Preventing Drug Abuse in Jail with Securus Technologies

One of the biggest concerns we have in our prison this year is drug abuse among inmates. Many people think that inside jail it has to be near impossible to get illegal contraband, but these inmates have developed a few unique ways to get access to the items they need. Whether through the mail or at the visitor center, any drugs in the hands of the inmates pose a whole set of issues for me and my fellow officers.


When the inmates have drugs, they become even more unpredictable than normal. The most calm and cooperative inmate could go on a violent rampage if they are in heroin or crack cocaine. Inmates high on any drugs put me and my fellow officers at risk, not to mention other inmates. We dedicate many hours each week to preventing any type of contraband from getting to the inmates.


Our most successful techniques are doing inspections at the visitor center and checking the mail for any signs of drugs. That all changed for us this year after Securus Technologies installed an updated inmate phone call monitoring system. Even with the inmates well aware that we are going to be listening to each call, the LBS software still is able to pick up on chatter about contraband that helps us to control the problem more easily.


To give examples of how much we now rely on the Securus Technologies monitoring system, we start with the inmate who was trying to tell his brother how to smuggle weed into the visitor center. Then we have the inmate who talked openly about hiding cocaine in his toilet, and using it at night when the jail was dark. These types of calls are getting more common and make it easier for us to start cleaning up our facility.


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