Highland Capital Management LP: Reliable Investment Firm

Highland Capital Management LP is an independently-held firm under Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). The Investment firm and regional offices have achieved close to $20 billion in assets under management (AUM). In 1993, Highland Capital Management was established with Mark Okada and Jim Dondero as the Co-founder. It has sustained its top standards with regards to investments as well as other services that it specializes in.

Highlands Capital controls equity and balanced mutual funds, investing around the world in equity, fixed income, and alternative investment asset markets. Their head office is located in Dallas, Texas, and the regional offices spread across the continent. The firm maintains the largest and most experienced investments worldwide.

Highland Capital Management LP concentrates on different investment plans such as distressed credit, collateral loan obligations (CLOs) and extreme yield bonds, as well as private and public equities. It invests basically on international public equity, secured income, and hedging markets. It focuses on the extreme yield of bonds, loan leverage, as well as other areas such as natural resources, longer and shorter equities, and emerging market possibilities.

Highland Capital Management put smiles on their clients’ face through their quality services that include individual net worth, all level of foundations and endowments, public pension investment plans, and different mutual fund investors. Amid the closed-end funds, it also controls the Highland Credit Strategy Fund and the Highland Distressed Opportunities Fund.

The plan and objective of Highland Capital Management LP have been developed progressively, and it has sharpened its investing process to accumulate more assets over time. The company delights on solid communication between the key players of the organization and investment process is all about how to determine when assets have been priced wrongly. It performs through agile trading proficiency.

The main key players of the organization and other supporting staff had years of education, training and market experience. The representative portfolio manager at Highland Capital Management LP has nothing less than 11 years of expertise in the financial and investment fields, meaning that the company is handled by highly qualified and experienced personnel.

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