Dez Perez Brings Tidal to the Front Line


The mystery is finally being unveiled about Dez Perez. People want to know who she is. They want to know how she is associated with Jay-Z and Beyonce. She has been seen in places with these two powerful artists, and people want to know about the connection. Now that Tidal is starting to get a lot of attention it has become evident that Dez Perez is more than just a friend for the power couple known as the Carters. She is the one that is helping Jay-Z take his company to the next level.


This is high fidelity music streaming, and Desiree has become the person is influencing so many people to consider what Tidal has to offer. Tidal has managed to stand out and really build a presence. Many people thought that Spotify would take over, but Tidal has risen unlike anyone would have expected. She has become this powerful force in the industry because there are no other streaming services that have this type of inside track. She has a club so she knows what is hot in music. Perez also has a husband that has his hear to the street. This allows her to promote artists in an amazing way. The great thing about Perez is that she is putting out all the stops to help Jay-Z get better deals for concerts for streaming. She is essentially working behind the scenes to make this company profitable.


So much time has been put into trying to improve Tidal in the early days. It was a company that was having a hard time because it was in a market where the competition was heavy. It took someone like Dez Perez to make people see this company in a different light. Jay-Z would be the best person to lead a company like this, but he could not do this alone. He needed helped. Perez was good with numbers and she was able to make people see that there was something special about Tidal.


Right now this is a music streaming company that has managed to build an audience that loves the exclusive content that they are getting. It is one of the better companies for the new generation of young listeners that are also into hot new videos and documentaries on music. This is certainly one of the best companies for people that want to get the exclusive content early.

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  1. Many streaming companies nowadays do make it a priority to make sure that they have streaming work for building audience. It is surely to help in this regard since there are more music streaming companies that can fairly be eclipsed in the competition. Tidal will have to work hard to help the efforts turn out big really.

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