very instrumental in conducting investigations when there is a threat to the facility or in a case of a harassment complaint.
  • Securus Technologies LBS technology was used at the Sherriff’s department to detect illegal assets and drugs worth millions of dollars.
  • The covert alert feature was employed to arrest a suspect.
  • An officer was able to eavesdrop on a suspect’s calls and heard him divulge some information that was crucial to his case.


Securus Technologies Makes it Its Goal to Make the Corrections Environment Safer for Everyone Concerned

Securus Technologies is known, far-and-wide, as a leading distributor of solutions relative to the criminal justice system. Below is a sampling of customer comments as to success in making use of the technology supplied by Securus. The comments follow, accordingly, after the statements made by Mr. Smith:

Richard A (“Rick”) Smith is Chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies. According to Smith, on average, the company is in the process of product development or devising a service that enables law enforcement personnel and correction officers to conveniently solve crimes as well as prevent them, weekly. During the course of a year, Smith indicates that the company has received thousands of letters and media correspondence from satisfied officials, inmates, the inmates’ families, and persons on parole. The individuals that write in, indicate that the company does a good job in keeping everyone safe. He further elaborated that it was a privilege to protect and serve the correctional community.

The following customer communications were selected regarding the use of Securus Technologies as it pertains to the solving and prevention of crime:

1–I just wanted to let you know that by using your technologies we were capable of attaining information from phone calls—and consequently attained a search warrant. The search warrant was required to investigate a corrupt member of staff. Once the necessary information was located, we made an arrest. This individual was introducing contraband into the correctional facility setting. We appreciate the solutions and technologies offered by Securus Technologies in allowing us to solve the case.

2–We used a Securus Technology solution in order to monitor calls. The monitoring process was required in order to investigate alcohol usage, and sale of drugs inside of the correctional establishment. By using the technology offered by Securus, we were able to attain a great deal of information to add to our investigation.

3–Our correctional team, for over a ten-year period, has relied on the technological solutions provided by Securus. It motivates us to witness that our selected vendor is dedicated to continually improving technologies, relative to the correctional environment. Securus is a progressive solution-provider, we believe, as it pertains to the correctional facility, in way of improving public safety, within our locale.

4—We see Securus Technologies as a visionary. The capabilities afforded to us by way of using Securus will greatly improve our investigations and jail security. The continual process of improving technology, as it applies to the correctional environment, by Securus, connects well with our own thinking; and aggressive posture.

5–The reporting information, provided by Securus has greatly enhanced our agency’s activities in way of detecting contraband within the correctional facility.

6–The technological solution provided by Securus allows us to properly conduct criminal investigations, especially when there is a harassment complaint or a threat to facility security.

Securus invites customers and prospects to visit our Technology Center located in the Dallas, TX area. We provide our visitors with a professional presentation relative to how our technologies will benefit them in solving and in the reduction of crime.

About Securus Technologies:

The company’s home-base is within the Dallas, Texas area. The company serves over three-thousand, four-hundred and fifty public safety, law enforcement and correctional facilities as well as over 1,200,000 correctional facility residents throughout the continent of North America. The company is dedicated to serve the correctional facility, local community and all persons associated with the criminal justice system. Our technological solutions provide the correctional facility and investigators the technology needed to keep our environment a safer place which to reside and work. In order to find our more about Securus, the reader is invited to access our website located at:

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Securus Employees Earn Important Certification

Ever since the company was founded over ten years ago, Securus Technologies has been a leading provider in communications, security, and other services and products to the state and federal correctional facility systems. The company is best known today for their innovative video visitation system, which is used by thousands of facilities across the country and has helped to make facilities more efficient and safer for all people involved.


While Securus is frequently in the news for coming up with a new product or service that will help to revolutionize the industry, the company is ultimately only as successful as their employees. Fortunately, the company has done a great job of hiring quality individual and engineers, many of whom go on to receive some of the top levels of certification in the industry.


This past week, one of the leading professional organizations in the field announced that eleven employees of Securus Technologies successfully passed a rigorous training and testing program and were able to receive a very high level of certification. The Building Industry Consulting Service International announced that the employees of the company are now officially certified to provide a variety of new installation services. This will greatly open up the amount of opportunities that Securus has to provide installation services to facilities that are required to choose installers that have this level of certification. View the company profile on


The Building Industry Consulting Service International is widely considered the most important professional organization in the communications technology industry. The organization has over 23,000 members across the globe, which work in a wide range of different industries and practices.