How did Eric Pulier Help with Y2K?

The Y2K committee that was started by Bill Clinton was a reaction to the idea that all the world’s computers would not know how to change over to the year 2000, and there was reason to believe that chaos would ensure if people were not prepared. The government wanted to get all its computers on the same page, and they enlisted the help of people like Eric Pulier to help. He was one of the leading voices in the movement, and he helped to make sure that there was no confusion once all the computers had to change to the year 2000 (See More Info).

The people that were most concerned about this were about to live comfortably because the transition went well, and then Eric Pulier went on with his enterprise technology that is used to this day. He makes sure that all people who want to create things can do so by getting in touch through cell phones that are connected to computers. He also wants to be sure that someone who wants to get in touch with people on the road can do so through the cell phones they have handed out to all their employees.

The idea here is to make sure that every person who is trying to make the most of their time out of the office has to have something that will keep them in touch with the office. Eric Pulier made that possible at a time when cell phones were new, but he still made the software easy to use. He created something that anyone can use at any time, and then he made sure that he could update it to help everyone. He preferred to show people that their cell phones could be adjusted to do anything, and that is how he has made business easier to conduct. See:

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