Dr. Chris Villanueva . The Transformational Leader

Dr. Chris Villanueva joined active dentistry immediately after his college education. He says that being employed in a corporate setting was very hectic since the boss made his wife, who was not a practitioner, the administrator. Dr. Chris says that it was very hard to operate under a non-medic for she had no idea what the practice entails. He also experienced similar problems in his other places of work as he felt that the corporate practice employs practitioners mainly to make profits from their work. As such, he felt that the needs of the practitioners are not catered for in the firms.
Similarly, Dr. Chris Villanueva felt that the practitioners are not very productive in private practicing. First, they are burdened with so many duties, performing the primary and secondary functions of care. According to Dr. Chris, the burden of taking care of functions such as human resource management, payroll, administration, finance, and supply chain management are too cumbersome to practitioners, whose primary duty is to take care of their patients. The function that suffers most is customer care as they are either not attended to or attended to hurriedly, leaving unsolved issues.
MB2 Dental Combines the advantages of primary and secondary care as the practitioners are the number one priority while the rest follow. Dr. Chris believes that when the doctors are the priority, the patients are also a priority and this result in high productivity in the organization. He says that when the doctors are relieved of the secondary duties, they pay maximum attention to the primary duty, which is attending to patients. The customer satisfaction that results leads to customer loyalty; subsequently, it leads to more sales and profitability. The customers at the MB2 Dental say that they are satisfied with their high levels of services in the firm.
Dr. Chris says that as a CEO, he does not interfere with the employees’ duties, but he gives them autonomy as they run their roles in the firm. He also asks other CEOs to offer autonomy to their employees as that makes the working environment friendlier. According to Dr. Chris, his secret is hiring smart people, who need no supervision to deliver results. Dr. Villanueva also believes in offering fun in the workplace by creating a relaxed environment. The firm practitioners and their spouses normally go for holidays on an annual basis. They swim, surf and perform other relaxing activities together.

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