Tony Petrello- the Force Behind Nabors Industries’ Success

Tony Petrello, by all standards, is the epitome of modern leadership. Despite being one of the best-paid CEOs, he still affords to live his humble life. So what makes it possible for Tony Petrello to be able to achieve all this success both in his personal and career life?

Humble Upbringing
The type of life that one enjoys while growing up is directly proportional to the success he or she gets to enjoy in life. Tony’s upbringing was no different. The most paid CEO of 2015 was brought up in a humble environment of Newark. Unlike some wealthy people, Tony was not born with any special luck in hand. His parents were working-class citizens who only got enough to foot the day’s meals and bills. The tough living conditions in this environment helped teach and instill important values to Tony such as hard work and proper work ethics, qualities that would later prove valuable in his career path.

Education Life
Tony Petrello’s early school life proved that he was an inborn scholar. His love for books, more so Mathematics was unrivaled. Mr. Tony would burn the midnight oil going through his studies, and at a tender age, he was able to master calculus, and this enabled him to earn a scholarship to join Yale University. At Yale University, Tony did not relent in his studies. Despite meeting other sharp brains from all walks of life, Mr. Tony kept his scholarly side. His passion for Mathematics would even see him help celebrated mathematical theorist Serge Lang work on his number theory project.

As time went by, Tony Petrello’s attention, however, shifted from mathematics to law when he joined the Harvard Law School. Even with the change in career, Mr. Tony still went on to excel in his new career path and qualified to be one of the best lawyers in town.

Career Journey
Currently, Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries. While most people tend to think that this post was given to him on a silver platter, nothing could be further from the truth. From a lawyer, Mr. Tony has worked himself up with dedication and upholding the qualities he learned as a kid. Arguably, his perseverance and people person skills are what can be said to have helped him build the successful career he currently enjoys.

Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia are also good supporters of charitable activities. They have generously contributed towards them with Tony getting a seat on the board of directors in some.

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