When To Think Twice About The Possibility

Piles of Money And A Heart For Change

Let’s talk about an amount of money that you’d likely find hard to image or believe.

It’s very likely to be an amount you’ll never see. Just imagine that you own over $1 billion and for an entire day. When asked about how many zeros are in the number of a billion, many financial-university students find it hard to answer the question. Though we understand the terminology, having seen this much is another story.

The most that many like us can ever do is hope and pray.

And this would be the closest you might ever get.

Without having something so substantial as $1 billion in your hands and to gauge with, we then have to look at names in the world who do. We have to, therefore, take a closer look at names like George Soros. The reason that we bring him to mind is because of the unique disposition he has regarding his billion-dollar status.

Call it money and a lot of it.

Saying that George Soros is rich is an understatement.

Unlike many of the world’s wealthiest, who stay away from public view, George Soros has been bold in sharing his wealth and with every nation. He’s been able to do so in the most charitable manner that we can think of. That often includes large sums of money. Read his profile at Forbes.

And this is why we discuss him today. We bring him into writing. Because as a billionaire on this planet, George Soros is a unique combination of wealth and heart.

Why Being Rich Is More Than You Can Know

Our objective today is that you don’t downplay the significants there is in a man of such wealth who also has a great combination of integrity. Though we often dream of being wealthy ourselves, we rarely understand how big of a responsibility it is to gain that status of money.

But George Soros has been able to overcome the common temptations. This becomes a message to us about the possibilities.

His methods, in full, may be unclear to us, and yet, the results of his actions prove how cunning of a man he is. So realize this and simply remember. Behind the miraculous amount of wealth that George Soros has, there’s also and outstanding amount of discipline applied to maintain it.

Without Humble Souls Like George Soros

We must ask ourselves what the world and life we live is like when we’ve lost men like George Soros and as part of our mainstream society. Our discussion today is also a reminder of how important it is to keep our heroes and remember how to honor them. Read more on NYTimes.com.

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