Lori Senecal Overcame Social Anxieties To Achieve CEO

Lori Senecal has risen to the top of the advertising world. The current Global CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky has gained a reputation around the marketing world for building conducive environments for invention and innovation. She has proved her efficacy in guiding agencies through a transition, and recapturing the dimming imaginations of employees and clients of those agencies. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/cpb-names-lori-senecal-global-ceo-300046965.html

Lori Senecal is very different than most CEOs in the marketing world. She confesses that she is a shy introvert, and was forced to learn people skills right when she hit the ground out of college.

The blue-eyed Canadian said in a Huffington Post interview that she grew up in an extremely competitive environment. The youngest of four, she had to learn to fight in order to carve out a unique identity for herself. Her struggle to differentiate from her siblings led her to the highly competitive world of gymnastics.

Lori Senecal excelled at gymnastics. She even gained enough credibility in her sports to become a professional coach. But gymnastics is right up the introvert’s alley. It is an individual sport based on individual achievements with no real connection to teammates.

The marketing CEO attended McGill University, graduated with a degree in marketing and then moved to Toronto to work on a high profile Ford account. She was quickly thrown into the fire. Her introverted nature made speaking in front of the thousand people very difficult, but she viewed the crisis as a learning opportunity. Her coworkers and the company she worked for quickly recognized her ability to overcome shyness.

Some advice at her first job put on the fast track to the top. She moved to account management and has not looked back since. The powerful CEO still has the reputation of being a bit cold — she’s even rumored to only wear black clothing — but her results speak for themselves.

She has honed her people skills well enough to navigate CP + B to incredible growth. The company has grown 400% since she took over, and the company has gone worldwide. Lori Senecal serves as a lesson to anybody looking to overcome their own social anxieties.

For more information, visit Lori Seneal’s crunchbase page.

Advertising Legend Jose Borghi Continues To Seek New Areas Of Improvement

One would imagine advertising executive Jose Borghi would now be looking to find a place to relax after proving himself to be a major success over the course of three decades as a Brazilian advertising legend; however, the leader of Mullen Lowe Brasil is not one to rest on his laurels and is still driven to find even greater success after starting his own ad agency with little more than his own talent to get by with. A new study frames the work of Jose Borghi in its attempts to create a new and exciting way of exploring the advertising industry and how it will grow in the future with the aid of technology.

Jose Borghi was working in Brazilian advertising at a time when various creative people were pushing the boundaries of marketing campaigns, which in turn pushed Borghi and business partner Erh Ray to work harder than ever before to create one of the best respected advertising agencies in the world. Beginning his career in 1989, Jose would work for some of South America’s top agencies before finally establishing his own ad agency he hoped would become a success.

The executive behind the iconic “Mammals of Parmalat” campaign is now seeking to make sure the best possible information is always available to the industry by working with Narita Design & Strategy to discover just how best to learn more about the reaction of individuals to specific campaigns. Unhappy with the traditional question and answer focus group options available him, Jose Borghi has already been using more image based research options that inspired the current study created alongside qualified psychologists and researchers. The use of images is now reported to provoke a more realistic and emotional response in participants that can provide advertising executives like Jose Borghi with greater levels of information to aid their work in the future.


MUMC’s CEO Maggie Gill Provides the Sunny South with a Sunny Solution:

Maggie Gill, CEO of Memorial University Medical Center and her professional staff are looking out for the best interests of the Savannah, Georgia healthcare client. The MUMC staff and their illustrious leader: Ms. Gill, advocate, strongly, the necessity that the consumer takes good care of his or her health. They promote wellness as part of maintaining a fulfilling life. However, that said, there are times, persons in the Savannah area, are going to require the healthcare services of positive and trained professionals: That is where MUMC and Ms. Gill step in too. In order to take care of certain health concerns, the objective of Ms. Gill is to assure that optimum service levels are achieved and maintained, and attained at a cost that is not going to rob the consumer of all of his hard-earned earnings.


One way Ms. Gill is achieving the preceding goal is by coupling with providers that believe in providing quality health at a reasonable cost; and at the same time, provide that care at affordable levels of pricing. She found such a provider in Eon Health.


Eon Health is a healthcare provider, serving two sectors in the South. Like Ms. Gill, Eon is focused on Preventative techniques in assuring the client attains a lifestyle that is as healthy as possible. It further, provides a plan which allows the client to address a healthcare issue, at a minimum cost. This is the type of solution which the market emphasizes.


Ms.Maggie Gill, uniquely identifies with the needs of her consumers. She continues to bring quality care to the Savannah market, arranging for affordable solutions in order to address that care. Too: the professional staff, at MUMC, works diligently, in providing the best in care and service available when the need arises.


The emphasis on wellness greatly reduces risk of the Savannah client becoming ill. However, when he or she requires superior healthcare, the professionally dedicated Gill team at MUMC and Maggie Gill are available to address the needs of Savannah’s healthcare populace.

Michael Zomber: History’s Storyteller

Michael Zomber has a dedicated passion for safeguarding the past for the future as an author, filmmaker, historian, and active philanthropist. Since receiving his undergraduate and master’s degrees from UCLA, he has been an avid antique arms and armor collector for four decades and is a foremost expert on its history.

His expertise is requested from individuals and organizations from all over the world. He has been featured as a guest on the History Channel’s series, Tales of the Gun. Michael Zomber is one of the most sought after authorities on Japanese samurai swords.

As a natural-born storyteller, Zomber has put his knowledge and experiences into many novels including Jesus and the Samurai, Shogun Iemitsu, and Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War. Shogun Iemitsu is a historical novel that tells a very compelling story of two samurai, with unprecedented history and accuracy. Jesus and the Samurai was a novel created by Zomber as a study that traces the link and relationship between early Christianity and traditional samurai virtues.

According to PR News Wire, Michael Zomber not only puts his stories into writing form, but is also an accomplished filmmaker. His documentary, Soul of the Samurai is critically acclaimed and was produced by Renascent Films LLC. This film company was founded in 1998 by Zomber and his wife, Andrea. The company has created films like Deep Sea Diving and has a long history of supporting other independent producers with funding and their film expertise.

As a noted historian, Michael Zomber understands fully the horrors and futility that are associated with any acts of armed conflict. This deep understanding has led him to become an avid philanthropist who supports many organizations whose goal is to foster peace. He supports organizations like Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, Global Exchange, and UNICEF.

He is committed to organizations like Antiwar.com and the Randolph Bourne Institute, which are committed to free speech and the anti-war movement. He even helps fund and support Disabled American Veterans, an organization that helps ensure those who have served the country can live full, dignified lives after returning home.



USHEALTH Group insurance; your insurance of choice

When it comes to accident, sickness and disease coverage, every person has different needs, and this is something that the USHEALTH group insurance understands too well. That is the reason why they have designed different products that are suitable for all persons.



With over 50 years experience in business, the company has a great reputation. They provide wide coverage of services that address the customer’s needs, flexibility and affordability.



If you are on a limited budget, the company has specialized packages that you can choose from. In addition to offering affordable coverage, the company reliable and you can be assured of high-quality services.



The main of the company is to offer help to other people actually their mission acronym is HOPE- helping other people every day. This is an objective they strive to do on a daily basis.



Troy McQuagge is the CEO and the president of the company. Konrad Kober and Cynthia Koenig are the executive vice presidents.



The products



The company offers different services including;



« The PremierChoice; this package is designed for people who are looking for a cheap alternative. With this package, you will not have the yearly deductibles. It is cheap, yes, but you will not be limited when it comes to the choice of the hospital you want. With this insurance, you can access any doctor or hospital. The coverage is also 24 hours.



« Secure advantage; this package comes with flexible deductibles. You will have the chance to see the most suitable deductible of your choice. You can lock your rates for a period of 36 months.



« Secure Dental; this package comes with three different offers including; premier plan, saver plan, and saver plus plan. It is important for you to contact a licensed agent before you get this plan because this is not available in all States.



« PremierVision; designed for people with an eye problem. You can use this insurance package on the different service providers.



« MedGuard; it is an insurance cover that can be renewed every five years. You will get coverage during the critical illness.



« Life protector; it is a ten year Term life insurance. In most cases, the insurance coverage will end after you turn 70 years old. This package provides support for your loved ones including mortgage, educational expenses, and childcare. Your beneficiaries will not be taxed for the benefits they receive.



« Accident protector; this provides extra support to help in covering the expenses related to the expenses.



« Income protector; this is a short term accident disability cover. It will help you to cater for your bills for up to 12 months.



To get more information, you will need to become a member by creating an account.


Eric Lefkofsky Providing Big Data for Cancer Research

Eric Lefkofsky is the definition of entrepreneur. Born and raised in Michigan, Lefkofsky has co-founded a variety of entrepreneurial ventures. Those ventures range from the technology transportation firm Echo Global Logistics, to InnerWorkings, which is a provider of managed print solutions. Also, Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Mediaocean and Uptake Technologies, which are front-running companies that provide analytics and media procurement. If that isn’t enough of a reason to be considered successful in the business world then maybe we should mention that Eric is the co-founder and chairman of Groupon, and most noticeably the CEO and co-founder of the company Tempus which is actively involved in building operating systems to battle cancer on a patient by patient basis.


Tempus is providing physicians and clinics alike with valuable information from genomic services to examine molecular and therapeutic data to make the best decision for individual cancer care for patients. Every patient has a unique profile and Tempus is providing doctors with data that will regulate the most sensible route of treatment. Tempus will compare the DNA of normal cells to cancer cells to highlight the sequencing of gene variations found related to the individual battling cancer. Lefkofsky if self-funding Tempus and says there is a similarity between Tempus and the other companies he has built. “If you look at all the businesses we’ve built…everything we work on has a Big Data component.” (Crain’s “Can Eric Lefkofsky save your life?” John Pletz, 1 Oct. 2016, http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20161001/ISSUE01/310019995/can-eric-lefkofsky-save-your-life) Accessed 24 Jan. 2017


Along with Tempus, Eric and his wife Liz have started up their own philanthropic foundation, The Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Founded in 2006, The Lefkofsky Family Foundation is charitable foundation that has a goal of enhancing the quality of human life by ensuring quality education, improving necessary human rights, spark plugging modern medical research, and enhancing cultural goals. Eric Lefkofsky is consistently striving to advance resources and information for the furtherance of human growth. Especially when it comes to the innovative techniques he is applying to the research of battling cancer.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/ericlefkofsky has some details.


Securus Technologies Makes it Its Goal to Make the Corrections Environment Safer for Everyone Concerned

Securus Technologies is known, far-and-wide, as a leading distributor of solutions relative to the criminal justice system. Below is a sampling of customer comments as to success in making use of the technology supplied by Securus. The comments follow, accordingly, after the statements made by Mr. Smith:

Richard A (“Rick”) Smith is Chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies. According to Smith, on average, the company is in the process of product development or devising a service that enables law enforcement personnel and correction officers to conveniently solve crimes as well as prevent them, weekly. During the course of a year, Smith indicates that the company has received thousands of letters and media correspondence from satisfied officials, inmates, the inmates’ families, and persons on parole. The individuals that write in, indicate that the company does a good job in keeping everyone safe. He further elaborated that it was a privilege to protect and serve the correctional community.

The following customer communications were selected regarding the use of Securus Technologies as it pertains to the solving and prevention of crime:

1–I just wanted to let you know that by using your technologies we were capable of attaining information from phone calls—and consequently attained a search warrant. The search warrant was required to investigate a corrupt member of staff. Once the necessary information was located, we made an arrest. This individual was introducing contraband into the correctional facility setting. We appreciate the solutions and technologies offered by Securus Technologies in allowing us to solve the case.

2–We used a Securus Technology solution in order to monitor calls. The monitoring process was required in order to investigate alcohol usage, and sale of drugs inside of the correctional establishment. By using the technology offered by Securus, we were able to attain a great deal of information to add to our investigation.

3–Our correctional team, for over a ten-year period, has relied on the technological solutions provided by Securus. It motivates us to witness that our selected vendor is dedicated to continually improving technologies, relative to the correctional environment. Securus is a progressive solution-provider, we believe, as it pertains to the correctional facility, in way of improving public safety, within our locale.

4—We see Securus Technologies as a visionary. The capabilities afforded to us by way of using Securus will greatly improve our investigations and jail security. The continual process of improving technology, as it applies to the correctional environment, by Securus, connects well with our own thinking; and aggressive posture.

5–The reporting information, provided by Securus has greatly enhanced our agency’s activities in way of detecting contraband within the correctional facility.

6–The technological solution provided by Securus allows us to properly conduct criminal investigations, especially when there is a harassment complaint or a threat to facility security.

Securus invites customers and prospects to visit our Technology Center located in the Dallas, TX area. We provide our visitors with a professional presentation relative to how our technologies will benefit them in solving and in the reduction of crime.

About Securus Technologies:

The company’s home-base is within the Dallas, Texas area. The company serves over three-thousand, four-hundred and fifty public safety, law enforcement and correctional facilities as well as over 1,200,000 correctional facility residents throughout the continent of North America. The company is dedicated to serve the correctional facility, local community and all persons associated with the criminal justice system. Our technological solutions provide the correctional facility and investigators the technology needed to keep our environment a safer place which to reside and work. In order to find our more about Securus, the reader is invited to access our website located at: SecurusTechnologies.com.

Another link providing information on Securus Technologies follows:



The Growth of Status Labs

The online reputation management industry is a growing industry that has been growing at an exponential rate ever since internet became an excellent source of not only products as well as services, but also a great source of information that can recommend where to buy certain products and services. As the internet as continued to grow at an exponential rate, more and more individuals are relying on online reviews as well as comments in order to make sure that the correct company is chosen to do business with. With billions of competitive businesses on the internet, individuals want to make sure that they can do the best business with the best company that offers the best goods as well as services. As the online reputation management industry continues to grow, one company in particular stands out among all the other firms. This company is called Status Labs and looks to offer creative solutions and plans to any business all over the world.

Status Labs is a unique company that has acquired 1,500 loyal clients over the past five years and has done business with clients in over 35 countries all over the world. Businesses look specifically to Status Labs because of the guaranteed offer that Status Labs will offer a personable service that has been carefully tailored to the clients of the company. The goal is to make sure that a plan is set to prevent any negative comments or reviews from ruining a company and to also bring in even more customers through the use of social media and up to date information.

The leader of Status Labs is Darius Fisher, an individual who is more than qualified to lead Status Labs into the future and beyond. Darius Fisher is an individual who not only loves helping others, but also loves to let his employees become a part of the company. Darius Fisher has a unique leadership style where he not only wants to direct his employees, but he also wants them to feel as if they are truly improving the company for the future of businesses as well as individuals.


Benefits And Application Of Comparative Law In Modern Government Systems

A government is a collection of functions and departments, each with a distinct role to play. All the sections and functions that are to be performed by the distinct parts of a government are clearly spelt out in constitution. A constitution offers sets of laws that define actions and methods of dealing with different problems. It states the powers of different offices, functions and sections of the government and also describes the relationship between departments and parts of a government. Basically, it is the script that runs the whole government to ensure all actions are in line with the rules put in place.


To develop all the laws that make up a constitution is a process that may need a lot of time. In some countries, it can take as much as 10 years to complete the development of a constitution meant to replace an old version. All this time experts come up with new laws and test the effectiveness of these laws before they are integrated into the constitution. All the laws that are drafted are supposed to offer solutions to the problems the people want resolved.


At this point, engaging comparative law becomes necessary since this is an area that allows the experts to get support from other regions. Comparative law is the research, study and comparison of laws used in different jurisdictions. It is a vital field that is applicable during constitutional development and professionals like Sujit Choudhry have been in the business of developing new laws for different nations. Many of these laws should capture the needs of the people while also offering easy access to vital services.


Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry can be ranked among the most experienced professionals in law because of his great profile, see his profile in Facebook. He began building his career more than three decades ago and in the entire period he worked on constitutional development and related laws. At Berkeley Law, Suji worked as dean and professor of law, he was mainly concerned about the development of structures in constitutional development methods and his support for comparative law went a long way to building the field further.


Due to his experience and capabilities, Sujit Choudhry was invited during the development of constitutions for several countries, which include South Africa, Tunisia, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Nepal, Jordan and Libya. He has built his successful career working with different agencies and offering solutions to complex problems.

Watch Suji at Vimeo

Equities First Borrowing Money


Many business owners today have a need for financing in their personal lives. However, it can be difficult for these people to get a loan from a traditional bank. Equities First is a company that specializes in lending solutions for people who have a lot of assets but not cash. There are many examples of this in the business world, especially with all of the economic changes in many parts of the world. If you want to work with Equities First, they have a variety of solutions that can help you with your current financial situation.

Equities First

When the company was started, many people thought that Equities First would fail. However, this company has made a lot of investments in technology to make the user experience better. Equities First is a company dedicated to providing quality lending solutions to their customers. This is a company with great online reviews with all of their services. If you are ready to take things to the next level in your finances, start working with Equities First today. You can have the money in the bank within a couple of hours of submitting your application online. This is a huge selling point for anyone who wants to increase their overall financing options.

Future Planning

Equities First is a business that wants to continue to grow in the future. If you need help in this area, check out their loan website today. The company wants to help as many customers as possible, and they are ready to help you in any way that they can. Equities First is a great example of how a business can make money while also impacting a lot of positive change in the community.